Danis Zaripov - successful Russian hockey player

Danis Zaripov is a famous Russian hockey player, who has long played in the Russian Super League and then in the KHL. This athlete throughout his long career not once win the regular season. In the international arena Danis also had success.

Early career

Danis Zaripov was born March 28, 1981 in Chelyabinsk. As a child, his parents took him to the children's sports school. Younger brother Marat Zaripov also played professional hockey. Coach put Danis play the position winger. This athlete as a child stood out among his peers. That is why it began to draw early in the second team of "Mechel". In 1996 Zaripov made his debut for the first team, "Mechel", which at that time played in the major league hockey. In this command, he spent 2 seasons. Coaches it was immediately clear that this hockey player has a lot of talent and achieve greater success in the future. In 1998, Danis Zaripov decided to try overseas. Danis at that time was only 17 years old. Therefore, it was too early to try to force the NHL clubs. In the 1998-1999 season, Danis started to play for the team "Swift Current Broncos," which appeared in the Western Hockey League. In 62 games this Russian striker scored 23 goals and made 8 assists.

Danis Zaripov - successful Russian hockey player

Return to Russia

In the 1999-2000 season the club "Mechel" has entered the Russian Superleague. Danis Zaripov after a successful season for the ocean decided to return to his native Chelyabinsk club. At home, he spent one season in which he failed to gain high performance. In spite of the current contract with "Mechel", Danis 2001-2002 season began in Kazan "Ak Bars". This hockey player decided that the team from Kazan, he will be able to realize their potential. The then 20-year-old Zaripov hardly imagine that in this club, he will hold a large part of his career. In his first season for the Kazan club Danis in 41 games he scored only 9 points. Despite the weak performance, the coaching staff believed and supported this player. Zaripov for the time spent in the "Ak Bars", became a silver and bronze medalist of the Russian Championship.

Danis Zaripov - successful Russian hockey player

to continue a career in "Ak Bars"

First success in Kazan Danis Zaripov (hockey) achieved in 2006. For the season, he managed to score 39 points. In the playoff Danis scored 11 points. "Ak Bars" in the season became the champion of Russia. Danis thanks to its efficient points contributed greatly to the success of the team. Successful performance athlete were finally spotted coach and Zaripov was invited to the team for the World Championships. The following year, the club appeared in Kazan trio Alexei Morozov, Danis Zaripov and Sergei Zinoviev. This triple attack strikes fear in opponents. Danis at the end of the season scored 62 points in 53 games conducted. Nevertheless, it was not possible to win the championship Kazan club. "Ak Bars" lost in the finals of the playoffs for the second time Zaripov got silver medals. Danis due to its high performance was again summoned to the team. In the 2007-2008 season in scoring Danis was second. Ahead of its only partner in three of Alexey Morozov. In 2009 and 2010, "Ak Bars" twice in a row won the Gagarin Cup. Danis, along with his flight made a great contribution to this success. Center Danis Zaripov in the face of Zinoviev frequently quarreled with teammates. Sergei was closed and the player with the partners do not talk on the pitch.

Danis Zaripov - successful Russian hockey player

Go to the Magnitogorsk "Metallurgist"

Despite advances in Kazan, the first three, part of which was Zaripov, gradually diverged from other clubs. Danis 2013-2014 season began in the club "Metallurg Magnitogorsk." Many sports experts believed that Danis stop showing high productivity without its famous teammates. However, the striker became very confident to speak, helping the team succeed. Danis Zaripov with the club from the city of Magnitogorsk was twice the Gagarin Cup. The new club, he began to play with the scorer Mozyakina. Zaripov in every season, gaining more than 50 productive points. He spent in "Metallurg" 3 seasons. At the moment, the striker continues to perform successfully in a team from Magnitogorsk.

Danis Zaripov - successful Russian hockey player

International career

Danis for his long career played in seven World Cups. In 2006 and 2011, our team remained without medals. In 2007, the Russian team won bronze in 2015 and silver. In 2008, 2009 and 2014, the Russian team won the gold medal. In 2010 Zaripov took part in the Olympic Games. But in this tournament the Russian team was not included in the top 5 teams. At the Olympic Games in Sochi Danis he did not participate.

Danis Zaripov - successful Russian hockey player

Personal life athlete

Danis Zaripov and his wife met during a hockey match. Tatiana is a true hockey fan. In 2000, between zavezalis serious relationship. Two years later, the wedding took place. A year later, at the couples she had a son Arthur. But over time, the couple broke up, Tatiana along with her son went to the capital. Arthur, as well as father playing hockey. Currently, he is a player of children's school, "CSKA". Danis have a serious relationship with model Alla. In 2016 she gave birth to a daughter.

Danis Zaripov, whose biography has developed very well, of course, will go down in the history of the League. This striker is the only one who managed to win 4 times the Gagarin Cup. He has won numerous international awards and personal. At the moment, Danis 35 years, soon he will finish his long and successful career. Russian fans will remember performances of this talented hockey player.