Rules of Life Angelina Jolie

• Rules of Life Angelina Jolie

Rules of Life Angelina Jolie

TATTOO, blood and scars - that's what I'm made.

I do not need the psychoanalyst. Roles that I choose - here is my psychoanalyst.

WHEN ALL THE GIRLS AROUND wanted to be a dancer, I wanted to be a vampire.

People think that I'm full of dark secrets and obsessed with death. But if I like to think about death, it is because I value life more than most.

I am not afraid the sight of blood, and I was never scared dead bodies. When I see a dead man, I think only about that recently he had been living, as I do.

In death there is something soothing. The idea that tomorrow you can not become, allows to appreciate life today - whatever it was.

I am rather late to understand that to be happy - it's just a choice that you make.

NO PAIN NO suffering, without suffering we would never learn how to learn from their own mistakes.

I always thought DISADVANTAGES attractive. Scars, for example, seem to me to sex, because as it is said: yes, I have done foolishly.

Mother never screamed and never swore. She was crying, and I often heard her crying, because our bedrooms were next. One day at school, - do not ask what I was doing - I came home in the morning and saw her tear-stained face, a human face, who cried all night.

MY FATHER (Jon Voight -. Esquire) - a great actor, but first and foremost he is a great father.

UNTIL I started acting, I did not even know your breast size.

I LIKE MY hide behind the characters. I'm a very private person, and I'm not too learned to get along with fame.

I do not like to touch me. Once I was told that I freeze and hold my breath when someone priobnimaet me. Well, I still do so. Apparently, it's time to hide me in the loony bin.

Here, above the eyebrows, I fold, because I constantly have to raise them in surprise.

Very important to understand how big the world really.

I went to the first big trip for a long time, and what I saw then, I was shocked and completely transformed. Then, continuing to travel, I like everyone, probably went through a period of anger at the prosperous world in which was born, and only then realized that instead of having to watch or get angry, it is best to look for ways to help those who live in poverty.

SEEING IN THE NEWS refugee camps, people do not even realize in America that these people just want to go home.

WHEN I first came to Sierra Leone, I saw thousands of people, which the rebels cut off the hands or feet. a huge picture of the world literally burst into my head. I remember the early days, listening to the stories of these people, I was constantly crying. But then I realized that they do not need my tears.

From what I am able to earn money, I set aside one third, one-third of spending and another third is given to charity.

The greatest gift that I have done to their children - it is an opportunity to see the world.

My kids love travel as much as I, and I think in the minds they already have an understanding of the larger world, because they feel comfortable in a hotel in Manhattan as well as in a tent without electricity in the Kenyan wilderness.

I believe that children need to see all the eyes, so my children to live with me in our house in Cambodia. But it's not even a house - so, hut on stilts, around which there are a hundred such as tents. Together with its neighbors, simple peasants, we have been working on the demining site. On land belonging to us, we found the 48 min. Once on the back of my small window was tattooed. Then I closed it a huge tiger. But since childhood, when I was still very little girl, I liked to look out the window, imagining that somewhere is about to go. So it was then. And no matter what happened - I just got married, and had sex with her husband, or finished shooting the movie - I will sit by the window and looked out into the street, and outside there is always something interesting. But now my window closed tiger. I would like once and for all out of the window. I've been there, lived there, and even made a lot of things that were not even dreamed of, sitting at the window as a child. Now I look at the sky, thinking about how to fly.

To be free - it means to live in obedience to intuition, not to cause pain to anyone and do not judge people for their mistakes.

I always wanted to live several lives.

As soon as I stopped following intuition and start to act according to the logic, I immediately got into trouble.

When you have six children, you try never to expose themselves to danger.

SOMETIMES CHILDREN'S ISSUES puzzles me. After all, they may ask, "Why did Shrek and Fiona married and you're still there?"

I think that the wedding for kids - it's just beautiful The four-cake.

Life is different from the movie at least the fact that when a woman is lying on the bed with her beloved man, it does not necessarily lie in the ideal position, and the veil does not cover her breasts.

I think people are more sexually liberated in the fourth century BC, and the thought of it confuses me.

I am a working mother, and I want my clothes to be beautiful, sexy and practical at the same time.

I always thought that to become a matter - it's one of the worst, responsible and desperate things in the world. This is not a full-back tattoo. What you're good, and what you're good for the opinion of others - they are completely different things.

THIS is the dream of my life - to play the villain in Bond movie.

I'm not going to act in films infinity. Once upon a time I'd have to be a grandmother.

UNLIKE many women, I love being pregnant. I like the feeling that your whole body does not belong to you and your child.

PEOPLE ARE STRANGE: they tell me that I'm thin, believing that it will lift my spirits.

At some point I realized that I'm comfortable to be themselves - something that I never felt. And now I can finally say that my life is as interesting as my work.

ASK different people about what they most wanted to do, and it turns out that no one else did. That's what upsets me really.

I DO NOT have enough time to understand the meaning of life.

I LIKE to do something, I like to be busy and I like to answer a lot of questions. But I do not know how many movies I've done. I lost count.

WHEN LANGUAGE teach beginning with obscenities. Good swearing can help you better than any phrasebook.

Draco FILM always looks beautiful, but in real life - always hideous.

ZEBRA - ideal MINING, you did not think about it? Zebras can not be masked. They just stand in the middle of the savannah as stupid chair in the middle of beautifully decorated rooms, all in their appearance screams: "Come, Eat me, grab".

I did not die young, and that's good.