Self-massage of the abdomen: remove fatty apron. Tips and efficient methods

Have a nice flat stomach - a hot topic for both men and women. It is not enough to eat and to exercise. An effective tool in the fight against fat deposits in the waist is self-massage of the abdomen. To achieve this will require a bit of knowledge and a desire to implement the recommendations on a regular basis for some time. The result was not long in coming.

Description abdominal self-massage: remove fatty apron plucked by

How does this process? When plucking massage enhanced circulation under the skin, improving the flow of lymph. Such effects on the skin accelerates the process of fat burning. Simple and effective self-massage of the abdomen plucking removes ugly fatty apron.

Hold it stands, lying on his back. Initially, the skin a little heat strokes. Put one hand on top of the other and perform a circular motion for a minute in a clockwise direction.

Self-massage of the abdomen: remove fatty apron. Tips and efficient methods

After take topsheet skin between fingers (zaschipnut) and make the movement rolls. So repeated several times in the abdomen and flanks. Massage perform for ten minutes. After the treatment the skin is red. The final stage of the event - light strokes, as in the beginning.

Cup massage

In order to get rid of fat deposits in the abdominal area, you can apply cupping massage. For this we need to buy in a drugstore three jars, essential oil.

Self-massage of the abdomen: remove fatty apron. Tips and efficient methods

to prepare the skin, hold plucking massage for two minutes before the massage banks. Lying on his back, to lubricate the skin of the abdomen essential oil. Install the banks and make movements in a clockwise direction. Treatment time - about ten minutes. After the session, you must lie quietly for several minutes.

Contrast shower + massage water

What else have self-massage of the abdomen? Remove the fatty apron with water. This will require high pressure water jet. Douches and massage also help fight the subcutaneous fat. Pressure jets of warm water to make a circular motion in a clockwise direction around the navel. It is possible to change the temperature of the cooler and hotter. It is not necessary to use a very cold and very hot water. Complement the procedure plucking massage at the end and the beginning.

With the help of honey and essential oils, massage and wraps

Before the massage shower. Apply a small amount of honey in the area of ​​waist and hips, give him a little dry. Massage to make your palms. Make a circular motion around the problem areas. When the palm will adhere to the skin, to make movements as if taking his hand away from the skin. Affect the skin no more than ten minutes. Such massage can not be called pleasant, but it functions effectively. \

Self-massage of the abdomen: remove fatty apron. Tips and efficient methods

You can add some honey drops of essential oil. For this fit of citrus oils:

  • lemon;
  • Mandarin;
  • grapefruit;
  • orange.

In order to strengthen and continue the massage action can be done with food wrap film. Heated area on the belly wrap in several layers of the film. Because you need a half to two hours of exposure, it is possible to dress and do homework. This method will get rid of excess moisture under the skin, because of what and reduce the volume. Honey and oil make the skin supple and taut. The honey can be added to the powder of ginger and turmeric. These spices effectively fight with subcutaneous fat.

Self-massage of the abdomen: remove fatty apron. Tips and efficient methods

Alternate masks, used for wrapping:

  • clay;
  • coffee grounds;
  • cocoa powder;
  • mustard powder.

Use of wraps as an additional procedure would lead to good results.

Use the massager for self-massage of the abdomen: remove fatty apron

Photos of many of these devices every woman at least once in their lives seen. Therefore, imagine what kind of device is not difficult. Abdominal massage can be carried out using mechanical and electric massager. Various nozzles and arrangements for influencing the problem zone stimulate and improve blood circulation, thereby contributing to the incineration of subcutaneous fat. With additional resources, a massage done with regard to the general rules:

  • affect not more than ten minutes;
  • to make clockwise motion.

It is necessary to combine this procedure with water massage and body wraps.

After Caesarean

Of course, the birth of a child - this is the happiest moment in the life of every woman. The birth of a baby is sometimes difficult, there are complications. One of these - a caesarean section.

Self-massage of the abdomen: remove fatty apron. Tips and efficient methods

After that, the abdominal scars, plus weight gain during the feeding. In the end result is not happy. Self-massage the abdomen removes fatty apron after cesarean section.

When can I start?

After undergoing surgery a woman can not experience a strong physical exertion, like any work on the joint area until it is completely healed. So, before you start self-massage sessions, you first need to recover. Doctors are advised to begin no sooner than three months after the surgery. Given the characteristics of the healing and recovery time rate can be shorter or longer.

