7 things I did not know myself until I became a mother

7 things I did not know myself until I became a mother

Maternity transforms a woman and opens it completely new side. After becoming a mother, you may find that sometimes it is enough to sleep a couple of hours per night, and do spring cleaning, you can get done in 20 minutes flat.

Mother of two children Lauren Hartmann wrote a wonderful article about his new abilities, which previously had no idea. We think that many mothers know them yourself.

Motherhood has taught me many new things. But most of all, becoming a mom, I learned about myself. Motherhood changes a woman, and that's just part of my ability, which I had no idea before.

1. I turned

I've never been the one who is called "strong woman". I love the convenience and comfort and absolutely can not stand getting dirty. But becoming a mother, I discovered that my boundaries are constantly expanding. And I realized: I - cool. I pushed myself out of a child weighing more than 4 kg, without any painkillers. Is not that cool?

2. I can do everything at once

There is nothing that encourages multi-tasking, like motherhood. I learned to do at the same time a number of cases, saving time and effort. I also masterfully compose lists, not to ride several times in the same place. The husband made fun of me by sending me your photos of jam clogged things car with a question: "Hey! Where am I? ". Yes, he does not have my superpowers.

3. Not so much I care about other people's opinions

I always tried to please everyone, but to become a mother, I realized that someone else's opinion is not so important to me. Perhaps I rethink the values ​​of life, or simply became more confident. In any case, I do not pay attention today to a negative opinion about themselves and live by their own rules.

4. I'm not independent, I thought

To raise a child, you need a whole army of assistants. Of course, if I were not, I would have dragged all by yourself. But it's incredibly hard. I am eternally grateful to my family and friends for their support. At first, I tried to handle herself, but quickly realized that I needed help, and this is absolutely normal. Do not be ashamed of someone asking about it.

5. I need less time to sleep than I thought

It's amazing how little time for sleep is enough for me to be quite a full-fledged member of society. I like to think that this is some secret trick of all mothers.

6. I professionally stretch the time between trips to the bathroom

I usually take a shower once a week. This is a terrible truth, but hey, sometimes I just do not have enough hours in the day (or rather, almost always). I famously cope with stale hair. I did not expect that so dirty hair can look decent.

7. All day children can annoy me, but as soon as they go to sleep, I start to miss them

It sounds crazy, but my love for children is so strong that I was all ready to close his eyes. Sometimes they just drive me crazy, but soon I was starting to miss them and view their photos on a mobile phone. It's weird, I know. Being a parent - this is really the best thing that you can think of.