Igor Grigorenko - Russian hockey player

Igor Grigorenko is a graduate of Togliatti hockey. He failed to gain a foothold in the NHL. But he is very loving fans in Russia. During his career, the hockey player has repeatedly won prestigious tournaments.

The beginning of the professional career

Igor Grigorenko was born and raised in the city of Togliatti. From an early age he began to play hockey at a local sports school. His professional career he started in Samara. This town is very close to his homeland. Club "VVS CSKA" played in the Majors. Igor Grigorenko for the time spent in this league, gained experience and was ready to play in the strongest Russian championship. It noted the coach of the Tolyatti club "LADA" and returned back to the team forward. Their performances in the Super League Igor Grigorenko began in 2001.

Igor Grigorenko - Russian hockey player

in a career break due to a serious accident

In May 2003, a successful career, Igor could end in his prime. 9 days after the success of our national team for the World Cup, he was in a serious accident. Igor was a fracture of the left femur and a double fracture of the ankle. In the future, data damage caused complications. He could have started a fatal embolism in the left lung. In spite of the big problems with health, Igor always knew that he would continue to play hockey. Igor Grigorenko always had a strong character. It was he who helped him overcome this difficult situation. Fans waited for the return of hockey. Many often wondered where he plays Igor Grigorenko.

Igor Grigorenko - Russian hockey player

Return to the big hockey

Igor Grigorenko (hockey), transferring all the hardships, back out on the ice in 2003. At first, he started to play in the second team of Togliatti. But after a short time returned to base and was playing in playoff series. In the 2004-2005 season the striker decided to go to the club "Salavat Yulaev". But he did not stay long in this club. Already next year, Igor started to play for the "Severstal Cherepovets". In this command, the striker was the top scorer of the season among the teammates. This was followed by a short return and departure overseas.

Igor Grigorenko - Russian hockey player

overseas Career

Back in 2000, Igor was selected in the 2nd round pick in NHL "Detroit Red Wings". But the accident did not allow that player to try his hand at the ocean. Only after Igor became the top scorer of Cherepovets "Severstal", he decided that he was ready to play in the strongest league of the world. But there he was disappointed. This hockey player immediately sent to play in the AHL. In this league, he played 5 games and then decided to go back to Russia. Grigorenko again began to play for the club "Salavat Yulaev". But in October 2012 to address the management of the club has been traded to the "CSKA" on hockey player Denis Parshin. In 2015, the player once again signed a contract with the Ufa club for 2 years.

International career

Igor played for the national team of his country of all ages. In the junior team of the country, this player won the world championship. And then he has twice won the gold medal at the Youth World Cup. For the main national team, Igor also had a lot of games. He played for the Russian national team on 2 World Cups. But failed to win them to our team. And Grigorenko played for the national team for the Euro Hockey Tour stages.

In Igor Grigorenko career accident occurred as a result of which he could finish his career and say goodbye to his dream. Nevertheless, this hockey player continued to play and won many awards. Igor was twice champion of Russia. But after the formation of the KHL in 2011 he won the Gagarin Cup. Not every hockey player can boast this achievement in his career.