How to make a flat stomach at home? Abdominal Exercises

Flat stomach - is the dream of many women. Young mothers especially are often faced with this problem after pregnancy and childbirth. The body for the period of carrying a child accumulates fat, and then did not want to part with them. During lactation, some women easily get rid of the extra kilos, but the stomach is not acquiring the former shape with no additional effort. What accounts for such changes in the body and how to get a flat stomach?

The endocrine system is a modern man is out of balance. Lack of physical activity, errors in the diet and stress lead to metabolic disturbances and problems with hormones. As a result, if someone receives more calories than needed for daily life activity, the body does not get rid of excess, but rather accumulates energy reserve in the form of fat in different parts of the body.

How to make a flat stomach at home? Abdominal Exercises

Why fat is stored in the stomach?

Adipose tissue in our body is concentrated mainly under the skin. But the figures are different: some people get better after overeating at the waist, while others - in the hips. This is due to the fact that fat deposition occurs in two types: yabloko- and pear-shaped. The first type is particularly dangerous, since the accumulated fat is localized not only under the skin but also in the abdominal cavity around the internal organs. This, in turn, leads to cardiovascular disease, diabetes, diseases of the joints.

Struggle with excess fat on your stomach should be carried out in all directions. Before you contact an endocrinologist, nutritionist and fitness trainer for women and men try to solve the problem "how to make a flat stomach" at home. To do this, there are many ways. All that is required from losing weight - force of will and iron discipline.

Diet for a flat stomach

Abdominal obesity - is, first of all, the problem of malnutrition. Harmful eating habits arise from early childhood, and only accumulate with age, causing malfunction of the gastrointestinal tract and the whole organism. Violations of the hormonal system and metabolism work in tandem, causing increased appetite, metabolism slowing, chronic fatigue and unreasonable weight gain.

How to make a flat stomach at home? Abdominal Exercises

Women often begin to starve, believing that such a diet for a flat stomach will relieve them primarily on the fat folds at the waist. And really - some extra weight in the problem area just melt. And as soon as they are no longer hungry, all returned to their seats.

The body ceases to receive nourishment, under stress and begins to use energy supplies from the abdomen. Gradually, the metabolism slows down, and the person ceases to lose weight even when you are on a rigid diet. When the limit stop eating, your body is trying to quickly replenish lost body fat.

To get rid of fat on the abdomen is necessary to use tips for correct and balanced diet. Ingested calories must be less than their consumption. For a start it is recommended to remove all the fatty, sugary and high-calorie foods. But at the same time, the body should provide a sufficient quantity of calcium (low-fat milk, yogurt, curd, cheese) and omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids (fish oil, seafood, linseed oil).

How to make a flat stomach at home? Abdominal Exercises

Exercises for a flat stomach

Exercises for the abdomen are considered the best way to deal with the subcutaneous fat in the waist area. Among dieters are especially popular "bicycle" and lifting legs to the bottom of the press, as well as a variety of twisting (simple - to the top of the press, the diagonal - for the oblique muscles). Fitness trainers emphasize that the work is just above the press does not give significant results. When we exercise, the energy used to produce the fat from the entire body. This means that the greater the calories expended during the occupation, the more extra grams of leaves. Even the most effective exercise for a flat stomach does not require a large expenditure of energy, so weight loss will be slow.

Strength training consume a lot more calories while exercising and during muscle regeneration. Therefore, if you are interested in how to make a flat stomach at home, then give more time is such loads. It is necessary to try to stretch the press, doing all the exercises.

How to make a flat stomach at home? Abdominal Exercises


How to make a flat stomach in 6 weeks?

Any goal that we set for ourselves, must be limited in time, otherwise it simply will not be performed. After deciding on the weight loss is necessary to determine the period that you are willing to take on the realization of the goal. It should be a realistic time frame, do not rely on advertising slogans such as: "A flat stomach in 6 weeks!" A daunting task only repulse the hunt and bring disappointment.

