How to choose a cellulite cream: customer reviews and advice beauticians

Appearance counts. And to prove the opposite is meaningless, because men and women are really first evaluate each other's eyes, and then learn the inner world. To the opposite sex have a desire to get to know you, you need to take care of yourself. But this should not be the main motivation, try for yourself - then the result will not keep you waiting.

The problem number 1

You know what girls and women have been fighting for a lifetime? That's right, with cellulite. In simple words, the cellulite - is when instead of nectarine your skin is similar to the well-known citrus peel. Hated "orange peel", which is the fair sex once discover on your thighs and stomach, it becomes the main enemy, to overcome which is not so easy.

How to choose a cellulite cream: customer reviews and advice beauticians

The magic serums and creams, hardware treatments, massages and body wraps - sometimes gives the impression that the beauty industry is earning female fears and constantly draws our attention to the problem of cellulite. We will tell you about the main myths associated with the "orange" peel and understand, whether is able to help the anti-cellulite cream. Reviews and information about most popular cosmetic products, read our review.


The reasons for the appearance of cellulite is said a lot, but once again we recall the main:

- eating disorders;

- a genetic predisposition;

- sedentary lifestyle;

- violation of the peripheral circulation;

- hormonal disbalance.

It is a mistake to believe that cellulite affects only people who are overweight. You can lose weight by ten kilograms, to achieve his ideal, but that of the thighs or abdomen smoother will not. The skin will remain loose and lumpy. This disease, wherein the subcutaneous fat layer undergo structural changes. In addition, the fight against "orange peel" rests solely on fragile female shoulders. Men, too, is cellulite, but due to the nature of connective tissue structure unevenness is not so noticeable, and a representative of the stronger sex to worry about it.

How to choose a cellulite cream: customer reviews and advice beauticians

First Aid

Thus, the problem of the "orange peel" requires a comprehensive solution. You do not help to expensive salon treatment or anti-cellulite cream at home - it is necessary to make an effort.

  1. to follow the diet. This rule applies not only to limitations in bold or flour. Pay attention to vegetables and fruit. Bioflavonoids in their composition are capable of imparting elasticity of capillaries and strengthen them. According to recent studies, it is weak capillaries are one of the causes of the mounds on the skin.
  2. sports. Exercise normalize metabolism, improve blood circulation in the tissue and decrease the amount of body fat.
  3. to care for themselves. Body wraps, scrubs, massages and a good anti-cellulite cream also play an important role. Yes, they are not always able to save you from the "orange" peel, but make the skin more smooth and level them by force.

Let's turn our attention to the "little helpers".

"Belita" and "Vitex"

Photos of the magical effect of this or that means there any women's portal. Of course, we have long been aware of the possibilities of Photoshop, so little confidence, these pictures do not cause. Far better are the views of members of the fairer sex who tested on themselves or that beauty-products.

For several consecutive years the Russian market quite successfully conquering cosmetics B & V. "Belita" and "Vitex" - quality, well-known not only in Belarus, but also Russia, Eastern Europe and the CIS. Hair care, face and body care, sun protection, collection for children, adolescents and men - today the company experts are actively working to expand the range. A customer happy to try and assess the trends that help in the fight against "orange peel".

With peppercorn

Cream "Vitex" cellulite is presented in the line "SPA". According to the promises of the manufacturer, the tool reduces the appearance of cellulite, adds elasticity and smoothes the skin. On contact with moist skin creates a warming effect, so more comfortable to apply the cream in the winter season.

How to choose a cellulite cream: customer reviews and advice beauticians

The combination of active ingredients:

  1. iodinated zein - vegetable protein, which contributes to the fragmentation of cellulite formations.
  2. Guarana - increases metabolism.
  3. Wild yam - prevents skin aging.
  4. Red pepper - improves the nutrition of tissues.
  5. Forums - tones and refreshes.
  6. Caffeine - accelerates the burning of fat.
  7. Theophylline - increases blood circulation and metabolism.
  8. L-carnitine - breaks down fat.
  9. The oil arnica - accelerates regeneration of skin cells.
  10. Sunflower Oil - moisturizes and softens.

It should be noted that not all fit this cream cellulite. Review is not a young lady describes in detail the sensations that arise during the procedure.

The customer first note a slight tingling sensation and then a strong burning sensation - so working tool with red pepper in the composition. However, the result will not take long. With regular use, the cream "Vitex" cellulite from the series "SPA" is able to significantly reduce the "orange peel" and even remove a few centimeters in volume.

"Bath, sauna, massage"

Not less popular among Russians enjoyed another series from the Belarusian producer - "Bath, sauna, massage." The range includes a scrub, shower gel, hair mask and face, as well as anti-cellulite cream.

How to choose a cellulite cream: customer reviews and advice beauticians

Sauna - the perfect place for health treatments. The heat and steam to improve blood circulation, disclose skin pores and excrete harmful substances. After using the scrub surface of the abdomen and thighs need additional care, which provide anti-cellulite cream "Belita".

In its structure - essential oils of mint and lemon, fir and rosemary, caffeine, algae and, of course, red pepper. This complex is able to withdraw excess water from problem areas and normalize blood flow in the deep layers of the skin.

The first thing written girls and women in their reviews about a cream "bath, massage, sauna," - this is a good warming effect. Red pepper manifests itself in all its glory, so in case of problems with veins and sensitive skin use this tool unhealthy.

The cream is effective in combination with massage or wrapping film. A definite plus - the reasonable price. As for the drawbacks, not all are willing to tolerate a strong burning sensation and pungent smell. Anti-cellulite cream "Bath, sauna, massage," advised 8 out of 10 members of the fairer sex.

