Celebrities of postpartum depression

"Do you feel lonely," "I'm sorry about the birth of his son," "I was tormented sense of guilt," "I could cry for hours on end", "I became a robot" ... Postpartum depression - it is a problem which must be treated, and many well-known women are afraid to tell the world about his difficult experience in fighting.

Celebrities of postpartum depression

Kate Middleton

35 years old, mother of three and two years of Prince George Princess Charlotte

Celebrities of postpartum depression

The Duchess of Cambridge after the birth of her first child - Prince George - was going through one of the darkest periods in the life. She did not want to appear in public and even cross the threshold of the house.

"You feel lonely and isolated, but many women feel the same. No guide, where it is written, what is good and what is bad. We have to improvise. We need to try to do only the best to take care of my family. "

Kate believes that it is necessary in any case, ask for support from family, friends or a psychologist. The more helpers - the easier it is to cope with the challenges of motherhood.

Drew Barrymore

42 years old, mother of five and three-year Olive Frankie

Celebrities of postpartum depression

The actress Drew Barrymore recalled that her first birth, surprisingly passed without serious consequences, which it can not be said of the second experiment.

"I did not have the postnatal period for the first time, and I do not understand what is at stake. This grim experience I experienced after the birth of Frankie. I felt like a complete failure. But soon more come into harmony. "

The actress also said that after the birth of her second daughter in her there have been dramatic changes in the character: "Before, I did not understand, but now I'm just fighting like a lion to keep his family happy and inviolable."

Sarah Michelle Gellar

40 years old, mother of seven-year and four-year Charlotte Rocky

Celebrities of postpartum depression

The actress Sarah Michelle Gellar and actor Freddie Prinze Jr. have two children. Now Sarah is enjoying motherhood, but Miss Gellar says that she could not avoid post-natal depression.

"Like many women, I was struggling. They helped me, and I managed. Those who pass through it, know that you are not alone. "

Sarah Michelle even shared in Instagram contact center that helps women to cope with this problem.


29 years old, mother of four Angelo

Celebrities of postpartum depression

For the sake of motherhood popular singer had intended to leave the scene and devote herself to the baby. In 2012, Adele gave birth to a son by businessman Simon Konnekki. After birth, the actress felt depressed and could not cope alone: ​​"Sometimes I'm sorry about the birth of his son and thought that took the worst decision in my life. I just hated everything that happens to me. "

The actress told me she was afraid to approach the child, so as not to harm him. Afraid not justify itself and become a bad mother.

"I did not take antidepressants. Also, I did not discuss their problems with other women. My boyfriend told me to do so. "

Long so could not continue, and Adele shared her feelings with a friend: "I felt better, and this time he began to pass."

Hayden Panettiere

27 years old, mother of two-year-Kaya

Celebrities of postpartum depression

In 2014, Hayden gave birth to her husband - boxer Vladimir Klitschko - daughter Kaya Evdokia. Postnatal depression overwhelmed actress with her head, she had to apply to the rehabilitation clinic. "This is one of the most debilitating and scary things you could ever feel. I never wanted to cause harm to your child, but my condition was terrible. I was tormented guilt. If someone thinks that postpartum depression - a whim and imagination, he is mad. "

The actress is surprised at how women are hardy, and tries to be the same: "I overcame depression and now value my relationship with my daughter. Besides, she's so cute! She is very sweet. Looking at it, I think: "You were in my body all the time?" It's so unusual, a real surreal experience. "

Brooke Shields

52 years old, mother 14-year-old Rohan and 11-year-old Greer

Celebrities of postpartum depression

The famous actress and model Brooke Shields has long struggled with agonizing depression after the birth of her first daughter in 2003. After surviving the stress, she wrote the book "And the rain fell: My journey through postpartum depression." It Brooke writes: "Our problem is that most of us are afraid to admit even to themselves that are sick, and because of that we do not take action and the situation will only get worse."

Brooke really wanted to commit suicide: "I wanted to swallow the tablets, not to hear a continuous child's cry, which I was going crazy."

At some point, the actress almost deliberately sent a car at full speed in front of a wall standing. Only after that the star went to the hospital: "I knew what was going on inside my body and brain. And I realized that I should not blame yourself. It's a disease! I am not guilty. "


53 years old, mother 13-year-old Coco

Celebrities of postpartum depression

Courtney gave birth to her first and only daughter Coco married to actor David Arquette, when she was 40 years old. When the baby turned six months, the actress found herself thinking that she wanted ... to kill himself, having moved down from the cliff. If not treated in the clinic and help close the actress would not have coped. A few days ago Courtney announced its intention to have a second child by her lover - actor Johnny McDaid: "I would very much like to give birth. Of course, I'll have to make use of IVF and donor egg. And though it sounds crazy, but I'm ready to go at it for Johnny. "

Jennifer Lopez

47 years old, mother of nine-year twins Maximilian and Emma

Celebrities of postpartum depression

After the birth of twins Max and Emma from her ex-husband Marc Anthony Jennifer started a real paranoia: "Symptoms of Postpartum Depression began a few days after the birth of children. Sad thoughts, which were taken is not clear where, brought me into hysterics - I could cry for hours on end. Terrible thing to think that I am a bad mother, and children, when they grow up, will not love me. "

Fears singer and actress did not materialize. For nine years, she copes with the role of mother.

"Relatives and friends helped me not to bring yourself to the critical state, they have supported me and make sure that all is well."

Gwyneth Paltrow

44 years old, mother 13-year-old Apple, and 11-year-old Moses

Celebrities of postpartum depression

After the birth of her second child by Coldplay lead singer Chris Martin actress sank into apathy.

"I became a robot. I did not feel anything at all. No maternal instincts! It was terrible! When I now look at the pictures, where the son of 3 months, I understand that I do not remember the time. "

Get rid of depression Gwyneth helped her ex-husband, who noticed depressed state of his wife: "After four months I was approached by Chris with the words:" With you that something is wrong. " I assured him that right, but Chris suspected depression. The most difficult thing - to recognize the problem. I thought postpartum depression meant you every day crying and unable to take care of the child. But this disease different forms, so it is important that women are talking about it. "

Celine Dion

49 years old, mother of 16-year-old Rene-Charles and six-year-twins Eddy and Nelson

Celebrities of postpartum depression

Y Celine Dion was a tough experience of childbirth: a long time she could not get pregnant and only after several years of failed attempts at in vitro fertilization at Celine and her husband Rene Angela's first child was born Rene-Charles. After a long wait the couple should be happy about such happiness, but Celine feel unexplained fatigue.

"I began to cry for no reason. Frankly, I was a little crazy. I lost my appetite, I looked tortured and lifeless. However, the surrounding assured me that this is normal. "

Tremendous support the singer had her mother: "Thanks to her help and participation, I quickly recovered. I can say with certainty: after the birth of a baby is not only the child but also his mom needs a strong emotional support. "