Alexey Shved - world basketball star

Alexey Shved - professional basketball player, at the moment is in the ranks of the Russian basketball club "Khimki", considered the most progressive player in the Russian basketball. Playing the combo guard position (shooting guard and point guard). Height - 198 cm, weight - 83-85 kg, age at the beginning of 2017 - 28 years.

Alexey Shved - world basketball star

Biography and Career

Alexey Shved was born in 1988, 16 December, in the city of Belgorod, at that time part of the USSR.

Little Alex a childhood dream to play sports, his father Viktor Swede led the section of basketball lesson in Belgorod Sports School №1, son also attended classes.

Alexey Shved played for clubs such Russian as Belgorod "Petrel", the youth team CSKA Moscow, St. Petersburg team "Conti". In the 2009/2010 season he served as the leased player for the Moscow "Dynamo".

In 2010, Lesch with the famous Russian basketball player Artem Zabelin participated in the NBA Draft, the highest rated basketball leagues - the NBA, but in both rounds was not selected.

A career in the NBA

In 2012, July 10, information of news agency "Assoyshieyted Press" reported that the club "Minnesota Timberwolves" is ready to offer a three-year contract Swede worth 10 million euros. The transition was carried out. Because of injuries the main defenders of the "Minnesota" team in the season 2012/2013 Alexey Shved quickly joined the team and became one of the key defense over the years. In the ninth league game he scored 22 points in 34 minutes of the game.

In December 2012 the Swede first came out in the starting five, "Timberwolves" team, opponents were the players of the club, "New Orleans."

Its first so-called double-double of the ocean (basketball player of the match must give 12 assists and scored 12 points), the athlete has issued Dec. 20 against the "Oklahoma City Thunder" team, which was at that time the leader in the league.

After the New Year break at the basketball statistics plummeted, Alex Swede finished the season with averages for the NBA.

In the offseason, Alexis and forward Luc Mba exchanged for Player Thaddeus Young, as a result of the tripartite deal was in basketball, "Philadelphia Seventy Sixers".

After spending 17 games, the Swedes at the end of another exchange was in the "Houston Rokers".

Alexey Shved - world basketball star

In the "Houston" Lesha spent a total of 9 matches in the future basketball player waiting for another transition to the "New York Knicks", as part of this command, the Swede set a personal record by typing in the match 25 points and realized with seven three-point shots of eight. Thus ended the season 2014/2015. The new season of basketball player refused to prolong the contract with a value of 2, 8 million dollars, and returned to the Russian basketball club "Khimki", where he is at the time of 2017.

Awards and achievements

During his relatively long career Alexey Shved has achieved great heights.

It grew 4 times Russian champion and winner of the 2007/2008 Euroleague with CSKA Moscow club, in the same club, was named the winner of the Cup of Alexander Gomelsky, but already in 2011. He was awarded the prize "Golden basket" as the best young Russian basketball player in 2008.

Awards in the national team:

  • bronze medal at the European Championships 2011.
  • a bronze medal at the Olympic Games in London 2012.
Alexey Shved - world basketball star

He was awarded the Medal of the II degree "For Service to the Fatherland", is also an honored master of sports of Russia.

Good luck to Alexei in their professional career and not only!