Shake well, but do not mix - 10 cocktail of James Bond

How to prepare drinks, which gives preference to the famous superspy. Introducing 10 favorite cocktail of James Bond, who "lit up" in films and novels about the most famous superspy.

In the films of James Bond 007 drinks mostly champagne and vodka martini, but the literary source of his wine list is much richer. Let us call a spade a spade: Fleming Bond - he was still an alcoholic. But the taste of his excellent, and his manner of drinking - the subject of many cultural and even scientific research. For example, the University of Western Ontario Faculty of Biochemistry in Canada spent the whole research to figure out how to drink vodka martini - shaking or mixing. Scientists have not only had a good time, but also found that scrambled cocktail contains more antioxidants and in moderation helps in the prevention of cataracts and heart attack.

Vodka martini

Shake well, but do not mix - 10 cocktail of James Bond

For all bondianu 007 only twice deviated from the rules of "shaken, not stirred." The first time - in an episode of the movie "You Only Live Twice" when connected treats his cocktails prepared on the contrary. Being a gentleman, Bond barely perceptible wince, but the landlord is responsible that nothing tastes better in my life have not tried. The second time - when Bond loses millions of dollars of Le Chiffre at the poker table in "Casino Royale." At the same time devastated and enraged, the hero orders a vodka martini, and sarcastic bartender asks, "Shake or mix?" Bond snarls: "? Do I look like I give a damn" - "Do I look as if I care? ". Recipe: 75 ml of vodka, 15 ml of dry vermouth, one green and olive 1 lemon slice. Optionally add a drop of orange bitters or agnosturu. Shaken in shaker with ice 30 seconds. Pour into a chilled martini glass and garnish with an olive or lemon.

Black Velvet

Shake well, but do not mix - 10 cocktail of James Bond

One of the most original British cocktails - unbelievable champagne and beer mix. In bondiane, oddly enough, it is mentioned only once - in the novel "Diamonds Are Forever", during a short visit to London superspy. Cocktails and a half century, but a fair international fame came to him only recently. In a world boom of Japanese cuisine, and "Black Velvet", as it turned out well with sushi and seafood.

Recipe: pour into a beer mug 120 ml champagne and slowly (very slowly), add 120 ml of cold stout (dark beers like porter). If you like, you can experiment by increasing the share of champagne, but add more beer is not recommended - it will be tasteless.

Brandy Alexander

Shake well, but do not mix - 10 cocktail of James Bond

Aristotle Kristatos, the villain of the film "For Your Eyes Only", was a man in full growth, but could not resist the feminine cocktail "Brandy Alexander". Bond found that using the unpopular drink Aristotle to beep his accomplices. We are not wanted internationally, so we can use a cocktail on purpose - for example, in order to keep warm in winter.

Recipe: Shake in a shaker with 30 ml of ice-cream, 30 ml and 30 ml brandy cocoa. Pour into a chilled cocktail glass. Add crushed into powder nutmeg. Chocolate snack.

Vesper Martini

Shake well, but do not mix - 10 cocktail of James Bond

Cocktail has been described by Ian Fleming in 1953, but wide screens reached only in 2006, when she adaptation of the novel "Casino Royale." In the film, Bond appears in a new role for himself a hero with a wounded heart: falls in love with Vesper Lynd, is aware that she is too good for him, but could not fix anything - she dies. Sentimental Agent decides to honor the memory of his lady, named after her alcoholic cocktail.

Recipe: Shake in a blender three parts Gordon's gin, one part vodka and a good half of the Lillet wine. Shake need ice until the mixture is cold piping. Garnish with lemon peel from the snake.


Shake well, but do not mix - 10 cocktail of James Bond

This Italian cocktail century and a half, and it was called originally Milano-Torino - the place of birth. However, in the era of Prohibition, was vacationing in Europe, American tourists so addicted to drink, that people began to call him Americano. This cocktail - the first thing that has ever ordered James Bond, but he almost did not appear in the film about the superspy.

Recipe: 30 ml aperitif Campari, 30 ml sweet vermouth, soda and lime or lemon slice curl. A tall glass filled with ice cubes first, then poured Campari and trace - vermouth. The third layer is soda (volume left to the super agent). Crowned composition lemon or orange.


Shake well, but do not mix - 10 cocktail of James Bond

In the books Bond loved mojito cool off during business trips in the country with a tropical climate, but on the big screen cocktail somehow averse until 2002, when he left the episode "Die Another Day". Probably superspy shy repeat after Hemingway Mojito above tsenivshim only daiquiri. Recipe: placed in a tall glass 2 teaspoons of sugar and mint beam, then poured into 50 ml of soda. Thereafter, the glass is drained halved lime, and then put it in the second half of the fruit. Then 60 ml of rum. Mix and fill the glass with ice and then pour a little soda. Garnish with a sprig of mint.

Gin and tonic

Shake well, but do not mix - 10 cocktail of James Bond

In general, Bond has a rule: do not drink more than one cocktail before dinner. And a number of exceptions to this rule: the glass has the right to be very large, and the drink - very strong. For 50 years, On Her Majesty's Secret Service Bond changed its principle only once: in the novel "Dr. No" agent relaxes and overturns four gin and tonic for the evening. It can be understood: it is one of the simplest and most delicious cocktails in the wine list of any bar.

Recipe: pour 60 ml and 150 ml gin tonic in a tall glass with ice, as follows mix and decorate lime slice.

Old Fashion

Shake well, but do not mix - 10 cocktail of James Bond

The editors of "cocktails" on the site not lazy and have estimated that over half a century of its clandestine activities Bond four times ordered the dull cocktail. "Old Fashion" often drink before bed to quickly fall asleep. Maybe that's why he has such a boring recipe.

Recipe: to put on the bottom of the lower glass cube of sugar, add 2-3 drops of Angostura bitters, top it with a slice of orange. Mix and add ice. Pour 90 ml of bourbon, and again thoroughly mixed cocktail. Garnish with a drink one more slice of orange and a cherry.

Scotch and soda

Shake well, but do not mix - 10 cocktail of James Bond

In the books Bond uses this simple drink even more than the vodka martini, but in the movies it is not caught with it - too simple drink for such a complex nature. Father Bond - the Scot, but the hero does not show a fanatical patriotism in the choice of alcohol. For him, good and tape, and American bourbon, and even brandy. And add soda Bond often forgets. Recipe: pour into a tall glass beaker with 60 ml cubes folk scotch (bourbon, brandy, Irish whiskey), add soda water to taste, wait 2 minutes for the drinks come in contact, and slowly drink.

Mount Gay Rum and soda

Shake well, but do not mix - 10 cocktail of James Bond

In "Casino Royale", when Bond at the poker table in the club in the Bahamas wins the next villain Aston Martin DB5, the first thing he orders the Mount Gay rum and soda, and then goes on a trophy car with a trophy girlfriend. Mount Gay - an obvious product placement, but the drink is considered a good and true: Bond would otherwise be substituted by ordering rum with the same name.

Recipe: in a glass of ice is added 45 mL of rum and 150 ml of soda (it can be replaced cola) and thoroughly mixed. Optionally, you can decorate the cocktail slice of lime and add a few drops of bitters.