You, me and geography: how to celebrate Valentine's Day abroad

Despite the fact that in many countries the celebration of Valentine's Day has been very traditional and stereotyped, in every culture, there is something special that may vary over the boring approach to this blessed holiday. If you want to do something special for yourself, your lover for noisy company of friends or relatives who love, that is not a bad idea. We decided to find out more about how Valentine's Day is celebrated in different countries, and suggest a few sensible ideas for a romantic evening.

1. French Style

You, me and geography: how to celebrate Valentine's Day abroad

Meet the Valentine's Day in France is perhaps the most romantic country - is, of course, would be ideal. But to go to France, it is not necessary, because you can celebrate a holiday in the French style and home. Like everyone else, the French love of traditional entertainment and the symbols of the day of lovers, which means that you can enjoy the flowers, gifts and a romantic dinner with her lover. But, if you want to excel, then start with a greeting card.

The tradition of sending valentines or as they are called in France, "cartes d'amities" has appeared in France, when the Duke of Orleans - the Frenchman, who is imprisoned in the Tower of London after the Battle of Agincourt in 1415, sent cards, love letters and poems to his wife located in France. If you want to surprise your partner and add a little French romance into your holiday, then why not try the good old tradition of love letters written by hand? This token will be very personal and individual, and those who are not alien to creativity and inspiration, be sure to be able to express his feelings the most creative way. In addition to the love letters and poems Fine, the French are very fond of chocolate. If you remember that chocolate triggers the release of endorphins, the feel of eating delicacies fair to compare with quivering feelings of love. Allow yourself to enjoy the chocolate that day in unlimited quantities, but if you want to prove himself also as a good hostess, you can prepare your own chocolate dessert.

2. American Style

You, me and geography: how to celebrate Valentine's Day abroad

The Americans are also not alien cards and goodies, but the most popular in America gifts. Flowers, candy or real gifts such as jewelry, clothing, and something quite special - all this can be repeated, as a romantic gift - a great sign of attention, and the memory of it will be more material. But, of course, gift giving holiday is not limited. In America, the popular to arrange a romantic date, or even in the evening the night in hotels.

Arrange a small romantic dinner at your favorite coffee shop, and after a walk through the city streets. And, of course, consider an unforgettable night - the perfect end of the holiday. Do not forget the flowers, gifts and the right outfit, because in America, decided to follow all the clichés, in the best sense of the word.

A romantic dinner can be arranged and at home, if you prefer a more private atmosphere for boasting feelings. Also a great way to spend Valentine's Day in the American style is the idea to leave for the city to retire in the lap of nature or on the ski resort.

3. English style

You, me and geography: how to celebrate Valentine's Day abroad

The English love the technique, so on Valentine's Day in England decided to send messages to a romantic content, often anonymously, everyone to whom you are having feelings, as well as giving gifts associated with the technique and something very practical: a smartphone, notebook , USB-devices, household appliances and even cars. Of course, not without the classic holiday characters like postcards, hearts, red roses and chocolate. Englishmen also like to drink in this moving day, and here they are able to be the most elegant. If you do not want to arrange chic holiday, but prefer to just spend time with your partner, drink a glass of champagne, sparkling wine or dry red - is sacred. Among the romantic dishes you can try in your kitchen is something with a certain atmosphere. For example, oysters or chocolate fondue, since dipping the fruit in chocolate and feed one another - is a process combining Lovers and certainly stimulating excitation.

4. Scandinavian style

You, me and geography: how to celebrate Valentine's Day abroad

In Sweden, for example, beloved love not just to dine in a romantic location or spend time comfortably, but also dance. Live music, a noisy concert, a local club or a romantic walk at sunset - a great choice if you want to spend Valentine's Day as the Swedes. Instead of the standard Valentine Swedes presented their beloved heart of red jelly - original and tasty, besides they can prepare themselves. But most importantly, that the Swedes are looking for in the day of lovers - it is an occasion to show how they value their loved ones and close friends, love and appreciate them.

In Finland Valentine's Day is celebrated not so long ago, as in France or America, with only the 1980, but nonetheless, here it is no less popular. Finns arrange large-scale dance parties and festivals, to spend the day to the maximum. But in addition to the standard entertainment Finnish Valentine's Day is famous for its name "Ystävänpäivä", which literally means "Friendship Day".

So if you currently do not see anyone who could be called your Valentine, then dedicate their love, recognition and care of your friends arrange a noisy party and having presented them with gifts and valentine.

5. The Greek style of

You, me and geography: how to celebrate Valentine's Day abroad

Greece - a country of cultural and entertainment in the Valentine's Day here, respectively, are of a cultural nature. Usually I love sent to Athens to see the sights and have a romantic walk. Enjoy the ancient monuments of culture and architecture is recommended at night, because, in the opinion of the Greeks, in the moonlight walks are more sensual.

In addition to walking, you can enjoy a romantic dinner on the roof - it's very much in the Greek style. Here you can retire, have a great time and enjoy the view of the city. If you want to add a little Greek-style to your holiday, you can also go to the theater or any other cultural and educational place for inspiration, emotions and new knowledge for two.