Rules of life of the character of the series "Game of Thrones" Cersei Lannister

• The rules of life of the character of the series "Game of Thrones" Cersei Lannister

Rules of life of the character of the series

Tears - is not the only weapon women. The best weapon between her legs.

Unmerciful gods. Because they are gods. My father told me that when I found for prayer.

A good king knows when it's time to gather strength, and when the time comes to destroy their enemies.

The only way to keep the loyalty of the people - is to make sure that they were afraid of you than your enemy.

The more people you love, the weaker you become. You're doing something that should not be for them. You're making a nonsense, so they were happy and well. Love only their children. In this matter, the mother has no choice.

Anyone who is not in our family - our enemy.

Be kind from time to time - it will save you from all further problems.

Unhappy wife - the best friend of wine merchant.

Little girls hurt everywhere.

I'm not going to kneel in front of a bare commoner, I will not ask him for forgiveness.

The disease kills unconsciously. Nevertheless, it destroys, it is too late.

I love my brother. I love my lover. People will ridicule - let. They are so small that I did not even notice.

When a man flushed, everything will come down to it, what have boobs. Knights of the Royal Guard are as useless as teats on the armor.

I - Lannister. I'm the queen for 19 years. The daughter of the most powerful man in the world. But I could not save her son. What good is power if you can not protect the ones you love?

Too often the wicked are rich people are not afraid of justice. Even the king himself might not always punish those who deserve it most.

I choose violence.

Love - is poison. Sweet poison, yes, but he still will kill you sooner or later.

You can not love the king, but you will love his children.

In the thrones game you either win or die. There is no third.

We can not allow bigots to arrest the brother of the king, as he was was not a pervert.

What if I told you that the worst sinner in our midst?

What we love, every time destroys us.

Power - is power.

I also do what I like. I drink because I like it, I killed my husband, because I like it when it is not. I fucked with my brother, because I liked the feel of him inside her. I lied that fucked with my brother, because I liked to protect our son from the evil hypocrites. I killed the High Sparrow and all his sparrow, Septon and all his sept, all its vile soldiers, because I liked to watch them burn. I like to imagine their shock and pain. No thought gave me great joy. Even repentance is like when the right circumstances.

When my mother died, I could only think about what happens to her now. Every day, every night, I thought my mother looks now? She began to swell? Her skin was black? The teeth have been exposed?

I thought that if I have something so good, so clean, I can not such a monster?

Witch promised that I will have three children. She promised that they would die.

Tyrion can, and monstrosity, but at least he had killed his father on purpose.

At the Lannister house no rivals.

Faith and the crown - the two pillars on which the world stands. When collapsing one after another collapses. We must take all necessary measures to protect each other.

More than anything, we love our firstborn. That they would not cast.

300 years Targaryen married brothers and sisters, to preserve the purity of blood. Jamie and not merely brother and sister. We shared one womb. We came into this world together, we should be together.