Cinnamon and honey for weight loss: reviews, results, recipes

In the struggle for slim figure and beauty slimming try the one diet or the other. They do not always prove effective. Is able to help in this case, cinnamon and honey for weight loss? How much can lose weight? Reviews have tried this method is discussed in the article.

The beneficial properties of cinnamon

Useful properties of cinnamon are extensive enough. They are not limited to a few points.

Cinnamon and honey for weight loss: reviews, results, recipes
  1. Cinnamon prevents the formation of blood clots.
  2. A brown spice useful for people suffering from diabetes. It is able to normalize the level of blood sugar. Eat moderately cinnamon need, no more than a teaspoon a day. You can add spice to the drink.
  3. In cinnamon contains calcium and fiber, which strengthens the cardiovascular system.
  4. This is the right remedy for cough. In dissolved in warm water and a cold can be cooked spicy drink consisting of a teaspoon of spices, honey and black pepper. Taking this cocktail should every 4 h.
  5. Cinnamon can also be used inside with food in order to prevent the development of infections and bacterial diseases.
  6. It should be noted benefits of this spice for women during menstruation. It helps to alleviate cramps and reduce pain.
  7. Also, the spice is excellent effect on digestion - reduces bloating and flatulence symptoms, relieves nausea.
  8. Since Cinnamon normalizes blood circulation in blood vessels, it effectively fights against headaches and migraine.

Of course, there are contraindications to the use of seasoning - for example, gastric ulcer, hypertension, pregnancy. Spoons of spice forbidden to eat people who suffer from diseases liver and kidney.

The beneficial properties of honey

In recent years among girls is widely used cinnamon with honey for weight loss. Reviews about this method is mainly positive. But how useful honey itself?

Cinnamon and honey for weight loss: reviews, results, recipes
  1. Honey is able to provide an antibiotic effect on the body. That's why during the cold and flu are advised to stock up first thing in the bee products.
  2. Honey has antitoxic and raznozazhivlyayuschimi properties.
  3. It is able to correct the disorders of the immune system. Stimulate its work and to increase the body's protective barrier.
  4. Honey is able to counteract viruses.
  5. The antioxidant properties of bee products to help maintain the integrity of the body's cells to prevent aging.

However, there is one caveat - the honey must not be heated to a temperature of 100 to C, otherwise it loses all its positive qualities.

The effectiveness of honey and its antibiotic qualities depend on the type of flowers that are pollinated by bees. For example, honey lime blossom wonderful counteracts streptococci and staphylococci. And honey wild flowers - the best way to deal with gynecological diseases. Sage honey, in turn, helps to cope with tonsillitis and laryngitis.

Tandem cinnamon and honey

Given a set of useful properties possessed by cinnamon and honey separately, together they can work wonders.

First, effectively used cinnamon with honey for weight loss. Reviews of such a diet is simply amazing - some of the ladies say that dumped about 20 kg.

Secondly, cinnamon and honey are used to correct problems with digestion. Regularly taking before eating one or two spoons, one can hope to eliminate heartburn, hyperacidity, gastritis and ulcers.

Spicy Cinnamon mixture of honey and able to eliminate halitosis. Enough to dissolve the ingredients in water and rinse your mouth.

It is impossible not to note the positive impact of these products on the condition of the vessels. Apart from the fact that the mixture strengthens blood vessels, it is still able to reduce blood cholesterol and prevent the formation of thrombi.

Cinnamon and honey for weight loss: reviews, results, recipes

Honey drink with cinnamon has a positive impact on mental performance, increases the tone the body and the immune system. Also honey cocktail effectively combats arthritis. The drink should be drunk on an empty stomach.

Cinnamon and honey for weight loss: reviews, recipes

And yet most of honey and cinnamon to turn when they want to get rid of the extra kilos. Diet, which uses cinnamon with honey for weight loss, is getting good reviews. And the incredible story of how it was possible to throw in the range of 15-20 kg, encourage more and more people to try this recipe.

