Modern Etiquette: that Italians drink during the day

We continue to talk about the key tradition in food culture and spirits from around the world. Today, we are talking about the Italian rituals dedicated to coffee and alcohol.


Modern Etiquette: that Italians drink during the day

If you had a long night - you need Dopp. If not enough time and it's time to run to work - ristretto, espresso with similar due to the concentration of a strong taste. Have enough time to get acquainted in a calm pace with the news - take a lungo, a tall glass with lots of caffeine and water.

Morning - the best opportunity to add to your drink a little fresh milk, especially if you have time to eat breakfast until 10am. During the day, it will not help your digestion, so do not miss the opportunity to try the fragrant cream.

The Italian coffee shops, all these drinks will be supplied with a separate bag of sugar, and in some cases, with carbonated water. Also, breakfast usually includes light rolls or croissants.


Modern Etiquette: that Italians drink during the day

As with many European rituals, what you will eat for lunch, it depends on which region you are. However, often already at 11.00 Italians are willing to spritz - a light lunch, which includes a glass of Aperol or Campari bitter. Italians do not consider alcohol a bad habit, taking it for a natural part of life that should be filled with gusto. And for the main course you can choose a pizza or pasta - classic dishes, which is famous and Italy. After dinner, offer to drink another drink - "digestive". Unlike an aperitif, which should be dry to the taste, or bitter to stimulate the appetite, a digestive usually a little more sweet.

The most popular digestivy in Italy - Amaro and grappa. Amaro - a drink made from dozens of different herbs and roots, grappa - quality liqueur wine. Of course, it is necessary to be careful with them, in any case, not abusing.


Starting from 7 to 9 pm in Italy come "happy hour" - the time when the bars offer drinks and snacks for a fixed price. In general, preference is given the blame, although it is the best time to order a cocktail. Especially recommended cocktails based on Campari and Aperol.

Modern Etiquette: that Italians drink during the day

spritz - the most popular aperitif in northern Italy, made of sparkling wine with the addition of a bitter liqueur and soda water. He is the cheapest and most wonderful thirst quencher on a hot day.

Negroni sbagliato - this cocktail has a whole legend which says that once the bartender mixed up a bottle of prosecco and gin and mixed in equal parts prosecco, red vermouth and a special bitter.

Another popular choice - bright red US, consisting of parts Campari, vermouth and part of the small amount of water. Martini - cocktail with vermouth mixed with sparkling wine, is a true classic Italian cocktail bars.

For beverages usually fed a small cup with snacks, such as potato chips, toasted rolls, small pizzas or tramezzini. This allows you to satisfy your hunger before supper time, but do not spoil your appetite.

During dinner you will be served once again red or white wine, combined with hearty food. It may seem that you are constantly drinking, but it is necessary to take into account the fact that all the portions are quite small. alcohol component in the Italian way of life has always been in communion, not to get drunk and lose self-control. Any drink should drink up slowly for the food and the company. Of course, there are exceptions, so that a responsible approach to what is used and how much.