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Rules Eva Green Life

I seem to GNOME.

TALK TO ME - This is a difficult exercise. I was always afraid of the words - unless they are printed on paper.

I never felt comfortable naked.

Sex scenes in "The Dreamers" (Bernardo Bertolucci 2003 -. Esquire) were very frank and honest. For example, there is a scene in which my character loses her virginity, and I had to remember how it was with me. Just before I was offered a double and a bit of alcohol, and I have to admit I agreed on whiskey. But something else had before. Louis Garrel came to me and said: "I'll show you my dick if you show me your tits." So we did, and he said: "They're beautiful." And once it became much easier.

Movies can be large or small - it is unimportant. I just have to fall in love with him.

AFTER THE "CASINO ROYALE" Hollywood has long offered me interesting roles - roles only boring beautiful girls. But during that time I acted in several unknown films that are close to my heart.

I have ceased to be proud of yourself, if I do something just for the money.

Daniel Craig - Bond is very steep, the present. And it has something to his father. On the set he always looked after me. Do not be afraid of what is happening given. My role model - it is Isabelle Adjani.

LOS ANGELES - It is very cruel place with well-constructed hierarchy. If you're somewhere in the middle - you shit, and if you are somewhere at the bottom - you simply do not have.

I CAN NOT say that I am completely satisfied with my work. Maybe I'll end up settled in Norway, and will bake cakes.

IN ME FLOWS Algerian, Turkish, Swedish and Spanish blood. I feel like a citizen of the world.

People are surprised when they learn that I am actually very homely. I do not like any clubs or parties. After a day of shooting I like to come home and get the fire with a glass of wine and a good book. Boring, is not it?

At drama school I always choose the role of negative characters. I think this is the best way to deal with their emotions.

When I proposed to replace the stunt I always agree. I do not want to die in the name of the movie.

Sometimes I feel that I'm a thousand years. Most of my life I do not feel young.

I would not mind BUY stuffed rhinoceros. But the latter stuffed that I got - it Marabou, a strange bird, like a vulture.

I do not think it is correct that was hiding: all my stuffed animals are in my room. At home I like a zoo - well, like in the dead zoo. I'm blonde, BUT crash black hair in fifteen years, and the image stuck to me tightly. Perhaps this is my way of hiding.

My health took out for the fact that on the poster, "Sin City" through the fabric of the dress looked through my nipples. But I do not understand it. After all, the nipples do not kill children, and do not start wars.

I have nothing against plastic surgery, but I think it's crazy - when all aspire to the same body.

The worst that can make a man with his appearance - is to try to look good. I love the style of "put on the first thing that came to hand." Jeans and t-shirt - the simpler the better.

ABOUT RHINO I quite seriously. But rhinoceros - not the little creature. Perhaps before buying rhino, I need to buy a lock.

In Life and the movie does not have borders.

NO I DO NOT tigress. Rather, the black poodle.