Of course, we must understand that good results can not be achieved only by consuming daily honey and cinnamon: here for help losing weight must come low-calorie diet, exercise, etc. Cinnamon and honey, which speed up the metabolism and burn fat, just helpers... In addition, there is a good chance to improve the skin condition, because these foods help cleanse the body.

It remains to determine how to use cinnamon with honey for weight loss? How to cook based on these products, drinks and blended foods for ingestion?

Wonder cocktail

You have decided to try a cocktail "Cinnamon and honey" for weight loss? How to cook it? Necessary in a glass of hot water, add half a teaspoon of spices. Once the water has cooled slightly, the cocktail is added honey - a teaspoon, too. Bee products are only added to warm water, because hot they lose their useful properties. If there is a desire in the cocktail can also add lemon juice.

The drink should be a little brew. Then it is removed in the refrigerator. Drink honey drink on an empty stomach you need in the morning and evening, about 200 grams.

Cinnamon, honey, ginger

Another spice that has a fat burning effect - a ginger. Tincture, which includes the addition of cinnamon and honey ginger, capable of simply performing miracles. To cook it, it will take 1 hour. L. ginger and 1 hour. l. cinnamon. Mixed spices need to pour boiling water - just 200ml. After half an hour can be added to the infusion for 4 hours. L. honey. Alternatively, the final stage of preparation, you can add them to the cocktail also lemon juice.

Cinnamon and honey for weight loss: reviews, results, recipes

Tea with honey and cinnamon

There is nothing easier than to make your own flavored tea with cinnamon. It is great for diet, if only because it reduces cravings for chocolate and other desserts.

A ready-made tea with a spicy taste can be purchased at the store. Or will not be difficult to cook their own regular black or green tea, flavored with a pinch of cinnamon.

Coffee with spices

The taste of cinnamon and honey blends wonderfully with coffee drinks. In this case, cinnamon flavored tart drink, but the honey will have to have a little spoons, as they say, a bit of sugar.

Honey, cinnamon and bread

As a scented additive to fresh bread can be consumed with honey cinnamon slimming. Reviews suggest that spread on a slice of bread honey, sprinkle with cinnamon - a better alternative to smoked products harmful or butter. If the bread will be in addition dietary or bran - it is only a plus slimming.


Incredibly useful cinnamon with honey for weight loss (reviews recipes contain different). We should not forget that cellulite can be combated as externally - with the help of massage, rubs and wraps.

Wraps are held in SPA-salons, because it is difficult to reproduce this procedure at home. If it is not possible to visit the interior, should be reserved for the following ingredients home wraps:

  • sage essential oil or citrus (3 drops);
  • natural ground coffee (2 tbsp..);
  • ground cinnamon (20 g);
  • natural honey (liquid).

Honey in tandem with caffeine improves blood flow, metabolism and the breakdown of fats. Cinnamon warm up the skin and increase the effect of the procedure. Oils same relaxing effect will, get rid of extra cellular fluid, which sometimes is the cause of puffiness. Before the procedure, you need to prepare the mixture for wrapping: in warmed honey to add all of the ingredients listed above. Skin must be cleaned of contaminants scrub can then be applied to the warm composition. Top areas of the body covered with a honey mask, should be wrapped with cling film. To get the desired result, it is not enough - on top of the body, wear cotton clothes and anything else warmer. In this "outfit" can engage in dynamic exercises. Or you can lie down under a blanket and relax a bit.

Cinnamon and honey for weight loss: reviews, results, recipes

How to keep the composition of the skin? How much time permits, there are no restrictions. Rinse with honey and spices need hot water. And at the end of the procedure is useful to use an anti-cellulite agent.

10 days of daily treatments can get rid of 2-3 centimeters in problem areas.

The effectiveness of a diet of honey with cinnamon also depends on several factors that should be considered.

