Basketball court: photos, sizes and features

Games basketball court is a flat rectangular surface coated with a solid without any obstacles. New constructed structure, as well as a field for FIBA ​​official competitions must be 28 meters in length and 15 - in the width (from the inside of the boundary lines). For events below the rank of allowed dimensions of not less than 26 meters in length and 14 - in width.

Basketball court: photos, sizes and features

Layout basketball court

The distance from the lowest object on the ceiling to be at least seven meters. Illumination of the playing surface is provided in sufficient volume uniformly. Lighting elements are arranged in such a way that they do not interfere with the game participants and judges.

All operating lines are applied one color (usually white) using oil paint. They should be clearly visible, a width of 50 mm. Basketball court limited pair endlines applied on the short sides of the playing field. On long side portions mark a line (they are not part of the site). Any obstacles, including the bench players are placed no closer than two meters from the field delimiters.

The central zone

Basketball court center line is parallel to the facial analogs from the middle side markup stands at 150 millimeters for each markup element side. The central circle is applied in the center of the playing field, its radius - 1800 mm. The parameter is measured to the outer edge of the circle. If this item is painted in a different color, the same color must have a limiting zone.

Basketball court: photos, sizes and features

the free-throw line

This element is applied parallel to the front of each line. The far side of the free throw line is at a distance of 5800 mm from the inner edge of the front mark. Its length is 3600 mm. Mid located at an imaginary line, which connects the middle of the pair of facial lines. By restricted zones include dedicated sections on the basketball court, which are determined by the boundaries of a free-throw lines, facial and starting from their outlines. The external part of these zones is located at a distance of 3000 mm from the middle of the facial lines, ends at the outer edge of the free-throw lines. These elements are part of the restricted area. They can be painted in a different color, but should not be a different color from the center circle.

Area basketball court in the free-throw area - this limited zone in the direction of expanding the playing field semicircles with radius 1800 mm. Their centers are located in the middle of the free throw lines. Similar hemisphere dotted dashes applied within the restricted areas.

three-point shots

Area to engage the enemy basket with transfer of three points is the entire basketball court 26 m / 14 m, which gives the dimensions above. The exception is the zone near the opponent's shield. They are limited to:

  • Couple of lines that start from the facial contours at a distance of 6250 mm, arranged in parallel. They are marked from the point obtained at the intersection of the perpendicular drawn from the center conditionally basket. The distance to the front inner edge of the middle line is 1575 mm.
  • semicircular whose radius - 625 mm and the outer portion of its characteristics centered in the same location as the previous elements to the junction with parallel lines.
Basketball court: photos, sizes and features

O boards

Dimensions basketball court (26 meters) does not affect the dimensions of the shields. They are made of tempered safety glass in a monolithic design or other smooth material. In the second case parts are painted in white color. Horizontal value is 1800 mm, the vertical size - 1005 mm. The front surface of the device is smooth, the lines are applied in the following manner:

  • The white color on transparent products.
  • Black paint in all other cases.
  • width of the bands - 50 mm.

Shields mounted hard way. They are installed at both ends of the playing field at a right angle to the bottom of the platform, parallel endlines. The vertical axis laid down to the floor at their front part, concerns conditional mark on the bottom surface, laid on a distance of 1200 mm from the inner edge of each facial features. An imaginary line is drawn at right angles with respect to said outline.

Basketball court: photos, sizes and features


These elements shield must meet the following requirements:

  • Obverse structure together with upholstery is located at a distance of at least two meters from the outer edge line is colored in a bright hue, in contrast with drawing the walls, ceiling and floor. It provides clear visibility of the projectile players.
  • The surface area of ​​tables on the basketball court area is secured so that it was impossible to dislodge.
  • Any structural tool is equipped with upholstery made of soft material in the back of the shield. Decorations made on the bottom parts, at a distance of 1200 mm from the front surface.
  • The minimum thickness of the upholstery is 50 millimeters, the density must be matched with that of the surfacing material sheets.
  • The supports are also equipped with a special material to a height of not less than 2150 mm from the surface of the playing field. The minimum thickness - 100 mm.


This is another important item on the basketball court, the dimensions of which are discussed in the beginning of the review. Baskets made from solid steel, internal diameter - 450 mm, the color orange. Rod rings has a certain range of diameters that the minimum is 16 mm, the maximum - 20 mm. The lower part is equipped with special devices that serve to fix the nets that prevent injury to the fingers. The mesh is attached to the twelve points located equidistant from one another around the ring circumference. Adaptations should not have sharp edges or protrusions that could lead to an undesirable impact on the player's leg.

The ring is fixed so as to prevent excessive transmission of forces exerted directly on the board. That is not allowed direct contact between said element, fasteners and shield. In this case, the gap should not allow the possibility of being hit by the finger members.

The upper edge of the rings located horizontally at a height of 3005 mm above the surface of the game board, at the same distance from the vertical parts of the shield. The distance to the nearest point on the inner face of not more than 150 millimeters. You can use the rings with special shock absorbers.

Basketball court: photos, sizes and features

Mesh Design

Grids are made of white cord. Their configuration provides instant hold of the ball when it enters the basket. mesh length ranges from 400 to 450 millimeters. Each instance is equipped with 12 loops serving for attachment to the ring. The upper sections are rigid, not admitting the possible entanglement and tangling member and locking of the ball inside or discarding it back through the top.


Not so long ago, there have been some changes in the rules of the game FIBA ​​association. Some of them were made and everything basketball court:

  • benches Zone teams stand outside the playing field in the same sector that houses space for reserve players and the scorer's table.
  • Any zone is limited to a line with a minimum length of two meters. It is a line that extends the front line, and duplicate analogue identical in length, which is applied at right angle with respect to the lateral limits at a minimum distance of five meters from the center line.
  • a three-second zone is applied in the form of a rectangle.
  • the ring added the circle in which the collision fouls are not fixed.
  • three-point line is moved from a point under the opponent's basket at 0, 5 m (there were 6, 25, became - 6, 75 m). The distance is measured to the outer part of the semi-circle.
  • to add a couple of new lines for a throw. They are applied over side feature, opposite the scorer table, thus should not be from the inside edges of the nearest facial notation less than 8325 mm, total length - 150 mm.
Basketball court: photos, sizes and features

basketball-volleyball court

For amateur competitions and informal appearances, allowed to combine basketball and volleyball fields. Such structures are mainly used for training and informal games.

Typically, the field dimensions do 23/14 meters with play area 18, 9 m. On each side is left out areas, the width of which is 2, 5 meters. design direction is oriented from north to south. In the middle part of the larger side pillars digged diameter of 200 millimeters. Their ends are treated resin digged to a depth of 1 to 5 m height above ground level -. 2, 6 meters. The tops of the supports are equipped with two slots serve to space the blocks and fixation mesh tension.

Nodes are arranged so that the upper portion of the grid rose from the ground 2,450 millimeters (for males), 2,200 mm (for women), 2300 mm (for men). 9 mesh length 5 meters and width - one meter. After tensioning rope ends fixed for staples driven into the fixed support, which can be a removable type. For their arrangement requires the use of special elements with screws and clamps, latches.

Basketball court: photos, sizes and features

The surface of the pad is made of slag or gravel. The coating thickness is 100-150 mm. Top cover an area of ​​an additional layer (50 mm), consisting of earth or glinopeschanoy mixture. This cover must be different elasticity and stability. After the appropriate markup, volleyball playground is ready. To adjust the layout there for basketball, use the two options. In the first case notation is used only for a single ring (training option). The second method is more complicated. It needs to increase the territory for another ring, and marking need to be updated so that it does not mix with the volleyball version.