Guide to pleasures: what to do in the summer in Prague

Guide to pleasures: what to do in the summer in Prague

Prague is good not only for Christmas, summer is also beautiful and fun. In our new section "Guide to the pleasures of" Tell us what to do in the Czech capital on vacation: where to study contemporary art, watching movies, hiking, eat well and drink better beer. This list is suitable for both those who go to Prague for the first time and those who have already seen the main attractions of this city.

Visit of DOX Center for Contemporary Art

DOX Center for Contemporary Art has arisen thanks to private initiative to reconstruct the former factory in Prague Golishovitse area. Now this space for exhibitions of Czech and international art, pop art projects and activities aimed at - critical reflection on current social issues and questions.

Center building - itself an art object. Building with interesting architecture includes more than 3 thousand square meters of exhibition space and design shops, cafes and books.

In 2016, there was a unique architectural construction in the center of the roof - a huge wooden airship Gulliver of 42 meters in length and 10 meters in width. There are also guided tours and exhibitions.

Go to the bar "Do Troja horse"

Bar U Trojského koně is quite far from the center of Prague, but it's definitely worth it to see it. This is not just a public house, and art space for film screenings, performances, interesting meetings and creativity. Understand that you have come to the right place, it's easy - 10 meter wooden horse on the banks of the Vltava is not lost on the background of the local scenery.

Walk in Divoká Šárka Nature Park

Rest of cityscapes and enjoy nature go to the nature park Divoka Sarka. Here, a unique variety of landscapes: hills, forests, steep gorges, the artificial lake jug and a small river that flows into the river.

The whole territory of the park, you can get around on flat asphalt paths, so rises from the valley to the hills almost not felt.

Park just seems wild, in fact, everything is here for fun in the air: outdoor pool, bike rental, camping grounds.

to try different cuisine in a Pop Art Market Manifesto's

"Container Village" Manifesto - a project of the landscape architect Martin Barry and attempt to give a second life to a large empty area in the center of Prague. The idea of ​​pop art market - to create a place where citizens and tourists could meet informally, watch movies, try different cuisine, socialize, dance and learn together something new.

There are many restaurants and bars, and lounges of local artisans, where you can buy exclusive floral arrangement, books or accessories from the workshop.

The Manifesto is constantly going on some fun: live music, parties, concerts, film screenings and shows.

Important Note: to pay on the territory Manifesto can only credit card - this is the concept of the project.

Watch a movie on the banks of the Vltava river

an open-air cinema in the summer Prague abound. The most popular of them - Výletní kino Smíchov on the banks of the Vltava River. At the weekend here better to come in advance, otherwise you risk not to have time to buy tickets. Here you can watch movies in English, enjoy the panorama of Prague gingerbread houses and the night water.

Go on a beer tour of

Visit Prague and do not taste the local beer - they do not eat pizza in Italy or not to drink wine in France. In the Czech capital a large selection of different beer tours. It can be a walk to bars and wine guide for stories about the traditions of Czech brewing. Or a trip to the brewery, where you can see the whole process of production and, of course, to evaluate the taste of beer. Or maybe you will like stay in a medieval tavern. So special chic - beer spa with a hot tub with hops and brewer's yeast, rest in the hay by the fire and beer in any quantity.

Guide to pleasures: what to do in the summer in Prague

Have a picnic in the Riegrovy gardens

Prague offer complete vacation outing with the best view in the city - on the highest hill Riegrovy gardens. In winter you like to arrange sledding and summer roll around on the grass and enjoy Prague. It offers a view of the entire historical part of Prague.

Once on Riegrovy gardens Mozart I loved to walk, now it is a place adored by students and moms with strollers.

In the gardens there are many cafes and open-air bars. Score food, and build up comfortably on the lawn and watch as the sun slowly sets over the rooftops of Prague.