Self-massage of the abdomen: remove fatty apron. Tips and efficient methods

This process will be difficult and rather long. Since the female body at the time set out to accumulate the weight of feeding. Doctors recommend that young mothers do not worry about the extra kilos and ugly belly and give full-time child and maintaining the required weight. In addition, all efforts may be ineffective and lead to disappointment. The ideal time to start beauty treatments - it is, after breastfeeding has ceased.

Recommendations on how to remove the fatty apron after surgery

Approach to this issue should be comprehensive. Also the effort, the result will depend on whether the operation was carried out efficiently and accurately. Sometimes it is not possible to completely remove all traces of surgical intervention. First of all, experts recommend exercise:

  • sailing;
  • run;
  • cardio (bike, treadmill);
  • exercises to improve muscle tone in the problem area.

Start with small loads, gradually increasing them.

Proper nutrition plays an important role in achieving the goal. Revise the diet by excluding fast carbs, focusing on proteins and complex carbohydrates are more useful.

Self-massage the abdomen removes fatty apron. Reviews of many women confirm this. But as they say the girls, it is best to combine all possible methods to achieve a better result. The combination with a contrast shower and wraps will help to achieve the desired effect.

Breathing gymnastics

Proper breathing, alternating short and deep breaths - effective method to make to leave the subcutaneous fat in the abdomen. An important factor is the regularity. Breathing exercises can become a way of life, it can be done every morning.


Now you know abdominal self-massage techniques. Remove the fat apron exercises - so say many coaches. And it's true, physical activities will help in the fight against excess centimeters in the abdomen.

Some exercises for example:

  • Lie on the floor, completely relax. Run a deep breath, hold your breath for three or four seconds and then exhale deeply. In this case, it is necessary to breathe using the abdominal muscles, rather than the chest. In order to properly perform this exercise, lay on his stomach volume book to see his movement. On the inhale the abdomen rises, as you exhale maximally retracted. The exercises start with five minutes, gradually increasing the time. Perform in a well-ventilated area.
  • The same exercise is repeated, but in a sitting position on a chair. Starting position - back straight, feet pressed to the floor, knees bent at 90 degrees. Breathing in, stuck out his belly as you exhale, draw as much as possible. Make sure that to the chest was not moving, breathing with the help of the abdomen.
  • The same breathing exercises to perform standing leg slightly bent, tilt your body forward and stretch hands on his knees.


Reduce the amount in the waist and on the sides help exercises on twisting:

Self-massage of the abdomen: remove fatty apron. Tips and efficient methods
  • Lie on your back, bend your knees. Alternately bent legs to lower the left and right, making a turn of the body to the opposite side.
  • Lie on the floor, legs and body lift so as to form a right angle. While keeping costs the hands behind the head. In this position, alternately pull the elbow to the opposite knee. So to perform a few repetitions, alternating rest and exercise.
  • Bicycle lying on his back.
  • Lie on your back, one by one to perform leg lifts, and torso.


Exercise is very effective in the fight for a beautiful belly. Lie on the floor face down, lift the body on the elbows and toes. Try to keep your body as straight as possible, does not sag and do not dismiss the buttocks at the top. In this position, hold for 30 seconds to one minute as possible. Gradually increasing the time counter, to bring up to three to five repetitions of one minute. Static exercise strap is aimed at strengthening the abdominal muscles, back and legs.


Of course, there are contraindications to the self-massage of the abdomen. It removes fatty apron this method, but the method can be used not for everyone.

It is impossible to carry out self-massage of the abdomen in the presence of any abnormalities, chronic diseases, such as:

  • disease of the internal organs;
  • umbilical hernia;
  • the presence of skin diseases;
  • kidney stones and gall bladder;
  • pronounced disease.

massage can not be performed with a high temperature, during inflammatory processes, during menstruation and pregnancy.

The reasons due to which there is a fatty apron

A sedentary lifestyle and improper diet contribute to the deposition of fat in the abdominal area. Subsequently, to deal with it is much more difficult, so dietitians recommend to follow some rules to prevent this from happening:

  • regular exercise;
  • a balanced diet;
  • healthy sleep.


Now you know how many clean fatty apron and sides. Self-massage of the abdomen - this is a very efficient method. So be sure to use them.