Alexei Kalyuzhny - ice hockey team of Belarus

Alexei Kalyuzhny - professional hockey player who spent most of his career playing in the Russian championship. During his long professional life, Alexander was succeeded by many clubs. He regularly participated in international tournaments for the national team of Belarus.

Start athletic career

Alexei Kalyuzhny was born in Minsk June 13, 1977. From an early age he began playing hockey in the nursery school "Youth". Hockey team, this was a true leader. His professional career began Alexei Kalyuzhny in Russia. There he became a player of the Moscow "Dynamo" and started playing in the MHL. At that time, the hockey player was only 17 years, but then it was still too early to advocate for such big-name club. He has participated in 2 games and the club "Dynamo" knowing that Alexis need to break out in a professional manner, and gave him Nizhnekamsk "Neftekhimik". There, the young hockey player spent a full season in which played 44 games. In total, the striker scored 8 productive points.

Alexei Kalyuzhny - ice hockey team of Belarus

Return to the Moscow "Dynamo"

After the season conducted in Nizhnekamsk Alexei Kalyuzhny was the player of the Moscow "Dynamo" again. This was a hockey player on the sidelines. The coaching staff, knowing that Alex is still young, not expecting him good results. In his first, he played after his return season 29 games and scored 12 productive points. The following season the coaches were more likely to trust him in the starting lineup. From 1996 to 2000, Alex, playing for "Dinamo", held on the 121 game and scored 40 productive points.

Alexei Kalyuzhny - ice hockey team of Belarus

Continued career

In the season 2000-2001, Alexei Kalyuzhny becomes a player in the club "Metallurg" from Magnitogorsk. By the time the striker enjoyed great popularity in Russia. All noted his talent and enormous potential. The Ural team Alexey played 2 seasons, and then went to the club "Severstal" (Cherepovets). There he became the real leader of the club. During the season, the striker scored more than 30 points. The fans loved him, but Alex knew he was with the club from Cherepovets will not achieve good results. At the end of "Severstal" of the season did not get into the playoffs, and Kalyuzhny went to help the mother club "Youth" to win the championship.

Alexei Kalyuzhny - ice hockey team of Belarus

Return to Russia

Alexei Kalyuzhny - hockey player who was the player of Omsk in 2005, "Vanguard". It was there that Alex showed his skills in the best way. Particularly successful the season 2006-2007. In 54 games, he scored 63 points. In this hockey club Omsk played 371 matches in which scored 279 points productive. Alexey forever entered the history of the team due to their successful season. After this hockey player a season spent in the "Locomotive", and then returned to his native Minsk club "Dynamo". Many in the crowd were interested in where he plays Alexei Kalyuzhny, as they used to, that the player is a member of the Russian team.

International career

Alexei Kalyuzhny played for the national team of Belarus on the set of the world championships and the Olympics. Success in international tournaments, he did not seek. In total, the Belarus team, he played 89 games and scored 62 efficient points.

Life hockey

Alex is married and is the father of two children. His wife and children always went with her husband. They are well aware that the hockey player Alexei and frequent travel required. At the moment, the whole family lives in a private house in Minsk. Father much time to raising children. Daughter engaged vocals and violin, and the youngest son followed in his father's footsteps - he loves hockey and wants to become a professional athlete.

Alexei Kalyuzhny has built a successful career, which has won numerous club and individual awards. But age makes itself felt, and soon he will finish his career hockey player. Kalyuzhny will forever remain in the history of the Belarusian and Russian hockey.