Of course a good training system and a balanced diet for six weeks will bear fruit, but if a woman or a man gain weight the last ten years, then lose him for a month or two will be very difficult. Although the power to restructure, change habits and start the process of losing weight - is quite real.

How to make a flat stomach at home? Abdominal Exercises

Popular home exercise system

Comfortable workout for the press can be organized at home. Fortunately, now there is no shortage of information on exercise programs and to work on the abdominal muscles. If given to physical exercise half an hour a day and at the same time adhere to a healthy diet, then a flat stomach will appear over time. Reviews of programs give an idea of ​​the complexity and effectiveness of the course.

One of the most popular schemes developed a fitness trainer Jillian Michaels. Her video course "flat stomach in 6 weeks" is designed for half-hour sessions on six days a week. The exercises are divided into two levels of difficulty for three weeks each. The training program helps get rid of excess centimeters at the waist and shrink the stomach. For playing just mat and dumbbells required for this system. Due videotrenirovkam Jillian Michaels, many women have been able to answer the question of how to make a flat stomach at home.

How to make a flat stomach at home? Abdominal Exercises

Wraps for a flat stomach

Wraps problem areas promote weight loss and improve skin condition. These procedures can be carried out both in the salon and at home. Wraps reduce the appearance of cellulite and increase blood circulation. In order to achieve tangible results requires at least ten procedures.

Before wrapping should be well proskrabirovat body. You can use homemade mixtures based on natural coffee and honey. On the prepared skin smeared with a special cosmetic product, after which the stomach is wrapped in cling film and wrapped up in a warm cloth or blanket. After an hour, you can take a shower and apply anti-cellulite cream.

Home Cosmetics for body wraps belly

To make a flat stomach in the home, women use the creams are not only ready, but also the domestic cosmetics. Excellent effect on skin wraps of honey, clay, chocolate, kelp. All ingredients have a draining effect, nourishes and regenerates the problem areas.

  • To honey wraps used on a water bath heated Honey with addition of a few drops of citrus essential oils.
  • Chocolate procedures are carried out with the help of melted chocolate with the highest cocoa beans.
  • And kelp is prepared according to the instructions and put on a clean body.
  • only suitable for blue clay mud wraps. It is diluted in water to a pasty consistency and cover the stomach area.

Despite the fact that the recipes for the procedures are very simple, the effect is noticeable after the first wrap.

How to make a flat stomach at home? Abdominal Exercises

Massage for a flat stomach

Abdominal massage is used in conjunction with exercise and a proper diet. The simplest types of procedures can be carried out independently at home. To do this, take any anti-cellulite cream or olive oil and rub and pinch his stomach. This kind of massage perfectly warms up the skin before training and improve the metabolic processes in problem areas.

During the massage should not be a pain, you should not also start the procedure immediately after a meal. All movements are performed clockwise hands, special masseur or massage mitt. Honey massage of the abdomen effectively cope with the excess fat in the problem area, so women often use honey instead of anti-cellulite creams. After heating it is also possible to add essential oils that contribute to a more rapid solution of the problem.

An integrated approach to the process of weight loss

Young mothers have no free time to visit the salons and beauty centers, or hiking in the clubs, so they often have to solve the problem of "how to make a flat stomach" at home. But both men and women with excess fat in the waist should remember the main weight loss principles that lead to success.

How to make a flat stomach at home? Abdominal Exercises

All the procedures for abdominal exercises and limitations in food held in the complex. Healthy eating and physical activity are key elements of weight loss. And if about diet can help to lose weight quickly, the sport will not result without proper nutrition.

Massages, body wraps and creams - it is not the main and auxiliary means in the struggle for a slender waist. Nice women to care for themselves, so the procedures performed and purchased beauty products to improve mood, increase confidence in its appeal, motivate and, of course, contribute to weight loss.