Rules of life, Scarlett Johansson

• Rules of Life Scarlett Johansson

Rules of life, Scarlett Johansson

I do not like to think about the answers, so I love when I ask a simple question.

At eighteen, I was playing 25-year-old - it so happened that I had no real childhood. But I'm not upset. I catch up on occasion.

My generation - generation of shit. What we grew up? Vile gum, pop group from the sweet boys and monstrous hybrid of rap and metal.

I have always loved Frank Sinatra. His voice - a bar of gold, the velvet cake.

Great to suddenly go and fall in love with someone. Once you feel that still live.

I have never had sex in an elevator with Benicio Del Toro. It's just a joke, I inadvertently rolled out one brainless journalist. I literally said the following: "Now I feel as if engaged with Benicio Del Toro have sex in an elevator." They then removed all the "feel" and "like," and now it seems I'm in the coffin of my life I will answer the question, if I had something with Benicio in the elevator.

The main plus of marriage: you learn about yourself something that had never known.

When I turned 21, my brother proposed to celebrate at a strip club. Naturally, when we got there, someone ordered a personal dance for me. It was awful, because the girl who danced for me, was so thin that her tailbone - or some other protruding bone - left on me a lot of bruises.

This is a very strange question - what I would do with his clone. He would have another friend of mine, with whom I could go to the movies.

If I can go to the movies, only in a suit and tie and with a mustache, like Errol Flynn (the famous Hollywood actor, mid XX century). Even if superheroes and sweat, they do not smell. But I never loved superheroes. Mutants - that's what I like.

I hope that sooner or later I will make of the computer game. This is better than the movie. In computer games are not visible cellulite.

I do not have one, except that when the TV is on.

I remember one day I was driving around Los Angeles, I looked around and suddenly saw a huge billboard on which I was. What have I done? I hit the brakes. And what else to do when you see your tits the size of a brontosaurus.

I love bread. Would not be an actress - I went to work in a bakery.

Beauty recipe I inherited from the mother, drink plenty of water, never get up alarm clock and never smoke.

Dirty blonde - this is my natural color. But my father - he is a Dane - a real blonde. Once I even asked him for a lock, and went with them into the cabin. Take, say, to me the same color.

You know I always tried to be invisible in the crowd. And everyone said, See that girl over there in the - in a wig, mustache and dark glasses.

I never ask myself, how do I look sexy. I worry about whether I look crazy.

Exit on the red carpet - it's sweaty palms, dry mouth, heart palpitations, and general condition of uncontrollable panic.

It is impossible to prepare themselves to fame. I still do not know what to do when I buy a pizza, but I was at that moment taking pictures of half a dozen people.

Be a star in my understanding - is to get a table at a good restaurant in the bypass line.

You know what stellar wedding unlike conventional wedding couples? Normally everyone thinks it would be good at the wedding were more people with cameras. And we are thinking only about how to throw these people away. I want to believe in all those with whom I communicate, and to stop once and for all to communicate with those who believe not in full or not at all believe.

In an ideal world, all the new friends I'd started with, would say: "To hell with all this polite chatter. I can just look in your soul? "

I do not have Facebook or Twitter. The less I Soryu meaningless information, the happier I become a girl.

How is it a good thing that I have not twenty and nineteen. Because twenty and nineteen - this time of incredible uncertainty.

If you are calm and do not know in your life, what to do - wait. But do not wait too long, and if you wait too long - do something.

Happiness - it's when you have where to direct their folly.

I still have not figured out what to occupy themselves in those moments when I do nothing.

More than anything, I want to play ugly woman.

People constantly confuse it - appear on the screen naked and play in a porn.

Everyone says, the audience is everything. But the audience, in fact, does not solve anything. The viewer just takes what he is given.

A good script should not be more than 75 pages.

Do you know the uniqueness of Woody Allen? There is no difference between Woody and director Woody-man.

I want to work, work and work, but also to be with the people with whom I want. Nothing else I need not.

I do not want to be anyone's muse.

I was always waiting for myself more.