Fighting cellulite at home: cosmetics, body wraps, massages

Cellulite - a disease that may be associated with excess weight, swelling, skin laxity. It is the result of an unbalanced diet and lack of any physical activity. In principle, it is not a consequence of excess weight, and can occur even in the slim ladies.

Fighting cellulite at home: cosmetics, body wraps, massages

In order to avoid its manifestation recommended preventive self-massage and use a variety of cosmetics.

Can you beat cellulite at home

Fighting cellulite at home is just as effective as salon treatments. The main difference between a professional and independent approach - is the time and cost. For massages and body wraps at the spa, will have to pay a considerable sum, which not everyone can afford. A homemade methods should be used for a long time, depending on the stage of the disease, but not less than one month. Cellulite treatment at home includes wraps, massages, peels and baths. It is better to resort to these methods is complex, and, of course, systematically. Each of these procedures has its effect on the subcutaneous fat, but the result is they have one - is the reduction or complete removal of cellulite.

Fighting cellulite at home: cosmetics, body wraps, massages

Fighting cellulite at home with the help of massage

Massage - a mechanical action on the subcutaneous fat. Once passed the course, you will notice a decrease in volume, skin tightened and the lack of "orange peel". Self-massage at home is done with the help of vacuum tumblers, cans (more economical, but it is quite an effective way), or simply by hand. it is recommended to use anti-cellulite massage blends, lotions and gels to improve the results and greater efficiency.

Fighting cellulite at home with scrubs and baths

Anti-cellulite baths and scrubs are a good prevention and preparation for further procedures. To prepare the bath is enough to dissolve in water 2-3 tablespoons of sea salt and add a few drops of essential oils. Scrubs can prepare their own meals, based on honey or yogurt. You can add ground coffee, sugar or salt. Such procedures are well-prepared for the skin wraps: open pores and activate the metabolic processes (blood and limfootok).

Fighting cellulite at home with the help of wrapping

Fighting cellulite at home: cosmetics, body wraps, massages

Anti-cellulite body wraps - is the least traumatic, but it is the most effective and enjoyable way to combat the "orange peel". Pharmacies and shops offer a wide range of products, which contain active substances that break down fats. Prepare a mixture for wrapping can be on their own. This has its advantages: first, savings, and secondly, avoidance of allergic reactions to the components. To prepare the wrap need basis: clay or honey. These components can be alternated or used together. Additional components for the cold wraps can be fine sea salt, coffee (preferably natural, self-ground), essential oils with anti-cellulite effect (cypress, rosemary, pine, citrus). For hot wraps used cinnamon and red pepper. These wraps can not be done for women with a strong capillary net and diseases of the pelvic organs. After applying the mixture of the body wrapped with cling film and warm clothing is worn. The duration of the wrapping procedure is about 40-60 minutes. They need to do in a day, not less than 12 times. After wrapping the skin need to moisturize nourishing cream or gel.

Result of domestic procedures

So, is it possible to beat cellulite on their own? Photos before and after procedures that spread the girl on the women's forum, speak for themselves. As a result: reduction in volume, trim and smooth skin, weight loss due to burning of fat. Well, if you add to all this a balanced diet and exercise, then a month later you can be proud of yourself.