Alexey Spiridonov - scandalous star of the domestic volleyball

Alexey Spiridonov - Russian volleyball player from Revyakino Tula Region, was born June 26, 1988. Speaks at doigrovschika positions in Kazan "Zenith" has the status of master of sports of international class.


The first steps in volleyball Alexey Spiridonov has already done in 8 years in Sports School № 10 of the city of Tula, in addition, judo, athletics and football. Since childhood, sign and is on friendly terms with Tatiana Kosheleva, volleyball player of the same sports school.

At age 14, Alexander moved to Kaluga and trains in SDYUSSHOR number 1 with a new coach Leonid Mitrofanov. Then came the move to Odintsovo and play for the team of the first league "Iskra-2" in 2005. In 2006, volleyball successfully performed for the Russian team, having won it includes a gold medal at the European Championship in Kazan.

Alexey Spiridonov - scandalous star of the domestic volleyball

Getting a great career for the "Spark"

It came in 2008, and in March, volleyball debut in the main part of "Iskra". The player once described as a bright, emotional and provocative volleyball, rapidly reacting to their own actions, and other on-site events.

After the World League on August 23 of that year, the athlete excluded from the squad for the international tournament "Memorial of Hubert Wagner." This was then declared the current coach of the national team, Vladimir Alekno, and on September 2 player expelled for six months and conditionally suspended for 1, 5 years, as well as deprived of the prize money for winning the tournament of the World League. But intervened fans of "Iskra", sent a letter of support in Spiridonov Volleyball Federation of Russia address to the president Stanislav Shevchenko. In this way they could have saved Alexis, after December 13, disqualification was removed, and after 4 days of volleyball Alexey Spiridonov entered the game in Krasnodar for "Spark".

Alexey Spiridonov - scandalous star of the domestic volleyball

The game of "Torch", "Zenith" and "Yenisei"

Season 2012/2013 for Alexander Spiridonov was successful. He has played for the "Ural" from Ufa and won him the silver medal of the championship. In scoring on the team in the results is the second, so that was returned to the Russian team new head coach Andrei Voronkov.

In the season 2013 / 2014Cpiridonov played for the "torch" from Novy Urengoy, and when the play to the end, moved to Kazan "Zenith". At the club, he became 2 times national champion, took the Russian Cup, Super Cup, 2 times won the Champions League and it became the bronze medalist.

Due to high competition in the composition was forced to move to Krasnoyarsk "Yenisei". During games for the club March 18, 2017 during a match in Nizhnevartovsk with the local "Samotlor" was booked during the warm-up and then red when approached and asked the second referee for money, that he judged fairly. A few days later the player publicly apologized to the panel of judges for their actions. According to the results, "Yenisei" season finished in 9th place, and Alexey Spiridonov was the highest scoring player. The following season, the player once again became interested in Kazan "Zenith", in June 2018 returned to the team in the summer.

Alexey Spiridonov - scandalous star of the domestic volleyball

to play in the team

The first game in the main part of the national team Alexei held May 27, 2011. I must say that he made then extremely well, gaining 3 games of 16 points, becoming the most productive player of the match. The final round of the World League took place in Poland, Spiridonov participated in two meetings. Russian team comprised of Alexey won the gold medal of the World League in 2013. Particularly bright and spectacular left semi-final with Italy, it Spiridonov was removed before the end of the party for excessive emotions and brutal war of words with the Italian Dragan Travitsey. Such actions the player has caused a storm of debate among fans and media. Athlete is not deprived of attention and the coach of Brazil, noted the sharp criticism Spiridonov. After the world tournament Russian national volleyball team won the European Championship in 2013, and Alex again attracted the attention of photographers, laid out in the "Twitter" where he fully naked holding the winning cup.

Alexey Spiridonov - scandalous star of the domestic volleyball

In 2014, Alexey Spiridonov played for the national team at the World Cup. The Russian team was not able to compete for a medal, losing to the hosts of the tournament in Poland. In response to the provocations of the fans after the match Alex twice spat at them, hitting including the Diet Marek Matuszewski. Prior to this, the player is not at its best when the celebration was marked by a goal against Germany their goals by shooting from an imaginary machine podium with the fans. Both of these incidents have affected the decision of the International Volleyball Federation disqualify Spiridonov in the two matches against Russia. Passing them, Alex became a regular again called into the national team.


Athlete married to Spiridonova Sofia. At the time of love, she worked a children's tennis coach, now the pair have two children - Sophia and Dennis in 2011 and 2017 birth respectively.

Volleyball has higher education, he graduated from the Master of the Moscow State Academy of Physical Culture in the direction of "the concept and technology of intellectual games" in 2014.