How to tighten the stomach at home

Saggy stomach - a very unpleasant sight, with regardless of age, status or gender. Most often it occurs when significant weight loss, when the muscles are in the same condition, and the fat goes. Therefore, to deal with such unpleasant phenomenon should immediately, otherwise the problem can be run even more. Let's look at how to tighten the stomach at home without the use of pills and surgery.

How to tighten the stomach at home

Food & Drink

In order to tighten the stomach at home should change the attitude to food and drink. Here are a few tips and tricks.

How to tighten the stomach at home
  1. Set a goal - to drink daily two liters of water. This will help to cleanse the body of toxins, as well as to maintain the water balance, which allows the skin to become more elastic.
  2. Eliminate the use of salt and soy sauce. If this does not "Can not" replace these products with sea salt.
  3. Limit consumption of high-calorie food and vegetable fats. This is not to say that an urgent need to go on a strict diet, no, just replace them with vegetables, fruits, milk products (1%), and low-fat varieties of fish.
  4. Reduce the time between food intake up to 3 hours.
  5. If you love snacking on junk food, you will have it over and replace the products of such kind of dried fruit.
  6. thoroughly chew your food.
  7. Pastries and bread replace bran.
  8. Give up sugar.

Physical activities that will help to quickly pull up the abdominal skin after weight loss and birth

Once you learn how to eat right, think about exercise. If you are interested in the question of how to tighten the stomach for a week, there is nothing so does not help, as the swing press and twist wrap, and better to combine these methods together.

Swing press

Exercises for the abdominals are divided into three parts: the swing of the lower press, upper and oblique abdominal muscles. It is best to carry out training in the morning before breakfast or 2 hours after a meal. To begin, try to do the exercises for each part of the press 25 times, then you can increase the number of sets, and so every week. Choose your most appropriate way, depending on your age, disability and other factors. Rocking the press - a very effective exercise to tighten the abdominal muscles in a short period of time.

The twist hula-hoop

How to tighten the stomach at home

Torsion of the hoop has a slightly different effect. It increases blood circulation and tightens weakened abdominal muscles, which helps to quickly get rid of the fat that accumulates in the abdomen brazenly. Now sold in stores a huge amount of hoops, it is better to buy it with suckers or massage rollers. On the day, pay this exercise at least 15 minutes. Remember that at first it will be difficult, because after the first exercises with hula-hoop will appear bruises, so please ointment or before exercise tightly wrap the body tissue. Torsion hoop - this is probably one of the most effective ways on how to tighten the stomach for a week.

Combine these two ways, and do not be lazy to carry out these exercises and you will see positive results within a few days.

Some effective exercises on how to tighten the stomach at home

  1. Take a standing position. Slightly bend down and put your hands on your knees. In this position, retract the stomach and pause for 12 seconds. Relax. Repeat 15 times. The same thing can be done, standing on all fours.
  2. Lie on the floor, hands behind his head rewound. Possible to push back surface. Begin to lift his legs. For each repeat 20-25 times. Next, do the same, only two feet at a time.
  3. Lie on your back. Hands lift over your head. Place the left foot under the right knee, and the right - under the left. Knees outward as far as possible. Lie down for several minutes. This exercise will help stretch the abdominal muscles.

How to remove belly sagged after childbirth

This is the most common problem that concerns almost every second young mom. But this situation can find a way out. Since tighten the stomach after giving birth?

How to tighten the stomach at home
  1. To begin with, as mentioned earlier, take care of their diet, because it will help not only you but also your child, especially if you are breastfeeding.
  2. A little more walking. If you can, every day, walk briskly for about 20 minutes.
  3. Wear postpartum bandage, it will help the uterus shrink quickly, as well as tighten the skin of the abdomen after childbirth.
  4. Do this exercise. Put the baby to his chest and try to rise slowly.
  5. sleep on your stomach, it will also help the uterus shrink quickly.
  6. Try to involve the stomach constantly, carrying out a trip, walking with a child, cooking dinner and so on.. In other words, live in such a position.
  7. Taking a bath, do this exercise. Place the palm of your hand clasped over his stomach and start to implement the repulsive motion. Do this until you feel that your hands are tired.
  8. This is another effective way on how to tighten the stomach after giving birth, - Belly retracted. This exercise can be done anywhere, it does not require time and effort. Cleaning in the room, or playing with your baby, pull your belly as much as possible, stay for a few seconds, then his bulging as you can. If you perform this exercise on a regular basis, then after a few weeks of notice.
  9. When taking a shower, massage jet sagging area from side to side, alternating cold and warm water.

