Where to go on New Year's Eve: 5 interesting places in Belarus

At first glance, Belarus may not seem the most interesting place to travel, but if you look closely, you'll find that this country, which has no outlet to the sea, is famous for its historical monuments, numerous museums, castles and winter resorts. This article, we have prepared together with VETLIVA and tell you where to go, as in Belarus, and that there is to see.

1. In Minsk - for majestic temples and rich museums

Architecture of Minsk suffered greatly from the ravages of World War II. In fact, the city was built from scratch and today is known for wide clean streets and buildings in the style of the Soviet neo-classical.

Where to go on New Year's Eve: 5 interesting places in Belarus

What to do: is directed to the Independence Avenue - one of the longest city streets in Europe. It is famous for its magnificent architectural ensemble, built in the style of Stalin's empire, and crosses several major squares of the city. The biggest of them - Independence Square - was designed by architect Joseph Soviet Langbard for holding rallies and military parades. Near the square you will find the most famous neo-Gothic church in Minsk, otherwise known as Red Church.

In the historic center of Minsk you will see the magnificent temples and historical sites from different eras, presented in the style of Classicism, Baroque and Art Nouveau. Be sure to visit the National Museum of Art, which is the main artistic treasure trove of the country and one of the richest museums in Eastern Europe. There are more than 30,000 produ Institution of national and world art. Order tour

2. In Vitebsk - for interesting architectural structures

Vitebsk - one of the oldest cities on the eastern outskirts of Belarus, situated on the banks of two rivers: the Western Dvina and Vitba. According to the official version the city was founded by Grand Duchess Olga in the distant year 974.

Where to go on New Year's Eve: 5 interesting places in Belarus

What to do: Today in Vitebsk there are over 200 preserved sites of historical and cultural importance. You can visit the Regional Museum in the town hall where the exhibits from private collections of local collectors, or visit the house-museum of the great artist Marc Chagall, on which you can observe the beauty of the paintings of urban landscapes of Vitebsk.

Among the most interesting attractions worth mentioning Vitebsk museum-estate "Zdravnevo", formerly owned by artist Ilya Repin. Now the manor is located in the city park, where you can see the age-old linden tree, planted by the artist.

Walking through the historic street Suvorov can turn into an exciting excursion. Here you will see a lot of beautiful old buildings, many of which have become a haven for the most prestigious restaurants, cafes and interesting shops.

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3. Brest - for the historical monuments and the unique nature of

Brest - a city with a long and complex history, which occupies a special place in the cultural and historical heritage of Belarus. At various times, the city was part of the various countries of Eastern Europe, which is clearly reflected in its architecture.

Where to go on New Year's Eve: 5 interesting places in Belarus

What to do: The memorial complex "Brest Fortress" is one of the most visited tourist attractions of Belarus - every day come here travelers from different countries. On its territory there are a museum of military equipment since World War II, the former garrison church of St. Nicholas and exposure surviving fragments of wooden buildings Brest the 13th century.

Not far from Brest, near the village of Kamenyuki located Bialowieza Forest - one of the oldest national parks in the world. It is home to 55 species of mammals, including deer, lynx, wild boar, wild horses, wolves, elk, ermine, mink and European bison. This unique natural area is the largest forested area in the lowlands of Central Europe and is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

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4. In Grodno -

for the old architecture

Grodno is one of the oldest cities in Belarus. It is located on the Neman River, 15 kilometers from the Polish border and 30 - from the border with Lithuania. Grodno rightly bears the proud name of the monument of the city, because here miraculously managed to fully preserve the historical heritage of the country.

Where to go on New Year's Eve: 5 interesting places in Belarus

What to do: One of the main attractions is the Castle Street - one of the oldest streets in the center. Its length is only 360 meters and extends from the Soviet area to the territory of the new and the old locks. This street is one of the iconic symbols of the city. On either side are the old buildings, each of which has historical and cultural value: Masalskaya grand palace, estate State Councilor Kharchenko, eclectic house Chaim Sagittarius, wine shop Rachel Rutkowska and others. The old castle was built in the 12th century to defend against constant attacks by the Crusaders. Throughout its history, the castle was destroyed and rebuilt several times. The last major change in his appearance were made in the XIX century. Today the castle is a historical and archaeological museum Grodno.

New Castle, located opposite the Old, was originally designed as a summer residence of the Polish kings and Grand Dukes of Lithuania. It is famous for the fact that in the late 18th century, there was signed an agreement on the division of the Commonwealth between Russia and Prussia. During the Second World War the castle building was burned, but later it was rebuilt in neo-classical style.

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5. Silichi - for active relaxation and wellness

Downhill skiing is becoming increasingly popular in Belarus. A country where there are no mountains, but there are high hills and steep ravines, is ideal for skiing and snowboarding. Silichi ski resort was opened in 2005 and is one of the most popular winter recreation centers in Belarus and the CIS countries.

Where to go on New Year's Eve: 5 interesting places in Belarus

What to do: Location of the resort - its key feature. Belarusian skiers Mecca is located about 32 kilometers away from Minsk on the bank of the reservoir. In winter you can go downhill or cross-country skiing, snowboarding or tubing, visit the rink.

If the active sports you do not impress the territory Silichi are wellness programs. You can visit the sauna center, relax with a massage or hot tub, breathe healthy air in the salt cave, run skin rejuvenation processes with light therapy and heat therapy. Book Tour

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