Samsonite suitcase: reviews of different models

No trip is complete without luggage. The trip is always handy a good bag, which is not broken down, will not break and will not open at the wrong time. How to choose and not to be mistaken? At some firms-manufacturers should pay attention to? What are the characteristics to consider when buying? Even if you're not an avid traveler, for sure you have a travel bag or suitcase.

Samsonite suitcase: reviews of different models

Samsonite - the world leader

Gained international fame brand Samsonite, which has more than 100-year history. From the outset, the company declares comfort, reliability and functionality of its main objectives. The company is constantly developing new models, sets global trends in luggage, and always trying to be ahead of the desires of consumers. Samsonite suitcase - is the embodiment of the best ideas of designers. Products Samsonite, which is always consistently high quality and comfortable, constantly expanding assortment. You can buy a brand travel bags and suitcases, backpacks, notebook bags, and much more.

The main advantages of

When choosing a suitcase buyer first draws attention to its weight, maneuverability and the material from which it is made. Characteristics are especially important if air travel will:

  • Baggage should be as robust, ie. A. Loading tape and automatic loaders do not contribute to the longevity of suitcases.
Samsonite suitcase: reviews of different models
  • All models of suitcases made of high quality material, regardless of whether they are fabric or plastic.
  • The small baggage. Weight of products varies depending on the model type. Suitcase Samsonite typically weighs from 2 to 3 and 8 kg.
  • The company is so confident in the quality of their products, which gives a guarantee of 10 years.

What attracts buyers?

Samsonite company produces dozens of different series of suitcases and travel bags. Some of the most popular models - a suitcase Samsonite Spinner. What distinguishes this model from others? The presence of 4 wheels.

High maneuverability, which is achieved due to a multi-directional wheel rotation of 360 degrees, which allows the suitcase free and easy to move in all directions. In this case, the weight of the suitcase in his hand the traveler does not feel. As they say in the company: "Four wheels - zero effort." No matter how much you may put in your suitcase, you will be very easy to travel with him.

Any model is distinguished by its elegance and unique design, can satisfy the most discerning buyer.

Samsonite suitcase: reviews of different models

Samsonite suitcase is equipped with:

- a telescopic handle that easily extends and has a number of provisions;

- combination lock TSA, which will provide security and protection against unauthorized access;

- internal straps, anchoring things in a suitcase;

- an internal divider that helps to sort things and pack them more tightly.

fabric or plastic?

Tissue models are manufactured from high-quality polyester that can protect the luggage from moisture and dust. Advantage over plastic - an opportunity to increase the space for the package with additional pockets on the outside and inside of the suitcase. The most popular models of this category: Collection Base Boost, Dynamo, Asphere, Uplite.

Plastic models have a base of durable polycarbonate. The material is very durable, can withstand the transport of loading tapes and even protected from scratches. In such suitcases can safely transport fragile items. Models made of plastic can be both classic colors, suitable for business travelers, as well as bright, juicy, intended more for tourist travel. Among the products of this type are in demand Neopulse collection, Starfire, Prodigy, Aeris and Lite - Cube. Samsonite offers the customer the opportunity to buy not just one suitcase, but also a set of models of large and medium-sized suitcase for carry-on luggage. It is very convenient to travel with the family, where everyone can find a stylish Samsonite suitcase size. You can select products with capacity from 40 to 100 liters.

Unique suitcase-scooter

Separately, you can select the products of joint production Samsonite and Micro - Micro Luggage Scooter.

Samsonite suitcase: reviews of different models

This model is equipped with extra wheels and can be used as a scooter. It is appreciated by travelers who have to move around the large airports. The suitcase can take on board, its size corresponds to the size of hand luggage. Withstands the weight of 100 kg. This should be remembered when you want to try it. Samsonite suitcase-scooter is easy to turn into a suitcase in one motion scooter disconnecting from the body.

Customer Reviews

Thousands of satisfied customers travel light, using Samsonite suitcases. Reviews mostly positive. It can be found very rarely about the negative experience of traveling with luggage from Samsonite.

Samsonite Black Label Firelite 28 "Spinner - for customer reviews, it's a great bag, especially for long distant trips Celebrating its low weight -.. Only 3 kg, despite the size of Consumers like its appearance, robust construction Castle TSA reliable and easy. use. Extendable handle is very easy to move and allows you to quickly add it if it is necessary to immerse the luggage.

Samsonite Solyte 25 "is made of polyester fabric, dense and reliable. Very happy travelers, especially frequent international travel. As noted by buyers that unimpeded use the guarantee in case of breakage. Conveniently travel with luggage, not noticing his weight. Fails and the fabric that successfully withstand different weather: do not fade in the sun and does not get wet in the rain things. Samsonite Quadrion 29 "- very spacious due to the possibility of expanding the housing and inner pockets in the way convenient internal compartments with zippers No one thing will not move on suitcase Seasoned travelers are advised to take the case on a long trip by car or train, so.... a. for aircraft, it can be a little too big.

Samsonite suitcase: reviews of different models

Among the advantages that have attracted customers, especially high quality. No less important is the praise from customers:

- a good capacity of suitcases;

- stylish and original appearance;

- innovation in design;

- Easy to identify your suitcase among others;

- low weight products;

- durability.

The company's products Samsonite is known around the world and is popular among the different populations. It is suitable for both business and traveler, families and young people. When buying luggage look for Samsonite suitcase on wheels.