Domestic celebrities who died from smoking

• Domestic celebrities who died from smoking

"Smoking kills ..." This inscription on cigarette packets is not an exaggeration. But many smokers are not ready to give up the habit, even when life is at stake.

Domestic celebrities who died from smoking

Alexander Abdulov

actor, 1953-2008

Domestic celebrities who died from smoking

In the year before his death, Abdul became the first father. In March 2007, yuristkoy Meshina Julia, 22 years younger than the actor, gave birth to a daughter, Zhenya. Family life Abdulov and Meshinoy was brief and disturbing. Five months after the birth of daughter Abdulov underwent emergency surgery for a perforated ulcer, and then he started having heart problems. State actor deteriorated and in September Abdulov and his wife went to Israel for treatment. There Abdulov diagnosed with fourth stage lung cancer. A tumor in the doctors had no doubt was caused by years of smoking Abdul demanded cigarettes even in the hospital, he went away from the anesthesia, and doctors could not give up the star. Actor continued to smoke until the end of ... Alexander Abdulov did not live three months before the first birthday of his only daughter.

Anna Samokhin

Actress, 1963-2010

Domestic celebrities who died from smoking

The life of the actress broke very early. Samokhina died at age 47 of stomach cancer, which she was diagnosed in 2009 - this time on the fourth stage. Close the actress called the cause of the disease of coffee, which she could not drink without a cigarette.

Oleg Efremov

actor, 1927-2000

Domestic celebrities who died from smoking

Bad habits are second nature to the actor. Efremov, with varying success throwing something to drink, to smoke, but to give up cigarettes at the actor did not work even after lung surgery. The last years of his life Oleg Efremov suffered from emphysema and breathing with an oxygen apparatus, two tubes of the container is secured in the nostrils. But the actor continued to smoke! "Now I understand that the most valuable thing - it's great, - he said Efremov year before his death. - I was drinking very seriously. And smoking, of course. "

Rolan Bykov

actor, 1929-1998

Domestic celebrities who died from smoking

Bulls smoked a lot, in spite of the genetic predisposition to cancer: men in the family Bykov often died from cancer. The same diagnosis - lung cancer - and put the actor for two years before his death. Bykov tumor was removed, but he continued to smoke in spite of the risk of relapse ...

Lev Yashin

footballer, 1929-1990

Domestic celebrities who died from smoking

Yashin - a legend of the Moscow "Dynamo" - was an inveterate smoker. Due to the long habit of an athlete developed occlusive disease - vascular disease, and in 55 years, Yashin had a leg amputated. But the player continued to smoke, that has also led to gastric cancer. Lev Yashin died at the age of 60 years.

Eduard Streltsov

footballer, 1937-1990

Domestic celebrities who died from smoking

Sagittarius - another famous Soviet football player with unsportsmanlike habit. Forward Moscow "Torpedo" died in '53 from lung cancer.

Oleg Yankovsky


Domestic celebrities who died from smoking

In summer 2008, the actor was diagnosed with coronary heart disease, but it is not forced to quit Jankowski. After treatment in the clinic Jankowski condition worsened, but he turned to the doctor only at the end of the year, when the pain in his stomach became permanent. A new survey has shown that the actor pancreatic cancer, aggravated by smoking. Treatment in Germany did not help, and in May 2009 Oleg Yankovsky was gone.