Dmitry Kugryshev: love life, career and achievements

Dmitry Kugryshev - hockey club "Avangard" of the city of Omsk. Dmitry was born in 1990. Hockey started as a child, and at a professional level on the ice first came out in 2008 in the age of eighteen. He meets a girl named Ales Visich.

Getting hockey career

2006 Dmitry Kugryshev debuted in the youth team, "CSKA". In total, the "army" striker returned twice - in 2011 and 2015.

Dmitry Kugryshev: love life, career and achievements

A bright performance at the youth level, was the reason that Dmitry Kugryshev was drafted by the club of the National Hockey Association, entitled "Washington Capitals" in 2008. Forward was selected under the 58th peak.

Life after pick

As part of the club of the United States of America, the Russian capital has not spent a single match. During the first two seasons of his career overseas hockey player Dmitry Kugryshev defended the colors of the Canadian "Quebec Remparts."

Season 2010/2011 athlete began as part of the American team, "Hershey Bears", which stands in the American Hockey League. For the "bears" Dmitry not played and one full season. In the course of the regular season, the Russian striker was traded to the team from South Carolina "Stingreys".

Return to Russia

After a not very successful phase of his career abroad, a young hockey player returned to his homeland in 2011. Until 2013, Dmitry Kugryshev defended the colors of his hometown club "CSKA". In May 2013, there was an exchange in which the Novosibirsk "Siberia" gave "CSKA" its peak in the 2013 NBA Draft, and in return received a contract Kugrysheva.

Dmitry Kugryshev: love life, career and achievements

In the early winter of 2014 was marked by three striker throw the puck, "Atlanta." It was the first hat-trick of his career, Dmitry. In that game, "Siberia" was able to defeat an opponent with a score of 5-2.

In December Kugryshev could make another hat-trick. He became the youngest in the history of the Continental Hockey League player who managed to achieve such a result. At that time, Dmitri was 24 years old. Before him, the youngest author of two hat-tricks in one month was Patrick Thoresen, who was 26 years old. In 2015, Dmitri returned to the "CSKA" again and played in the team until 2017, and then signed a contract with Omsk "Vanguard".

Dmitry Kugryshev played for the junior and youth national teams of the Russian Federation. However, in the national team as long as the young striker could not get through.


Hockey player Dmitry Kugryshev and his girlfriend singer Ales Visich do not plan to marry. They often fly together on holiday and share the joint photos on social networks. One of the most resonant was a photo posted on the "Instagrame", where Ales was in skimpy clothes.

Dmitry Kugryshev: love life, career and achievements

Ales Visich and Dmitry Kugryshev there are more than two years. Their mutual friends introduced. Lovers after the first meeting began to spend much time together, and a few weeks later announced that they occur.

The results and achievements of

In the season 2011/2012 Kugryshev acted as a part of two teams: "CSKA" and "Red Army". In the MHL striker he spent 10 matches and scored 13 points (7 goals and 6 assists) in the system "goal + pass". According to the results of the regular season the team managed to reach the playoffs, where Dmitry marked 12 goals and 6 pasami in 13 matches. As part of "CSKA" hockey player, he took part in the meeting of 41, giving 5 assists and 4 thrown washers. In the playoffs, the striker appeared only twice, but it was noted by the actions he failed. In the season 2013/2014 Dmitriy had the highest number of matches in his career in the regular season - 54. They are young striker managed to score 15 goals and gave 15 assists. In the playoffs Kugryshev came to the rink 10 times, threw three goals and was the author of three assists.

Season 2014/2015, which Dmitry Kugryshev also held in the "Siberia", was the best in his career. Forward managed to throw in the regular season, 17 goals and gave 29 assists. In total, it took him 49 games.

Dmitry Kugryshev: love life, career and achievements

At the end of the 2008/2009 season, Dmitry was awarded "the best attacking Quebec League newcomer". It is the only award for his stay in the United States and Canada. In 2015, the striker took part in the All-Star Game CHL.

From 2007 to 2009 Kugryshev won 4 medals in the junior and youth national teams of Russia. In 2007, the Russians have won the Junior World Championships. A year later, they won the tournament runner-up. In 2008 and 2009, Kugryshev in the youth team of Russia twice became the bronze medalist of the world championships.