Irish footballer George Best - biography, achievements and interesting facts

George Best (years of life: 1946-2005) - a former professional footballer from Northern Ireland, who played as a striker (winger). His best football years have passed during a career in the "Manchester United" and the national team of Northern Ireland. In 1968 he won the European Cup in the "Red Devils". And he was named the best player of the year in Europe and Footballer of the Year by the Football Writers' Association. The Irish press described him as "the greatest of football in the history of Northern Ireland." In addition to the above, the player is included in the European Hall of Fame football in 2008 and included in the list of the 100 greatest players in the world of the twentieth century.

Irish footballer George Best - biography, achievements and interesting facts

Biography: best years with the "Manchester United"

George Best was born on May 22, 1946 in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Between 1960 and 1961 he played in the youth team of the club "Kregag Boys". The following season, George moved to the football academy "Manchester United", where two years later he made his debut in the first team at the age of seventeen. From 1963 to 1974, he built a successful career in the "Manchester United" - has played in 470 matches and scored 179 goals in all competitions. Over 11 seasons in the Championship of England, Northern Ireland footballer George Best was twice champion of the First Division, the holder of the European Cup, two-time Super Bowl winner and England FA Youth Cup.

Irish footballer George Best - biography, achievements and interesting facts

Individual player awards and playing style

Many football experts and coaches say George Best as the most skilful winger in the history of football. For many decades, he received the highest scores for their style of play. Northern Ireland football combined in himself the qualities of pace, agility, balance, feints, tactical vision, scoring instincts and their implementation, as well as the ability to beat several defenders in a row. In 1968, a player won the "Golden Ball", the footballer of the year by sports journalists, the best scorer of the First Division in England and "Manchester United". In subsequent seasons, the football player repeatedly became the top scorer in England, as well as the player of the season.


During his lifetime, George was married twice. His first wife was Angela MacDonald-Janes. The couple met in Malibu in the United States. Footballer was 23 years old, and his beloved - 29. Angela worked as a fitness trainer and watching their health that sympathized already groggy George Best. Girls in football and had a lot on the side. Footballer lot of drinking and spending time with the girls of easy virtue. Angel calmly to treat this, consoling himself with the thought that sober George always came back to her. The couple were married in the period from 1978 to 1986.

Irish footballer George Best - biography, achievements and interesting facts

In 1995, George married a second time. His wife became Alex Percy, who was one of the stewardesses of the most popular fashion model in the UK. They met at a nightclub, after George Best went to her and said: I love you. At that time, the former footballer was 48 years old and his new girlfriend - a total of 22.

Irish footballer George Best - biography, achievements and interesting facts

Officially, the couple divorced in 2004. As explained by Alex George it is constantly changing and hit in the face.

The addiction to alcohol: George Best and his drunken antics

Sooner entering adulthood and swimming in the applause of the public, Best had serious problems for most of his career with alcoholism. The boy soon appeared a lot of money, which simply had nowhere to spend, except for alcohol and women.

In 1981, playing for the United States, "San Jose Earthquakes' Best stole money from her purse unknown woman, to finance their vacation from drinking alcoholic beverages. As a football player himself said, he met a woman with whom he spent time at the bar on one of the beaches of San Jose. When the lady got up to go to the bathroom, he reached into her purse and took out all the money to buy alcohol in a different place.

Irish footballer George Best - biography, achievements and interesting facts

In 1984, Best received a large fine for drunk driving. At the time of his arrest, he was attacked by a police officer, for which he later received a three-month prison sentence. George spent Christmas 1984 behind bars in jail Ford Open. Contrary to popular belief, the legendary football player has never played football for the prison team. This legend previously composed almost all the world's media. In September 1990, George Best appeared in primetime BBC show Wogan (transfer of Terry Wogan), in which he was very drunk and swearing obscene language. At some point, Best addressed to the master with a question: "Do you know what I like to do in your spare time?". Not waiting for an answer, Jorde said that sex. This act properly and looked very out of place. He later publicly apologized to the host, recognizing that the reason for such behavior is drunkenness. In March 2000, the ex-football player was diagnosed with severe liver damage caused by excessive alcohol consumption. His liver was functioning at 20 percent. In 2001, he was hospitalized with a lung disease, because as a footballer was also a heavy smoker.

Health Problems

In August 2002, BeST had an operation on a liver transplant at the hospital at King's College in London. During the operation, he almost died. Eventually transplantation has been successfully performed. Around this news it was conceived many rumors and disputes, because the operation was done at government expense. These spores once again resumed in 2003, when Best was seen again for drinking alcohol. February 2, 2004 he was found guilty of committing another crime of drunk driving. At this time the player deprived of a driving license for 20 months.

The cause of death

George Best continued to drink until his death. Ex-football player had his own pub in Surbiton (London). On the night of 3 to 4 October 2005, he was taken to the intensive care unit in the private Cromwell hospital in London. It was found that George suffered from kidney infection caused by side effects of immunosuppressive drugs used to prevent rejection by the body after liver transplantation.

October 27, 2005 the British began to disseminate information publications that George Best is in critical condition, and said farewell to their relatives and friends. Following the news of the state of ex-football player is not improved for several weeks, but the condition worsened again in November.


November 20 published an article by the British newspaper News of the World photo Best, lying in a hospital bed, and the caption "Do not die like me." This photo with quote George Best was published at his own request. Latest football words were a warning to all those who consider alcohol a cheap and affordable way of entertainment.

Irish footballer George Best - biography, achievements and interesting facts

For two months, Best bunk was his son Calum from his first marriage. His father died on 25 November 2005.