Rules of life by Oleg Anofrieva

• The rules of life by Oleg Anofrieva

Rules of life by Oleg Anofrieva

The actor, 82 years old, Moscow

The "Bremen Town Musicians" I, of course, the king.

My grandfather on the old Arbat was a church elder. I never drank, did not smoke, was very strict rules. And once strict rules, that means, and there were many children - sixteen.

all forgiving father. If I am naughty, he assigned me to a small room, locked the door and pretended to peel. He told me: "Shout." And I shouted: "Do not hit me, Dad!"

In my childhood walking without a knife it was considered bad form. Bad taste was to be an intellectual. It was necessary to strongly emphasize that we do not take your bare hands.

During the war, we had to find happiness grenade. In the cellars of houses stopped the soldiers sent to the front. They have been pineapples. Sometimes we find them, discharged, stuffed shirt of a belt and worn.

The question of food, we decided on a boy. Today mussels are served in the restaurant, and we were called mussel. Collected in the Moscow River, cooked. Sparrows still eating. Passed horse manure left. In these places, we have established a mousetrap, and sparrows - pecking until govnetso - fall into them. But the pigeons went missing in the early days of the war. The drama club I was a typical comedian. Teacher we had old actress from some theater. To knock me out of variety in one of the plays she gave me the role of Kutuzov. I asked about the suit, and she said: "No suit. Just really panned this monologue. Go out, sit on a chair, and you will be called Michal Illarionych ". I went out and read: "Patience and time - here are my warriors, heroes." In the hall crying.

The question "when life was better then or now?" Is similar to "Whom do you love more, mom or dad?". The past for me - my mother, now - dad.

I have no nostalgia for that time, but there is nostalgia for the relationship. If a person did not behave very well, he will not shake hands. And it was done together all decent people. Now, if a person has committed an unworthy act, it with the same fervor shake hands, because they know that he is rich and can provide money for the film.

In my lifetime of Ministers of Culture was about ten people - they come, thank God, not for long.

Official strange creature - he would only give up.

I have a friend with whom we criticize everything and everyone. We compare everything to the ground. It gives immense pleasure.

I can not stand the fourth channel and see only him. I can not understand one - why a lot of oil, but not all rich.

The opposition in Russia is very angry. If they are able to fight, let them fight, but what are they waiting? To do something good in the short term is impossible. In our country, in two hours, you can only make a nuclear explosion.

The state is the state. It requires submission.

I find it funny to look at our leadership when they defend life.

I believe in God. But this is a topic that does not like to discuss. And all the mediators, I have been a big question.

I would like to change your age. Would be at least 20 years younger. Although it will - after 20 years will again be the same.

Lenin said: "The best kind of holiday - a change of one job to another." I follow this. If I'm tired of chopping wood, then I sit on the Internet, and if you do not have internet, sit down at the piano and compose music.

Here's an interesting trait in humans: yet not recognized by others - this shit. And when acknowledged - is yes.

As children we used to play rounders. What is now a baseball. And, in general, rounders - it is rounders.

Over the years, all the anger out.

I sybarite, like sleep.