Cavitation. Reviews: pros and cons

How to deal with cellulite?

Methods of struggle with the "orange peel" There is an incredible array. However, not all of them are equally effective. Scientists around the world are constantly working to develop new tools to address the problem of excess weight and cellulite. a

Cavitation. Reviews: pros and cons

of which is a relatively new method - cavitation. Feedback from those who have already managed to try this novelty in itself, evidence of its effectiveness. This explains why all the hype surrounding this procedure.

What is cavitation?

As you can see, cavitation is a new method in the treatment of cellulite. With it comes the destruction of fat cells. However, the term "cavitation" for the first time, which is derived from the Latin word cavitas (trans. Emptiness), was introduced by the British scientist and engineer Mr. W.Froude Reynolds in 1894. This term is denoted today in the process of formation of hollow fluid bubbles (cavities) filled with steam.

Cavitation. Reviews: pros and cons

In this case, there are two types of cavitation: hydrodynamic and acoustic. The first is used for industrial purposes, but the second, acoustic cavitation - recently began to be used in the field of medicine, pharmacology and cosmetology. With this method it is possible treatment fluxes, abscesses and cellulitis. It is also used to destroy kidney stones and fatty deposits. The pharmacology with it create disinfection solutions and inhalable mixture. Very popular among women also use anti-cellulite cream with the effect of cavitation. Reviews women about these tools, talk about their positive effect. Cavitation, as a method to combat cellulite

In the treatment of "orange peel" on the affected areas of the body affected by cellulite with the help of ultrasound. This is done using special equipment. High intensity acoustic wave of low frequency (33-42 KHz) easily passes through the covering fabric, and a cavity formed in the adipose tissue. They increase and liquefy the fat that is naturally discharged to the outside. As you can see, the process of cavitation is similar to liposuction, but in this case the fat is destroyed by ultrasound and do not require surgical intervention.

Customer reviews about Cavitation

Whether cavitation is effective? Customer reviews that have passed through this procedure is not always clear. However, most of them said that as a result of cavitation noticeable tightening of the skin, which leads to its elasticity and reduce

Cavitation. Reviews: pros and cons

volume "apelsivnovoy peel". The biggest advantage of this procedure before liposuction is that after it there is no need for rehabilitation. That's what is so popular due to cavitation. Reviews that leave people who have passed the course of cavitation, always affect this positive aspect. In addition, this method is able to cope with cellulite at all stages, from simple to complex. Probably, many are interested in the question: "For the complete cure for cellulite, how many of the procedures should be cavitation?" Customer feedback told that, depending on the extent of damage, the procedures can be 5-7. And in the first two weeks you need to go through two sessions, and in the following weeks - one at a time. As for the disadvantages of this procedure, they are minimal. The only thing to consider is the fact that so far not studied the effects of ultrasound exposure on the human body.