Jan Marek: biography, sports career, the cause of death

Jan Marek - Czech professional ice hockey player, who tragically died in Yaroslavl. This player will forever remain in the hearts of Russian and Czech fans. He has come a long way from the novice to the stars of the Russian and Czech hockey.

sports path Start

Jan Marek was born on December 31, 1979 in the town of Jindřichův Hradec. Hockey started in the local hockey school. Yang began to perform successfully as a striker. In the season 1995-1996,. the hockey player was the best player among juniors. His career began in Jan Marek club "Zelezarni Třinec", which was later renamed the team "hc oceláři třinec". Talent striker revealed in season 2002-2003 gg. Hockey player has shown a quality game and the tournament was the best scorer of the Czech championship. In 2003 NHL Entry Draft Yang was selected the club, "the New York Rangers." Despite this, he was playing for his native Czech club. 2004-2005 season. the striker on loan held in "Sparta" team. For this club, he spoke at the Spengler Cup. At the end of the season Jan Marek returned to "hc oceláři třinec" to help this club to the play-off series. In 2005, Marek has signed a one-year contract with "Sparta".

Jan Marek: biography, sports career, the cause of death

Career Russia

Marek, playing for the Czech national team in international competitions, performed well, and noticed breeders club "Metallurg" from the glorious city of Magnitogorsk. At the conclusion of the season in which the club "Sparta" became the champion Extraliga, this talented striker moved to Magnitogorsk. Jan Marek, hockey player, who was not equal, became interested in the club, "the New York Rangers." But this team has offered him a two-way contract, according to which at any moment could be sent back to the second team for a small by the standards of the NHL salary. Marek and his agent did not suit these conditions. Together with Yang in the 2006-2007 season of the Ural team's. He became the champion of Russia. In the final game against Kazan "Ak Bars" Marek scored the winning goal. The following year he was the best scorer of the KHL, and "Metallurg" from Magnitogorsk won bronze medals. This striker was one of the main stars of Kontinental Hockey League All-Star Game.

Jan Marek: biography, sports career, the cause of death

Continued career

Marek decided to leave, "Metallurg", and in the 2010-2011 season's. he played for CSKA and "Atlanta." Player has invited the team "Lokomotiv" from Yaroslavl. The club met the star players and talented youngsters. In addition, this team played compatriots Jan - Vasicek and Rachůnek. In a good relationship, he was also with Slovakian Pavol Demitra. Many hockey experts believed Yaroslavl team favorite of the championship after a preseason tournament. In Latvia, "Lokomotiv" confidently beat everyone and become a favorite of the tournament.

Jan Marek: biography, sports career, the cause of death

International career

Jan Marek in his career played at 4 world championships. For the first time he took part in the tournament in 2007. Czech team in the championship took 7th place. Despite the failure of the game Marek highly of hockey experts. He played 6 games and scored 5 productive points. The following year, the Czech national team at the World Cup waiting for a failure again. The team finished only 6th place. Jan 5 games scored 3 points productive. In 2010, the World Cup the Czech team brought a strong and equipped composition. As a result, a team in the tournament won the gold medal in the final after beating the Russian team. Jan 9 games scoring 3 goals. In 2011, the Czech national team won the bronze medal. Jan Marek was the true leader of his team. During the first 9 games he scored 3 points. This World Cup has suddenly become the last of his career ...

Jan Marek: biography, sports career, the cause of death

Nesbit departure from the "Locomotive"

Jan Marek agent claimed that he wanted to leave the Yaroslavl team, but the club "Lokomotiv" managed to persuade the player to stay on the team. Since it was signed a lucrative contract, the coach and the fans were hoping for it. Marek wanted to leave Russia, since he was born long-awaited firstborn. The family lived in the Czech Republic, he really missed him. The wife did not want to move with the child to Russia. Ian did not like to fly, but I understood that it is an integral part of his profession. Before his death, he called up the agent and talked about the upcoming game.

Jan Marek: biography, sports career, the cause of death


With his wife Lucie Yang met in high school. They were in the same class. Even in elementary school, she was it pretty. But to confess her feelings Jan Marek could it only in the last year of study. July 2, 2011 at the hockey player born son named Ian in honor of his father. Marek was the happiest in the world! He constantly showed partners ultrasound images. Yang after birth experienced that it is not seen him. But he decided to play a little longer in Russia, and then return home to become exemplary for the son of his father.

The tragedy in Yaroslavl

After the victory in Latvia and no one could imagine that the 2 weeks on September 7 will happen terrible tragedy, which claim the lives of talented athletes, fathers, decent people. Hockey team "Lokomotiv" on airliner Yak-42D flew to Minsk. Airplane during takeoff flew off the runway. Rise made from the ground. The flight lasted only a few minutes before the airliner crashed into the ground and exploded. In the crash of the aircraft survived only engineer ... All the players were killed, including Jan Marek. Cause of death for a long time players elucidated the experts. During the investigation it was found that the tragedy occurred because of pilot error. Jan Marek, whose funeral was held in his hometown, will forever remain in the history of Czech and Russian hockey. At the funeral attended by a large number of people, who included relatives, fans and athletes. Marek's father together with his grandson every day goes to his grave.

The memory of the athlete

In memory of the hockey player Jan Marek under the arches of the arena in Magnitogorsk was raised sweater athlete. Hockey player left the team "Metallurg" is not in the best mood: he had a conflict with the players and coaching staff. This he said in an interview in his home country. In Magnitogorsk, Jan loved and still remembered his stunning virtuoso game and goals. For local young players Marek became a real idol. Jan Marek, whose biography was tragically cut short, was remembered as a good athlete, husband and father. Career of hockey adequately marked glorious victories in major tournaments.