7 Tips to deal with pre-holiday stress

A week later, the pre-marathon can be considered open. Tell us how to get the distance calm and confident, and get to the finish full of strength. These tips will help you do everything, do not forget and do not burn out emotionally before the Christmas holidays.

1. Plan gifts

7 Tips to deal with pre-holiday stress

To invent and look for Christmas presents has been around now in the shops are full of festive paraphernalia, and turn not such a crazy, as in the last week of December.

You will save time if splaniruesh advance who and what you will buy. Here are a few tips to help you decide:

  • Make a list of what the person is interested. Gifts of interest - a good way to attend, because they never seem superficial.
  • Think about what he needs now. Nobody canceled practical approach. You can even chat to ask about it. Let the gift received is not too surprising, but definitely desirable.
  • Look for a gift that will inspire and motivate: tutorial for those who have long wanted to tighten English; drawing set; a subscription to the pool. Choose something that people have long wanted, but spared no expense.

Do not forget to buy some universal gifts for occasional guests. Let it be nice, yet functional detail.

2. Divide Pre responsibilities with others

Pre-holiday time - the best time to temper your perfectionism and learn to delegate. Do not try to organize everything alone, even if the New Year's Eve to be in your house. Distribute, who would cook and who is responsible for what, between you and your guests. By the way, to think of a festive menu, too, is better now, we have already given detailed instructions on how to do it.

3. Cut out the unnecessary cases

7 Tips to deal with pre-holiday stress

Now more than ever it is important to prioritize and plan their free time. If there is something that can be postponed for the next year - the suburban trip, repair, a couple of books from the list, which vowed to learn to 2019 - do it.

Big mistake - trying to crank out four weeks all she wanted to commit for 12 months. In addition, it is unlikely that these plans from the category of "now or never". Most likely, you just do not want to admit that something failed. Instead of blaming and rush yourself, make all that did not have time in the tasks for the next year.

4. Find ways to cope with the blockage at work

If New Year's dam at work can not be avoided, consider how you'll deal with it. Clearly plan their day at the office, pause, do not hesitate to seek the help of colleagues. Do not take on additional responsibilities, if not certain, that to cope with them.

The main thing is to remember that a temporary blockage. This helps to mobilize and realize that this is just the end of the year, not end of the world.

5. Do not put all the rest for later

The fact that after the new year, you'll get a week vacation, does not mean that you have to work tirelessly all weekend. Holidays also consuming a lot of energy. If you do not want to sit at the New Year's table haggard and with hatred for all living things - do not miss the weekend in December. Suppose that at least one day a week, instead of two, but it must be a complete rest with normal sleep and self-care.

6. Spend the weekend in silence

7 Tips to deal with pre-holiday stress

Before carousel corporate parties, get-togethers with family and partying with friends find time to be alone. Spend the day in a relaxed atmosphere to reboot before the new work week. So you will be much easier to cope with stress.

7. Do not blame yourself for doing nothing during the holidays

Spend holidays as you want. Active, crazy dancing and traveling - it sounds great. But if you need to lie in bed, seizing pizza tangerines, do not blame yourself.

Do not dream that this week will read five books, learn to knit, you will roll up dining for 10 people. You do not have to squeeze every minute out of favor. The lower the expectations, the less remorse for the rise in the afternoon and rarely left the house.

How do you deal with the pre-holiday bustle?