The quality of the ingredients

Honey should be applied in all cases unpasteurized, fresh and unprocessed. Otherwise, the body does not receive the vitamins and active substances which accelerate the regeneration and burn fats. It is also important to choose the right cinnamon, because the name of this spice is sometimes sold just substitutes. One of these alternatives - Cassia.

How to distinguish between true and cassia cinnamon? Cassia darker has a reddish hue, tougher structure. Natural cinnamon is light in color, it sticks more fragile, and the price of the product is much higher.

beverage temperature

Hot water may not be used for beverages, which include cinnamon, honey. Slimming (reviews, photos try the diet to confirm this) need to honey maintains its healthy qualities, and after heat treatment they usually disappear.

Side Effects

Using any diet, it is important not to harm your health. Every product has its contraindications. This also applies to recipes that use cinnamon with honey for weight loss. Side effects from the use of a diet will affect primarily those who are allergic to cinnamon or honey. In such cases, the temperature may rise, upset digestion.

What other contraindications have recipes that use cinnamon with honey for weight loss? Reviews (who tried to stick to the diet, are eager to share their experiences) diabetics warned that honey from the increased blood sugar. Honey - is a prohibited product for this category of people.

The more dangerous cinnamon with honey for weight loss? Reviews gynecologists say that cinnamon is capable of causing involuntary contractions of the uterus. From this it follows that pregnant women should give up such experiments.

Gastric ulcer - this is another reason to abandon the use of cinnamon as it tends to irritate the stomach wall. This applies doses of spices, which exceeds half a teaspoon.

Also, caution should be people who suffer from poor blood clotting - cinnamon thins it even more. In addition, the flavoring can cause palpitations.

Cinnamon and honey for weight loss: reviews, results, recipes

On this list of side effects finishes. It remains to find out the duration of the diet, which uses cinnamon with honey for weight loss. How many days a drink? How long do you need to wrap?

Cinnamon and honey for weight loss: reviews, course duration

In the case of wraps procedure must be done within 10 days. Preferably daily or every other day.

Popular tool - it infusions and beverages, which include cinnamon and honey. Slimming how many days need to drink honey and spicy cocktail? The answer to this question depends on the amount of extra pounds. On average, out of the week 3-5 kilograms, subject to the diet. If you want to achieve more, then the diet course should be extended.

The weight that you can lose through diet

When used in dietary purposes cinnamon with honey for weight loss, how much you can lose weight? Reviews some people say that you can lose, and 20 kg. But to lose as much weight loss will be possible only through an integrated approach to the problem. This means that should be employed: well-balanced low-calorie diet, exercise, anti-cellulite massage, sauna, etc...

Reviews lost weight

How effective is cinnamon with honey for weight loss? Reviews slimming positive, if they do not rely only on the use of these products. Those people who are willing to work on themselves, willing to do physical exercise, shed kilos quickly.

What else you need to bring the desired results cinnamon with honey for weight loss? Reviews lost weight suggests that it is impossible to gain lean body, if you continue to lean on pastries, fatty, smoked. Without dieting to chip kilograms would "load up" again and again.

Cinnamon and honey for weight loss: reviews, results, recipes

How to control your appetite? If you turn on the menu more greens, fruits, nuts and vegetables, the body will get all the necessary nutrients and, therefore, enhanced appetite Losing weight is not threatened. In addition, the use of cinnamon reduces sugar cravings - this is also confirmed by experiment. So that problems should not arise.

However, some people complain that the mead and cinnamon has an unpleasant taste. We have to literally force yourself to drink it. But then, of course, it all depends on personal taste preferences - someone like spicy cocktails are fun.

Another tip on losing weight - do not throw selected for a program in a month. It often happens that the body spends only thirty days to adapt. Expect results is worth at least a half or two months. Do not look for easy ways, we must understand that honey drinks - this is an accessory and not the main means. Those purifying and stimulating properties, which have a cinnamon and honey, really can catalyze the process of weight loss. But each person individual body, so for a category three kilos a week - this is a normal figure for other acceptable result - only 7 kg per month. It turns out that you need to try different recipes and make conclusions for themselves independently.