Eric Lindros: biography and achievements in sports

Eric Lindros - professional hockey player who at the moment ended his career. This striker has become one of the brightest NHL stars. On the landing he could everything. He possessed excellent health, technique and cast. However, all the hockey experts say that Eric was not able to reach their full potential.

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Eric Lindros was born February 28, 1973 in London, Ontario, Canada. His parents, Carl and Bonnie - came from Sweden. They were far away from the sport, but his first-born Eric after moving to Canada decided to give hockey. In 16 years, Eric was known throughout Canada. This pile and powerful striker wanted to see in his team, many of the leading clubs. In Canada, it was called the next king after hockey Wayne Gretzky. In the past, NHL star Bobby Clarke claimed that Eric Lindros is the perfect hockey player who has ever seen it. Already at an early age that the attacker is able to play in the NHL and be the leader of the attack one of the best teams in the league. Father became an agent Eric. Sometimes the parents' opinion only hurt the hockey player in his career.

Eric Lindros: biography and achievements in sports

Presentations in the youth leagues

In the season 1889 - 1990 Eric Lindros was selected in the NBA Draft Club "Sault Ste Marie." The services of the striker was interested in the past, the legendary hockey player Phil Esposito. He chose Eric in the draft, despite the ban on his parents. They wanted their son to play closer to home. As a result, he refused to play for "Sault Ste Marie," and was later traded to the team profitable "Oshawa". In exchange for his club "Sault Ste Marie" got 3 players, 80 thousand dollars and 3 choices at the NHL Entry Draft. The new team "Oshawa" was located next door to the home town of Erica. There the striker continued his successful performances. The famous NHL coach, who at the time headed the team of OHL "Windsor", said: "For change of Lindroos laid all the players who were on the site's amazing that this giant has a speed and hold a stick.".

Eric Lindros: biography and achievements in sports

NHL Entry Draft

In the season 1990 - 1991 Eric Lindros (hockey player) confirmed expectations of sports professionals. The OHL championship he spent 57 matches in which scored 149 productive points and 189 penalty minutes. In the playoff the striker in 16 matches, scored 38 points. It is thanks to his outstanding team game "Ashava" won the championship. According to the results of the season Lindros receives a large number of individual awards and became the clear favorite pick. Right of first refusal held command "Nordiques" of Quebec. However, the parents again intervened in the career of Eric. They did not want to, he played for the club, as the city is far away from London and there is mainly French-speaking. On a draft of this forward was not wearing a sweater Quebec team.

Eric Lindros: biography and achievements in sports

Exchange Player

The club "Nordiques", realizing that Eric Lindros firmly decided not to play for their team, began to think about how to sell more profitable. These attackers wanted to strengthen the clubs, "New York Rangers" and "Philadelphia." As a result of the Quebec team made the exchange Lindros in both clubs. The matter went to court. As a result of the case this promising striker went to the club "Philadelphia Flyers". Club of Quebec for Lindros received a $ 15 million, two choices in the first round draft pick, as well as six players, most of whom became stars of the league in the future. Club of New York has also promised for this striker to give talented players a choice in the draft, and a decent amount of cash. In 1992, a young woman Lindros poured beer at the bar. After this incident, he independently came to the police station. Employees summoned journalists and a flash cameras and camcorders handcuffed athlete. Police later apologized to Eric for his actions.

Eric Lindros: biography and achievements in sports

NHL debut

In the season 1992 - 1993 Eric Lindros began performing in the NHL. At that time he was only 19 years old. Despite this, Eric received one of the highest salaries in the club. His first goal of the striker scored in the match against the team of "Pittsburgh" on 6 October. In his debut season, Lindros played 61 games and scored 75 points. He went into the symbolic team of the best League rookies. Despite his age, he was pretty confident playing on the field, as well as to cope with high blood pressure, which was to his person. Despite playing a young star, the "Philadelphia" was not included in the playoff series. In the second season in the NHL, Eric Lindros (number 88) improved its performance indicators. In 65 of the match, he scored 97 points. But despite this, the club "Philadelphia Flyers" again left without playoffs. Season 1994 - 1995 was incomplete due to the lockout. For the remainder of the championship Lindros made club captain "Philadelphia Flyers". At that time, the striker was only 22 years old. Such trust of the coaching staff had a positive impact on the game Eric. In 46 matches they had scored 70 points. This player is in such an early age was awarded the "Hart". Only the king of hockey Gretzky got the trophy at an earlier age.

Eric Lindros: biography and achievements in sports

Continued career at the club, "Philadelphia Flyers"

Season 1996 - 1997 was the most successful in the career Lindros. Over the 73 matches he scored as many as 115 points. This performance indicator is the best in his successful career. However, surprisingly many hockey experts team from Philadelphia loses "Florida Panthers", which comes after the final. In subsequent seasons, Eric Lindros shows high performance indicators, but even so, his team flew out of the playoff series. But over time, this player started having problems at the club. Legendary in the past hockey player Bobby Clarke began to claim that Lindros did not deserve such a high salary. And since the season 1998 - 1999 in a career that began appearing striker injury. Lindros after power reception Kasparaitis got his first concussion. Because of this, he missed a lot of games. On April 1 game against the club's "Nashville" he injured ribs. Later, doctors found that this player easily damaged.

The conflicts at the "Flyers"

The next season was even worse Lindros. Already at the beginning of the hockey player of the scandal with the doctors he was deprived of the captain's status. During the six months Lindros got another 4 concussion. During the absence of its star "Flyers" taken from "New Jersey Devils" in a playoff series with a score of 3: 1. Recovery Lindros was to help the team from Philadelphia to go to the next round. However, the striker showed pale game, scoring just one goal. In the 7th match Eric Lindros, driving to the opponent's zone, he hesitated and was hit by the rough body checking. As a result, his team lost in the series.

Eric Lindros: biography and achievements in sports

Leaving the "Philadelphia Flyers"

In the summer of 2000, Eric Lindros refused to renew the contract with the club. He asked to be traded, "Toronto" in the club. For this team he was ill since childhood. Club "Toronto" was also interested in his transition and offered "Flyers" in return masterovityh players. But the team from Philadelphia, refused to give Lindros. As a result, it has been a year without a job, and then traded to the team, "the New York Rangers." In this command, Eric played with his idol Mark Messier. Lindros hockey player continued to regularly score points scoring. In the first season for the club, "Rangers", he received 7th concussion. In the season 2003 - 2004, he held 81 regular season games, but its performance indicators have gone into decline. The following year, Lindros had time only to be treated for various injuries. In the regular season, he spent a total of 39 games. Most doctors advised him to finish his professional career. But he played one season in his favorite club "Toronto". The last club for Eric Lindros became "Dallas". For this team Lindros played 49 matches. Eric Lindros, athletic achievement that will forever in NHL history in 2007 at his home in London, announced the end of his professional career. He could continue to play hockey, if not regular injury.

Eric Lindros: biography and achievements in sports

Personal life athlete

Eric Lindros, whose personal life is always excited journalists, is married and has 3 children. He now lives a quiet life. It is now there is no such pressure, which was during the hockey career. Eric Lindros, a photo which has the majority of fans of the club, "Flyers", holds a lot of time with my family. Eric's wife name is Keane. She is originally from Quebec. And her father was a fan of the club "Nordiques", which at the time so did not want to move Eric early in his career.

Eric Lindros, whose biography is rich in a variety of events, according to many hockey experts, and has not realized its full potential. In this he was, of course, prevented the father as a sports agent who sometimes took strange solutions, as well as injuries that brought the end of his career. During a distinguished career the striker was included in the Hockey Hall of Fame.