6 myths about travel, which prevent us from seeing the world

6 myths about travel, which prevent us from seeing the world

Nothing is more beautiful journey! Joy at parting with their homeland, the smell of the airport, new experiences and rich life experience - all this makes the gray matter under the skull to work differently, and generally make life better. But around the process of walking endless myths that discourage people from any desire to go to meet the new. It feels like somewhere working organization whose purpose - to destroy the concept of travel itself. We have decided to destroy the most ugly myths, because ... Because you give travel!

1. Expensive

All worth some money, too, need to pay for travel. Only through advertising, film and imposed culture of life, we are accustomed to think that a good and interesting vacation may be just in the luxurious rooms. But not always interesting rest - this is an expensive vacation. Walking through the streets of Rome, living in a hostel, not worse, than to walk the same streets, while spending the night in a luxury room and unnecessarily expensive. Why pay for an overnight stay? You're not going there to sleep.

When we plan our first trip to Greece, the tours to Australia seem to us lot of gods. But if you look, you can find several options for economical and exciting journey to the "green continent". All sorts of seasonal offerings, which are full of brochures of tour operators, significantly expanding the boundaries, you only need to adjust to the specified in the "hot offers" time.

In the age of web and special offers there is nothing easier than to find and plan an exciting adventure in the budget the pleasant land. It should be just something to spend some time finding a suitable hotel, tickets and other delights budget travels.

2. CouchSurfing - it is not safe to

6 myths about travel, which prevent us from seeing the world

Of course, dwell in the house of unfamiliar Chinese, which connects you to a couple of sessions of communication on Skype - malosimpatichnye idea. However, experience has shown and proved that it is possible to rely on the kindness of strangers: people offering their home, often very sympathetic and kind.

It is clear that unconditional trust people from the other hemisphere is very wrong. Some reason, do not like to talk about their mental disorders and compulsive habits. What then to do? Study reviews. Sites like tumblr, meetup or bewelcome allow you to see the reviews and the host to choose with whom to stay. And the best thing is not to break the old tradition shared bedroom: lonely girl is with another woman, family to family, so safer.

3. Hitchhiking - it is not safe to

The idea that hitchhiking - it is always unsafe, was born in the 1950s, when the FBI led a campaign of intimidation, to somehow bring down a wave of mass travel with strangers. In part, this was done because golotba from all states so massively gather on rallies. So conceived cunning "feds" intimidating the population with stories that all drivers are maniacs and perverts who spit on the floor and looks. Disturbing thoughts were scattered all over the world, united with the idea that the world is unsafe, and are considered almost the same dubious undertaking as to try heroin.

However, hitchhiking does not always end in a ditch. He turned very joyful experience and familiarity with the nice people in any case the trip this way for Serbia and Montenegro. Why, exciting journey with manyachnogo kind trucker Valery from Dzerzhinsk in the Nizhny Novgorod went well.

4. Traveling dangerous for women

6 myths about travel, which prevent us from seeing the world

Both men and women face the risk while traveling, but we must admit that she is doomed to additional difficulties, after all, there are situations when you need to be especially careful, as the female essence throws up additional challenges.

However, all as always exaggerated the sick and the frightened imagination of a society that believes, like Giordano Bruno in the ideas of neo-Platonism, as if on a journey around every corner, in every alley Woman waiting for a maniac. In fact, most often to travel warn those who in life do not choose on my grandmother's village. In the end, the chance during the voyage there in the sweaty hands of dubious elements or a bus is equivalent to the chance to experience all of this on the streets of his native city. Well, now that all my life to live in fear and not go out?

So if ... Take, for example, Morocco, Tunisia or Algeria. If you decide to visit one of these countries and meet with the protesting relatives mourn the fact that an African Muslim country, where the girl can steal, rape and kill - do not pay attention. This is one of the most peaceful countries in the continent. And all of the above may well happen even in prosperous Switzerland.

5. Travel - the lot of young

It is believed that the need to travel at a young age, and the older you get, the more demanding it becomes decrepit and tired body. There is already no hiking, just an all inclusive around the clock lying on hard bed loungers.

But in actual fact, age does not matter. How many retirees from all over ointment prefer hiking comfortable rookery on the banks of the pool? Pleasure to watch: they move a lot more of the younger generation. They do not stop to spend the night in hostels, drive cars, and nothing does not deny. Not age limit, and thinking.

6. It is impossible to find a job abroad

6 myths about travel, which prevent us from seeing the world

are not many things in the world that would attract the same way as work abroad. Like how to make money, and at the same time get acquainted with a foreign culture. But such a drastic step can only units. Not because of patriotism, just the good old habit of starting to discover new obstacles. It is clear that to find a good job, getting off the plane ladder, it is difficult, but otherwise there are no problems, it would wish.

Virtually all countries are open to new employees. You can work on a cruise ship, teach the language abroad or to work through a variety of student programs. Get a work visa is not so difficult, even distant and enigmatic New Zealand differs surprisingly easy simple procedure of obtaining a visa.