Biography Russian basketball player Victor Keyru

Victor Dzhonovich Keyru - Russian professional basketball player. Known Russian fans on performances for Kazan "UNICS" and CSKA Moscow. In the prime of life, at age 31, he graduated from Victor basketball career.

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Victor was born on January 31, 1984 in Rostov-on-Don. His father, a native of Sierra Leone. At the end of the 80s he moved to the Soviet Union to enter the Construction Engineering Institute in Rostov. After four years spent in the Soviet Union, called for the African native national team at the Moscow Olympics in running. To date, Victor's father lives at home.

Biography Russian basketball player Victor Keyru

Victoria has two brothers and a sister. After the birth of her son's father in every way helping your child get comfortable in basketball. The first workout Victor began in 2001. Due to the outstanding growth of 200 centimeters, Victor easily given training in basketball. In training, Victor was playing at the small forward position, but after signing a first professional contract began strumming on the shooting guard position.

He studied at the gymnasium of 36 in Rostov-on-Don. After completing his studies he entered the Ulyanov-Lenin Kazan State University, from which he graduated in 2007. He has a law degree.


For all professional activities Victor replaced almost ten basketball clubs. A key role for the Russian basketball player Victor Keyru play money, so the club changed to Victor - a usual thing. Of great importance for Victor had coach Ettore Messina, who tried his best to help the guy in your endeavors. To this day, the Russian basketball coach respects her and mention it in the interview as a man who played a key role in the professional development of the athlete.

The first steps in professional basketball Victor began in the second "UNICS". In his first season Victor loaned to "Eurasia" in 2003 for one season. After returning from the "Eurasia" the young players were in every way to tighten the basic structure of the Kazan club. However, a few faded outputs from the bench is not assured head coach to leave a young basketball player for the second season in the first team. Therefore, for the next season followed by another rent in the St. Petersburg "Dynamo", where Victor also spent one season playing. After a season in "Dinamo", Victor decided to try his hand in the strongest league in the world and tried to go into one of the NBA clubs. However, it was not possible to catch, because Victor was spotted without much success to the draft.

Biography Russian basketball player Victor Keyru

For Rent in Russian basketball career did not end there. After the St. Petersburg "Dynamo" followed Rental "Spartak-Primorye", where Victor was able to show good results. Constantly out in the main team.

In the new season at Victor pinned great hopes, so the young player has always played in the first team of the Kazan team. After only one season in the first team "UNICS", appeared on a sign from the leader of the championship - Moscow "CSKA". The player is also a lucrative contract, which is why the move took place in the camp of the opponent has been proposed. For Muscovites Victor played only two seasons, which showed a good game, leaving in the first team. CSKA Moscow was the peak of the basketball player's career where Victor was twice champion of Russia.

Biography Russian basketball player Victor Keyru

Continue to advocate for the best Russian team Victor Keir refused because lucrative contract played a major role in his career. So after two seasons spent in the Moscow team, the Russian basketball player moved for one season in the Moscow "Dynamo", which failed to win trophies. After the Moscow "Dynamo" player is offered a lucrative contract in the St. Petersburg "Spartacus", where Victor also spent one season and failed to win trophies with the team.

Sunset Russian basketball career began to "Wings of the Soviets", where Victor spent last season in the professional career. After him, Victor Keir finished his professional career in 2014. At that time, Victor was 31 years, that is a great age for a professional basketball player.

Throughout his professional career, Victor played the shooting guard position.

for the national team appearances

The 2008 Summer Olympic Games in the Russian national team Viktor made his debut in the first team. However, to show a stable game Russian basketballer fails, because most of the match, Victor spent on the bench.

Biography Russian basketball player Victor Keyru



During his professional career, Victor has won eight team trophies. As part of "UNICS" became the bronze and silver medalist of the national championship of Russia, as well as the champion of the FIBA ​​and the owner of VTB Cup. In St. Petersburg "Dynamo" was the bronze medalist. During his speech at CSKA Moscow Russian basketball twice took the gold medals in the national championship of Russia, VTB became the champion of the league and was the owner of the Cup of Russia.


During his professional career Russian basketball player he spent 60 games in the national championship of Russia. Exactly half of the match, Victor went into the starting lineup. The average number of points per game - 24.4.

Personal life and family

Biography of Victor Keyru quite curious. To date, Victor 34 years. Victor Keir lives in Moscow. Single with no children.

Biography Russian basketball player Victor Keyru

The famous athlete permanently displayed to the public, accompanied by beautiful girls, but in an interview repeatedly states that there is a relationship.