Russian hockey player Alexei Kovalev: biography and career in sports

Gold and bronze Olympic medal World Cup, Stanley Cup - this is not a full list of prestigious awards, which during his career won the Russian hockey player Alexei Kovalev.

Biography hockey

Alexey V. Kovalev was born in February 1973 in Togliatti. Here he became the first on the ice, and later began to engage in the hockey section. Young striker trainers capital "Dynamo" was soon noticed, and in 1989, Alexei Kovalev became an advocate for "white-blue".

Russian hockey player Alexei Kovalev: biography and career in sports

At the age of 17, the debut of young striker in the national championship. In season 1990-91 Kovalev has played in 18 matches, which was marked by goals scored and two assists. A year later, one of the leaders of "Dynamo" on the Rights of the CIS championship Alexey spent 33 matches and scored 25 (16 + 9) points.

in the US Moving

In 1991, Alexei Kovalev was drafted by the NHL club "New York Rangers". Initially, the 18-year-old Russian striker was sent to gain experience playing in the AHL club, "Binghamton Rangers." Kovalev But there is not long delayed: scored 24 points in 13 games, he earned a call to the first team.

The first season was very successful for Alexei in the NHL. In 65 games he scored 20 goals and gave 18 assists. A year later, Kovalev fulfill the dream of any hockey player - in the "Rangers", he won the Stanley Cup.

During the lockout in the NHL striker he returned to his native Togliatti, where he performed in the MHL for the local "Lada". Following the resumption of games Alexei Kovalev five seasons played for the "New York Rangers".

Go to the "Pittsburgh Penguins", a return to New York and career in Canada

Starting with the 1998-99 season, Alexei Kovalev - hockey club, "Pittsburgh Penguins". Already in the first season for myself for a new team, "AK-27" as nicknamed the Russian striker fans, scored 46 points in 63 games of the regular season.

In the "Penguins" Kovalev successfully performed until 2002, when he returned to the "New York Rangers".

Russian hockey player Alexei Kovalev: biography and career in sports

However, the return was not very successful. Over half of the season he scored only 23 goals in 90 matches. Due to the poor performance of Kovalev traded in "Montreal Canadiens".

After spending six months in the new team, because of another lockout in the NHL Alex again he returned to Russia, where he spoke of "Ak Bars".

Following the resumption of the regular season National Hockey League Kovalev began actively to win a place in the starting lineup. In the 2005-2006 season, he scored 65 (23 +42) points in 69 games. Over the next three seasons Alexei Kovalev has played in 233 games, he scored 79 goals and gave 117 assists.

Unfortunately, due to frequent conflicts with Russian hockey coach and some teammates, "AK-27" decided to move to a new club, which became the "Ottawa Senators".

Despite a good start in the new season, the impact of Kovalev was not the best. In addition, he had a conflict with journalists. Due misses "Senators" in the playoffs Stanley Cup the club has decided to exchange Kovalev in "Pittsburgh Penguins", but even there he was not able to show their best side.

Return to Russia and the completion of a career

In 2011, Alexei Kovalev returned to Russia, where he signed a contract with the club KHL "Atlanta" from Mytischi. The season for the experienced striker has started well, but then the problems started. Because of a knee injury, he missed a month, and then was not able to fully gain a foothold in the composition.

Russian hockey player Alexei Kovalev: biography and career in sports

After an unsuccessful season in the "Atlanta" Kovalev decided to return to the NHL, where he played for the "Florida Panthers". But due to the poor performance of the season in the middle of a contract with a player has been terminated. On his return to Europe for another season striker spent in vtoroligovom Swiss club "Visp".

In 2014, Alexei Kovalev, whose biography as a player involves a lot of ups and downs, finished his playing career.

appearances for the national team

For the first time in international competitions Alexei Kovalev spoke at the 1992 World Youth Championship. In the national team he became a CIS world championship winner, and a month later in the national team became the Olympic champion.

The next medal Kovalev had to wait for 10 years. At the Games in Salt Lake City only US team was able to stop the semi-finals "red car". As a result, Alex in the Russian team won the bronze medal in the Olympics.

Russian hockey player Alexei Kovalev: biography and career in sports

After three years, the collection of awards Kovalev replenished the next exhibit. In the role of the captain of the Russian national team, "AK-27" led his team to the bronze medals of the world championship.

After a disastrous performance at the 2006 Olympics in Turin, Alexei Kovalev finished performances in international competitions.