Wrap to help with flabby stomach

If you are concerned about how to tighten the stomach home, use wrap. Well, if you alternate between this method with exercise.

How to tighten the stomach at home

Honey Body Wrap. It is better if the honey is natural. This useful component makes the skin supple and elastic.

Mud wraps. Most often, in this case applied mud from the Dead Sea, as well as the blue clay. Such wrapping improve metabolism and perfectly smooth skin.

Oil wraps. Better use olive oil because it moisturizes the skin and regenerates it at the expense of the content of vitamins A and E. For best results, add a few drops of different essential oils, and a little red pepper.

Very good help to seaweed wraps, especially kelp, to get rid of sagging skin. Such a tool can be purchased at specialty stores. Vinegar wraps. To do this, take a cloth and soak it in vinegar, then apply to the problem area. Apple vinegar expedient to use (6%).

For food wrappings using film or specifically for this purpose. It should turn around tightly in several layers. After that, put on a warm coat on top. During the procedure, try to move all the time. Carry wrappings need several times a week.

Slimming Spa

Another effective way on how to make the stomach fit - slimming bath.

How to tighten the stomach at home
  1. Bath with leaves of raspberry and lime. The amount of raw materials should be 300 g. Linden need 4 pieces of leaves - 3. Put them in 5 liters of boiling water and let stand 40 minutes. Then strain and pour into the tub. Take about 20 minutes in the evening. Tighten skin after such a procedure will be soft and velvety.
  2. bath with mustard. Take a glass of dry mustard and pour it into warm water. Stir until then, until you get smooth. Take 10 minutes. Then wash in the shower and lie down under a blanket.
  3. Bath with bran. 1 kg of bran poured 3 liters of hot milk and 1, 5 tablespoons of honey. Steep this mixture for 15-20 minutes, then pour into the tub. Take half an hour.
  4. bath salt and soda. 10 tablespoons of soda and 15 tablespoons of salt added to the bath. Mix. Soak for 10 minutes, then go under a blanket for an hour. Before and after the procedure a few hours nothing to eat or drink.
  5. Acetic bath. 1 liter Stir 9% vinegar in a full bath. Soak 25 minutes, then take a shower and lie down under a blanket for an hour. Please note that this procedure is carried out, if the skin does not have any damage.

Self-massage for sagging belly

Another effective way on how to tighten the stomach - self-massage the problem area.

To perform all the exercises should stretch the abdominal muscles in order to put pressure on internal organs.

  1. Start with light massage strokes in a clockwise direction. Gradually increase pressure on the stomach. Control the exercise pain.
  2. Place both hands on your stomach. Inhale, then exhale. You should feel like hands raised and lowered.
  3. Stroke stomach. The fingers begin to perform the rotational movement from the lower right side to the ribs.
  4. Put your left hand on your stomach. Right start to put pressure on it. Do this 20 times, then change hands.
  5. Put your hands on your stomach. Begin to perform circular movements, first clockwise, then counterclockwise. With each movement is carried out more and more pressure on the stomach.
  6. Put your hands so that the palms were located at a distance of 2 cm from each other. Begin the exercise movements as if sawing stomach. In this case, one arm should move up and the other - down, then - right and left.
  7. fingers of the right hand, grasp the fold of fat on my stomach and start to roll it to the undulating edges. Repeat about 7 times.
  8. knuckles start to rub vigorously on the right edge of the abdomen to the left, then top to bottom. The more folds of fat, the more intense the movement should occur.
  9. The intensity hands knuckles circular movements, first clockwise, then counterclockwise. Do this until you feel fatigue in the hands.

Finish self-massage stroking movements. The maximum effect can make use of essential oils, such as orange, which will strengthen the metabolism of carbohydrates and fats.

How to tighten the stomach at home

A few rules about self-massage

  1. to massage a few hours after eating.
  2. Do not make it with full bladder.
  3. If a stomach ache, massage, transfer to another time.
  4. Do not hold it during menstruation, pregnancy, inflammation of the bowel, bladder.
  5. It is best to massage in the supine position. Knees should be bent and feet firmly standing on the bed surface.
  6. During self-massage the abdominal muscles should be relaxed, otherwise the effect will not be.
  7. First, procedures to allot about 8 minutes, then gradually increase the time to 35 minutes.

So all the recommendations. Follow them, and your tummy will always please you.