Rules of life of Paul McCartney

• The rules of life of Paul McCartney

Rules of life of Paul McCartney

I'm still here for two reasons: I like it, and it's my job. But there is a third reason - the audience. Singing something, you feel incredible love, almost worship. Who would not like it?

TO RETIRE? Sit at home and watch TV? Yes, people do that. Potter in the garden, play a round of golf. But no thanks. My manager, which I, fortunately, have not, once advised me to retire at fifty. He said that with age, I'll look it does not matter, and I even thought, "God, and he might be right." But I still enjoy the ability to create, and I still enjoy the opportunity to speak. And all around is full of those who have decided to retire and then disappeared from view.

Periodically, I talk to myself. Look, I say, look at the small mountain of achievements. They then have you to hell. Are not you a little? And I say, what if I can make it so that my achievements will look a little better?

Yesterday viewers look for, and if I put myself in their place, you'll understand that I also needed hits. I do not want to watch, like the Rolling Stones played their new album - I need Satisfaction, Honky Tonk Women and Ruby Tuesday.

At the concert, I'm not worried that going through the audience. Otherwise, I could not sing. Otherwise, I just cried. But yes, there are moments. I think it was in South America. In the hall I noticed a tall, beautiful, like a statue, a man with a beard. He kept his hand on the shoulder of his daughter. I sang Let it be, and he looked at his daughter, and she looked at him, and they are experienced at this point is the same. It is difficult to sing when you see this. You will never repeat his success. Bob Dylan was asked why he did not write another Tambourine Man. He replied: "Because I'm not the man I was at that moment."

SONG HERE TODAY - this is my conversation with John. I sing: Do you remember the night we cried, and I think to myself: yes, it was in Key West. We could not get to Jacksonville due to the hurricane, stuck in Key West, did not sleep all night and drank cool. And I remember this: "Listen, man, you're a damn cool." So I know what I sing. I remember that night. I think about it.

I have many people remember about my childhood. And about how, starting with the Beatles, I was trying to be famous, sending endless emails. "Dear Sir, We are a semi-professional rock band. We think we have something to represent. Maybe we have a future ... "

People ask me what I think about the Beatles. And I'm just proud of what happened.

WHEN THE BEATLES broke up, we were on an equal footing. George was doing his thing, John - his, I did my business, and Ringo - his own. It was like the best of times. Then John was killed, and the wave of pure terror, he became a martyr - like Kennedy. After that, people started saying, he was the epitome of Beatles. At this point, I, George and Ringo shrugged: "Look, but because a year ago we were all equal."

We showed up at the right time. We sang a certain amount of good songs, not someone else's, and our own. We have not worked any poets or composers. Could it happen today? I would like to believe, but I think it will not happen. I remember that this will not be famous. You do not let all the clubs, and you can not easily drive up to the girl. Nerves do you no good, and money are not.

Known - it is like a bad dream: you can not get out of it, but you did it, and gave birth.

EVER WANT to prove something - it's a stupid thing.

And I love the queen. When we were growing up, she was a doll. We were the type 11 and she was 21. She was a beauty, and she was a remarkable figure. I should not talk so much about Her Majesty, but we, as a schoolboy, said: look how she boobs stick out. She was beautiful. Look at old photographs. We loved all her charms. I never told her this in person, but in the interview, I say this quite often. I hope that sooner or later it is read.

I never said to myself: Oh, I did something talented.