"Clean Line"

Another leader of sales - cellulite cream "Clean Line". Phytoproducts, which laid the basis of knowledge about the properties of herbs Russian girls are known and loved for a long time.

As we have said, anti-cellulite cream "Belita" gives a warming effect, so has a number of contraindications. In a more advantageous position is a means of "clean lines": after application to the skin is pleasant coolness, which delivers much less discomfort. declared natural ingredients in a cream: Extract of ginseng and rhodiola rosea. With regular use:

- reduces the effect of "orange peel";

- activates the renewal of skin cells;

- there is the elasticity and firmness.

All this promises a manufacturer, but what they think about the cream "Anti-cellulite" real women customers?

In combination with massage remedy really works. The surface of the problem zones tightened, and the skin becomes very smooth. Add to this the pleasant aroma, delicate texture and a slight chill - it turns a wonderful anti-cellulite cream. Price - 100-150 rubles.


How to choose a cellulite cream: customer reviews and advice beauticians

The bright orange bottles series "Body Fitness" familiar the fair sex. Cellulite massage cream from "Floresan" has repeatedly proven its effectiveness in the fight against "orange peel". Some pass by, because the low price does not always credible. And it is in vain - reviews girls and women confirm the effect of anti-cellulite.

The manufacturer recommends to carry out massage procedure with the use of funds 3-4 times a week. Ingredients: extract of red pepper, as well as caffeine, mustard flour, niacin, and essential oils of bergamot and sweet orange.

Pleasant citrus aroma, economical consumption and smooth skin with regular use - women customers recommend this anti-cellulite cream. A review of one of the Russian beauticians notes is not the most natural composition in which mineral oils are present. However, even in the production of expensive cosmetic brands found a lot of "chemistry" - in this case, it makes no sense to overpay, and "Fitness Body" - not a bad option.

Anti-cellulite cream "Before and after"

Continuing review of the beauty-tools for correction, we present another Russian brand - "Twins Tek". At the root of the company at the end of the 90s was a group of graduate students of biological and chemical faculty of Moscow State University, and today a modern European equipment allows us to produce up to 2, 5 million packages of finished products per month. Intense fat burning, body toning veins, preventing the emergence of new fat cells and the gradual reduction of cellulite - just some marketers promise "Twins Tek". In the list of ingredients claimed caffeine, seaweed, carnitine, avocado oil and shea butter, Centella Asiatica extract and sacred lotus.

Cream "Before and after" really removes the effect of "orange peel". The customer noted that the skin becomes smooth and soft. Among the shortcomings often called a peculiar smell and a small amount of the bottle.


Ecolab - anti-cellulite cream, review and opinion on which especially distinguish natural composition. At 98% of Russian manufacturer means composed of ingredients of plant origin. Without parabens, SLS, and silicones.

Active ingredients:

  1. Guarana extract - improves elasticity, accelerates the microcirculation.
  2. The oil of green coffee - activates the production of elastin, struggling with subcutaneous fat.
  3. Orange oil - activates the process of getting rid of fat accumulation.

A refreshing aroma of citrus, delicate mint color and texture "milk" - many girls and women have discovered this is the anti-cellulite cream.

Learning to read

a lot of beauty-products presented in the cosmetic market for body shaping and getting rid of "orange peel". Massage and anti-cellulite cream at home - the best allies of slimming girls and women.

How to choose a cellulite cream: customer reviews and advice beauticians

Carefully read and understand the composition of the ingredients:

  1. essential oils (cypress, juniper or lavender) reduce swelling.
  2. Plant extracts (ivy, St. John's wort, hawthorn, horsetail) normalize metabolism.
  3. The complex vitamins (A, B, C and E) restores skin cells.
  4. Caffeine increases blood flow to problem areas and reduces body fat.
  5. Extracts of green tea, kelp, red grapes and fucus give elasticity and improve skin tone.

It is important to understand that the cost of funds and the quality is not always interconnected. The main active ingredient is typically caffeine. The inexpensive cream is often added extracts of red pepper and menthol.

A good cellulite cream can cost 100-200 rubles, but to work more effectively than expensive advertised product. For this reason, our review we selected manufacturers with reasonable prices from Russia and Belarus. These brands are actively developing and offering shoppers a wide range of products, including anti-cellulite. Creams, gels, scrubs and serums special - find out what really means "works" only on their own experience.

Myths and Reality

How to choose a cellulite cream: customer reviews and advice beauticians
  1. Cellulite occurs only in people who are overweight - a myth. It turns out to suffer from "orange peel" can even supermodels. Cellulite - is the fat that is in the form of clots crept very close to the skin surface. Fast weight loss will lead to stretching of the connective tissue and make the "orange peel" is even more pronounced.
  2. Cellulite increases with age - the truth. At puberty, we are beginning to see the first appearance of cellulite. The older we get, the less moving. Add to that an unhealthy diet and hormonal disruptions - it is not surprising that by the age of 30 more than half of the girls are active in the fight for a smooth and elastic skin.
  3. Cellulite is not a serious illness - a myth. The first and second step can be considered harmless cosmetic defect. However, on the third and fourth stage there is poor circulation, venous outflow and operation of nerve cells. In this case, "orange peel" accompanied by other diseases such as hemorrhoids or varicose veins.
  4. tight clothes provoke the appearance of cellulite - the truth.
  5. Finally, let's talk about getting rid of "orange peel". Many salon treatments say about treatment once and for all. Advertising promises a stunning effect at a high price. Any beautician will tell you that to get rid of this "female" disease can not be forever. Reduce the appearance of cellulite - yes, but forget all about it will not work.

Watch out for health and nutrition, exercise, love yourself and be patient!