Rules of Life Carlos Santana

• Rules of Life Carlos Santana

Rules of Life Carlos Santana

Cantana you or Cmit, Mexican or Jew, Catholic or Buddhist, God does not care about it.

My father was an amazing person, but, like all Mexicans, it was macho, and he had to do a very long way to find out what is intuition, compassion and tenderness.

Music - a balance of masculine and feminine. The woman - a melody, a man - a rhythm. My task - to send them to bed, where all they will be watching and will be a natural and normal.

A few years ago my father died, I did not include any music four days. For me it very much.

Looking at the people, angels are crying because they are not available what is available to us, the feeling of the moment. Angels exist in infinity and do not know what it is - to open a fresh newspaper in the morning, and then notice ink on their fingers, or remove the shoes under the table and stretch your fingers.

The man who from birth are given free will, is much stronger than demons or angels, because the demons are only able to rebel, and the angels can only obey.

Not necessarily win all his demons. The main thing - to fight them. Your wrinkles may mean that you are very angry, very moody, very old, or that you just smiling a lot.

Be happy - it is not the purpose or the benefit gained. This decision.

Most people spend their lives in captivity, because they only live in the future or the past. They deny the present, although the present - this is where it all begins.

Life - is waiting. You're alive until you're waiting for something.

If I had had my own TV channel, the first thing I would have shown - is the birth of a child.

A microphone, a guitar, a pencil, and all that I have, that I use to get people to believe that the divine light is even DNA.

Spiritual - it is water, in which there are no impurities, and religion - a Pepsi-Cola, Coca-Cola, wine or a beer.

Religion will not help you in the desert.

I constantly have problems with the press and TV. Especially when I say that I want to live without three "p": politicians, prostitutes and the Pope.

Beer, trucks and religion are sold today in the world in the same scheme.

I do not know what it is - to turn the other cheek. I do not believe in violence, but I believe in response. The world never comes from the falling bombs.

Sometimes it seems to me that in order to feel oneness of humanity, we have to capture the aliens.

Hopefully, we will no longer be a single Bush.

Sir Paul McCartney, Sir Mick Jagger and Sir Elton John have been erected knighted by Queen Elizabeth. And I was raised to the Knights Miles Davis, Bob Dylan, and Wayne Shorter (the famous American saxophonist). So what about titles distributed by Elizabeth, I'm not worried at all.

Good music - a tattoo, applied directly to the brain. Once you hear it, you're from it will not get rid of.

Perfection is achievable. Look at Steffi Graf. Grand Slam tournament she has won 22 times, and all the rest - no more than eight.

If you can touch the heart of Africa, or Japan, you're never going to these countries just a tourist.

The heart can only understand the heart.

Music cuts deeper than a knife.