Movie stars and their lovely mother

What are they - my mother's most famous and popular women in the world, to act in films.

As a rule, their appearance we owe our parents. "From Osinki not born Apelsinka" - they say.

We suggest you take a look at those who gave their children not only talent, but also a beautiful, memorable appearance.

Movie stars and their lovely mother

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie Voight was born in a family of well-known American actor Jon Voight and French-Canadian actress Marcheline Bertrand. They broke up in 1976, and a year-old mother of Angelina and her brother moved to New York.

Marcheline Bertrand has been forced to abandon their dreams of a successful acting career and has dedicated his time raising children. She often took them to the cinema than to arouse the interest in Jolie aktorstvu. At least this explains Angelina opted for cinema.

Movie stars and their lovely mother

Milla Jovovich

Mother Milla Jovovich - Galina Loginova - was born in Tuapse in the family of an officer. She graduated from high school in Dnepropetrovsk. Still a student, she began acting in movies, and in 1972 graduated from the VGIK. He played in the theater.

In January 1981, together with her husband and daughter, she emigrated from the Soviet Union. Some years the family lived in London, and then moved to the United States. In America, Galina devoted herself to raising her daughter, and the development of her career. And then, in the 2000s, even he appeared in several Russian and American films.

Movie stars and their lovely mother

Scarlett Johansson

It is known that the mother of Scarlett Johansson - Melanie Sloan - since childhood, strongly supported her in an effort to become an actress. In particular, she decided to send her to a university theater Lee Strasberg at the department for gifted children. While studying there from 8 to 11 years, Scarlett has succeeded, and soon began playing small roles on stage. And after six months of training, she was transferred to the courses for the adult actors.

Movie stars and their lovely mother


Keira Knightley

There is a legend according to which the actress Keira Knightley was born as a result of a bet that it entered into a prospective parents - British actor Will Knightley and Sharman Macdonald. The essence of the bet was as follows: if Sherman, at the time left a career of actress and playwright who has decided to do, to sell his first play, the family Knightley will have another child. By the time the couple already had a son.

Sherman won the bet. As a result of British literature in the face of Sharman Macdonald has acquired a good playwright, and world cinema - a new star.

Movie stars and their lovely mother

Liv Tyler

Liv's mother - singer and former model Bebe Buell - gave birth to a daughter from an affair with the musician Steven Tyler, leader of the rock band Aerosmith. She named the girl after Norwegian actress Liv Ullmann. Until the age of nine, Liv thought her biological father of the musician Todd Rundgren, behind which her mother was married. Truth opened after Liv noticed that incredibly similar to the daughter of Steven Tyler, Mia Tyler. Subsequently, Liv took the name of his real father.

Movie stars and their lovely mother

Drew Barrymore

Becoming famous at a very young age, Drew Barrymore began to visit with her mother numerous receptions and parties where a girl like all was served alcohol. The mother did not pay attention to it and allowed her daughter to drink.

At 9 years old Drew started smoking at 11 - to drink alcohol, 12 first tried marijuana, and 13 addicted to cocaine. She spent time in nightclubs and several times provided at the center of scandals, having got once in a drug treatment clinic. At age 14, after a failed suicide attempt, a young actress came to the rehabilitation center where she was held for eight months on the insistence of his mother. After exiting the clinic Drew relationship with his mother deteriorated greatly. In 1990, Barrymore finally parted with her, and in 1991 made to the court released her from under parental care. After which Drew Barrymore started independent life, in which there was no place either alcohol or drugs.

Movie stars and their lovely mother

Julia Roberts

A curious fact - Betty Lou Bredemas is the mother of two famous movie actors - Julia Roberts and her older brother, Eric Roberts.

With mom Julia Roberts had a very close relationship. Betty Lou has always supported solutions daughter followed her career, often accompanied by his "Pretty Woman" on the red carpet. The last few years before the disease Betty lived with Julia, her husband and three children in the house of the actress in Los Angeles.

Movie stars and their lovely mother

Eva Longoria

Famous actress Eva Longoria was born in a family of immigrants from Mexico. For a long time she believed that it was adopted, as it is the only one of four sisters who have dark hair, brown eyes and dark skin. All other - fair-haired and blue-eyed.

Eve recalled that they had 19 cats: sisters constantly bringing home stray kittens and mother - Ella Eva Mireles - immediately began to treat them. So they stayed on the ranch, where at that time lived their family.

Movie stars and their lovely mother

Halle Berry

Halle Berry almost everything in his life obliged the mother and do not forget about it for a minute. Her mother, Judith - a blue-eyed blonde, whose mother moved to the US from England - met with the father of Holly and her older sister while working as a nurse in a psychiatric hospital in Cleveland. Relations between spouses is poor, the father drank and arranged fights at home, so Judith had left him. The family continued to live in Cleveland - first in a poor neighborhood on the outskirts, and then they were able to move to a quieter area. Holly said many times that her mother taught her lessons of the women's courage and endurance - a white woman with two daughters of blacks has been the subject of discrimination and harassment.

Movie stars and their lovely mother

Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron's mother Gerda Aletta Jacob, has always been head of the family. It was she who persuaded Charlize to try his hand in Hollywood and bought her a ticket to Los Angeles at one end. Charlize was born in South Africa, where her parents owned a small farm. Father of actress drank a lot, and when she was 15 years old, there was a misfortune: her mother shot and killed his father with a shotgun. Later, the court found her actions self-defense - the husband was drunk and not for the first time arranged a pogrom home. In the late 1990s Gerda moved to the US to be closer to his daughter.

Movie stars and their lovely mother

Pamela Anderson

When Pamela was born, her mother Carol was a waitress. And that recalled the actress about her childhood: "My parents tried to protect me, but it turned out that the whole world is dangerous for me my father was an alcoholic, my mother worked two jobs so that we can make ends meet Mom always crying, my father.. sometimes I did not come home to sleep, we are worried about him, crying, it was unbearable. "

Movie stars and their lovely mother

Lindsay Lohan

Donata "Dina" Lohan, nee Sullivan - known American television personality, actress, film producer, dancer, fashion designer, writer and manager. Thrown his acting career, Dean Lindsay is actively engaged in the promotion, but now focused on the success of his youngest daughter - Ali.

Movie stars and their lovely mother

Kate Hudson

The actress Kate Hudson's mom - a real movie star. Her full name - Goldie Jeanne Hawn. Hawn began as a dancer in a cabaret cancan performed at the World Fair in 1965, and then was invited to a large strip show, and from there in a roundabout way got to the TV channel ABC, BBC.

Despite the Jewish descent, Goldie is a supporter of Buddhism and argues that raising children, guided by Eastern philosophy.

Goldie Hawn have three children. What's interesting - they all became actors.

Movie stars and their lovely mother