Rules of Life Naik Borzov

• Rules of Life Naik Borzov

Rules of Life Naik Borzov

I am hard to surprise alcohol or music.

The VISIBLE I lived with 1977. My mother worked in a secret institute, and that from this institution, she was given an apartment in the visible. I was born in a small town with a three-story house. He's on the emblem of strawberries, and all the people working there has been linked to strawberries. It does not matter what his name really - always called it strawberry town. But in Vidnoe no strawberries, but there is a Coke and Gas Plant. Therefore, there are many musicians, I guess.

NOSTALGIA - destructive and destructive feeling. I told him not susceptible.

I REMEMBER alternate DYING leader, because we did not go to school in those days. That is, we come to school, they told us: Secretary General, our beloved, dear, dead. And we are, Oh, cool, school is not, cheers. General secretaries for me were like Winnie puhi - all plump and bear some garbage. I did not understand what they say, but to me it was always funny - as "sawdust in my head." When Brezhnev died, I took it, as if the dead Santa Claus.

ELECTION I do not go for twenty years. I was in the elections two times in my life, voted against all. And then it was banned.

IN OUR COUNTRY NOW it does nothing for real, only cosmetic - there, where the president will be held. I travel a lot on tour in Russia, and I often say, it is good to come Putin, and we would have made the road again, and then five years of Putin was not, and that way, at that time for his arrival repaired, quite collapsed.

Here, I do not like to motorcycle ride, and in India - like very much. In India, people are used to it, and if you are infused into the flow, it is possible not to think about security. If you overtake someone, and you meet a truck racing, it is still at the last moment disperse. And traffic jams such they do not have. If you ride a motorcycle, and traffic jam ahead, you easily obedesh it on the lawn, because the lawn as such is not there. There, on the lawns of the people live in boxes. NIKE - it's not a pseudonym, it is the Indian name. My parents called, they were fans of Vedic culture, hippany who hang out and tusuyut. And I christened Nicholas grandmother. She's alive, and give her the God of health, and give her health Space and Cosmos give her long years. And one day, take her in your coolest area.

WE ARE ALL ALONE, despite the fact that we are surrounded by a bunch of family and friends. We are born and we die alone. Well, if we're not Siamese twins, of course.

If a person begins to think about the boundaries of space, then it becomes scary, because space has no boundaries.

A child I wanted to create a group of robots - and become their producer.

I'm waiting for when they start to clone humans. I want from himself to play the drums, guitar, keyboards, myself singing along. And I want to make myself out a couple of girls to sing female voices on beke. It was me - but the girl.

ME once asked why I do not make movies. I'm the director, if there will be one-time actors. If I can take a one-time actor, to pay him a lot of money and to set its site, for example, kill, he will take the role as a major in his life. He must be to give everything 350%.

MUSIC I started early. In the 15 years I have painted discography until 2010, and solo. But nothing happened.

That was in 1984. I heard the band Joy Division - album Unknown Pleasure, - and my first thought was: what the fuck I still do not have a group?

Hipsters - a guy who outperform Joy Division today: play like Joy Division, dress like Joy Division. What would have just said Ian Curtis, if he saw this? I think he would be hanged again. Once again, ten would be hanged. MAN - lazy animal, and this is its biggest problem. We do not want to move. It is easier to come up with a console that will include everything - light, a TV set and, eventually, the brain. Now science is only on this - how to move less. How to make us fat, lazy and stupid. However, the policy of this work too.

Instead of thick beautiful magazine is better to take some fat ugly book.

SPACE WE DO NOT WANT TO FLY, and for some reason we build more and more churches.

Religion, money, TV, pop industry, fashion, club life - it's all drugs, illusion. It is the desire of some people to carry away something else, so that later they sell something. Neillyuzorno only that man creates himself.

Yes, I believe that religion - is a drug. All say: Come to us, we know how to. But God is within each person, and he talks to each person individually.

I in general do not believe in fairy tales. I believe in dragons, aliens and otherworldly, but I do not believe in fairy tales.

In school I liked geography, because it at least looked like a virtual trip. And I like to paint these cards ... How are they? Natal? Not Natal? Contoured, yes. Razukrashki.

ONCE upon laboratory chemistry lesson we mixed reagents, and I accidentally did it happen that in the blue fluid chaotically floating orange bubbles. In science, I have a lot of practice in philosophy - more theoretical.

A company with which I have worked in the 1990s, deceit acquired the rights to my music. "Dude, - I say - you have the same album still lie dormant. Give them to me, I will release them on vinyl, do yourself and the people nice. I want these albums on vinyl to listen. " And they say, "No, man, it's ours, and when you will die, it will all be worth even more expensive." STUPID fear that can occur at any time.

I did not starve. Just do not zhru.

In the early 1990s, friends suggested to them by the seller, to sell stale fish. People have asked, why is it so cheap, but I honestly answered: rotten. Not sold any shares. One woman was about to give the money, and I said: "It is better to take out the other, more expensive; really fresh. " She smiled and bought expensive - because I was apparently good.

We are on the tail of the galaxy, on the periphery. Maybe that's why to us so seldom fly other people.