Rules of Life Daniel Craig

• Rules of Life Daniel Craig

Rules of Life Daniel Craig

I'm James Bond.

Story of a man who resided best period of his life, which is really happy and that everything is going well, hardly ever interested in cinema.

I'm not particularly brave, I'm not really cool. Sometimes it seems to me that I could deftly extricate themselves from certain situations, and these fantasies help me get used to the role of Bond. Yet Bond there are times when he does not know what the hell to do. And this is very similar to the real me.

Not sure would like to spend with Bond for any length of time. Perhaps I would drink with him in some of the nights, but for a long time would be not to stay. But I do not blame Bond. To judge the quality of the character is not the responsibility of the actor.

MY BENCHMARK Bond - it is rather a Harrison Ford in "Indiana Jones", especially in "Raiders of the Lost Ark." His secret is that he may be wrong, and wrong is absurd, in comedy. You look at him and know that at any moment he can prosrat. And this only adds to the severity of an event. Bond damn lonely, and this is his pain. He fucks all these beautiful women, but they always go away from him, and it's really sad. Yes, perhaps, from the outside it looks pretty good - which, incidentally, is debatable - but try to live so at least a couple of months.

Fortunately, Bond is not as sexist and misogynist as he was in his early films. The world has changed.

FILM INDUSTRY is very deceitful, it is teeming with sharks and not the best people, but it is still an open book: you come to watch, and we earn on your money. We are not bankers. We - this is the entertainment industry. I am sure there are many other, much worse professions, which can be linked life.

To "Casino Royale" I managed to do a lot of things. I've worked with amazing directors and was perfectly calm about their careers, because I knew that I could be a good actor. And then there was a bond, and I could not help put over this very specific way, and all around looked at me as if I had - it was him. And I'm like, shouted: "No, I do not like that!" And I did not believe. AFTER "SPECTRUM" I stopped worrying about what I associate with Bond. I calmed down and said to myself: "Well, you asshole! Do you want me to be James Bond? I'm James Bond! "

ME has something to do at home. I read, and somehow managed to photograph - though I photograph is very bad. So bad that I succeed, perhaps one in a thousand photos. But I try to improve this ratio.

ROLE Bond made me a rich man. I can afford a very comfortable life. My family and my children are in order, and it gives great relief. I'm really incredibly rich. But everything else that is attached to wealth ... You know, I'm really looking forward to the day when I can go to the pub, and someone will say, "Oh, it seems to be Daniel Craig" - and just leave me alone. This will be the best time of my life.

All that I have - it's my life, and I need something to do with it. Let's see what happens.