10 habits to help you enjoy the relationship

10 habits to help you enjoy the relationship

Run in the morning, eat right, monitor the health, development, and read good books. We all know that include good habits. The same approach can be applied to your personal life. Here is a list of rules, using which you can feel the harmony in the relationship.

1. Respect each other

Respect - one of the most important things in a harmonious relationship, it creates a deep trust relationship as a couple. Cease to respect his choice - trust immediately weaken, erecting a wall of misunderstanding between you.

Showdown is often accompanied by mutual recriminations, which at times, unfortunately, turn into insults. Make sure that your tongue, and think before you say something that may lead to negative consequences.

2. Do not be distracted when you spend time with your loved one

Very often, because of work and other daily activities, we do not have enough time for each other. Make a few simple things: turn off the TV during dinner, clean the phones in the way when you're together, make sure that you have completed all of their business, before to go home from work.

3. positives each other Cherish

Get into the habit of paying attention to the positive character traits of your mate.

Appreciate each other for those advantages, which were once forced to pay attention to this person. But the constant emphasis on the deficiencies only provoke tensions.

4. Stay in touch throughout the day

We plunge into the abyss of cases and the daily routine, barely awake. Nevertheless, the most important part of a long and happy relationship is the way you show your love and affection in the distance.

When you take responsibility for another person, it is, in fact, it becomes the most important in your life. Even a busy schedule should not interfere with your connection.

Just write a message during a break, or call your sweetheart on his way home.

5. Spend some time apart from each other

You may be thinking, "Wait a minute, so I have to be in touch with a partner or is it to spend time apart?" Good question. When in a relationship crisis occurs, the separate activities can help.

Harmonious couples recognize that, of course, sometimes you need a rest from each other. You can go to a movie, have dinner with friends, read a book or watch telivizor alone.

6. Good-bye to each other disadvantages

Each of us has flaws. Can not find the perfect person, but you can find someone who would be perfect for you.

You must be able to recognize the shortcomings of their own half, accept and forgive them and still love this man.

7. Expresses its attachment

Studies show that happy couples are constantly affectionate to each other. Do not hesitate to give warmth and care, because it is so important to build a strong and deep connection with each other.

8. Try to surprise the chosen

Over time, across the board feeling of love and intrigue continues unabated.

Spontaneity revitalizes the relationship gives them a spirit and fun. Try to make something special even if you are not the most creative person, you can always find some kind of idea of ​​the Internet and to please a loved one.

9. Work on objectives with

In strong, healthy relationship, two are trying to achieve both short-term and long-term goals. Sit down together and decide what would you like to achieve in 5, 10 or 20 years? How you like your life?

Remember one important thing: do not set goals based on how other people imagine your relationship. Forget about the "success" and how he defines society. Instead, focus and concentrate on the fact that it will make you and your loved one truly happy.

10. Find the humor stake in each other's mistakes

In fact, being a couple - serious stuff, but who says that you need to take it only with all seriousness? We all make mistakes, so try to treat them with humor, too - laugh at them together.