Philibert: a restaurant for those who do not have enough romance

Philibert: a restaurant for those who do not have enough romance

St. Petersburg - the most romantic and culturally significant city in Russia, also known as the Venice of the North. The entire city center is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is full of beautiful palaces and monuments, as well as stylish cafes and restaurants. Restaurant Philibert can be called one of the most romantic and popular places of the Northern Capital. This little corner of France, located in the heart of the city, creates a special atmosphere thanks to the exquisite dishes, fragrant wines and the love of the French tradition.

What makes a restaurant romantic Philibert

Good food and wine - elements for granted, but it is especially important overall atmosphere. Quality service, quiet music, pleasant lighting and relaxing environment - these are the main components of which are arranged a romantic conversation.

The original menu

Philibert - elegant place serving authentic European cuisine at very reasonable prices. French menu features original delicacies and exquisite desserts - onion soup, salmon in cream sauce, snails, mussels sautéed, caramelized pears, Petit-vans and truffles. Mediterranean - includes a variety of traditional Italian dishes and snacks, including pasta, lasagna, ravioli, bruschetta, caprese and fagotini. In the bar the map you can find a wide selection of precious light and rich wines, original cocktails, beers and spirits. For those who prefer non-alcoholic drinks, Philibert will offer elite varieties of coffee, fragrant tea with herbal supplements, refreshing smoothies, homemade lemonades, fruit and fresh juices.

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The cozy interior of

The restaurant is decorated in a sophisticated French style - this place is perfect for those who like refinement and restraint bohemian spirit of France. Two comfortable rooms - the usual and the VIP, comfortable furniture and elegant French décor done in warm pastel colors, the Murano glass chandeliers, designer mirrors forged frames, fresh flowers on the tables and panoramic floor-to-ceiling windows with views of the city - if in a relationship with a young man you do not have enough romance, you should definitely come here.

Quality service

The friendly waiters will ask the restaurant to taste preferences, will offer assistance in the selection of dishes and tell the time of their preparation. Orders bring quite quickly, food and drink surprise distinctive taste and serve. Rooms are always comfortable, warm and clean all year round, in the evening enjoy live music and singing canaries - in a place you want to return again.

Why go to

Philibert restaurant - not only the perfect place for a romantic dinner or date, you can be happy to get together with your family or large groups of friends. It is also possible to quietly go with children - in the restaurant, separate children's high chairs, coloring books, pencils and even a separate children's menu. At the same time, to feel the romantic atmosphere of France, not necessarily out of the house or office - you can order any dish with delivery through the application Yandex. Food and Delivery Club.

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