Body wraps for weight loss at home: recipes, reviews

Be beautiful not forbid, so if you have a salon treatment is not enough time or money to help wraps for weight loss at home. Today, there are dozens of recipes, many of which are quite simple, and performance do not differ from the most popular brands. Choose one that you like, prepare the necessary ingredients and go into the world of bliss and relaxation. Home treatment can be even more enjoyable than the salon, because at home you will not be distracted, and you can do what he likes in the process. Especially effective body wraps for weight loss at home in when you need in a short time to get rid of a few centimeters in the waist and hips.

Body wraps for weight loss at home: recipes, reviews

What are wraps

Recipes just do not count - fruit mustard, honey and pepper, coffee and chocolate, clay and oil, algae and green tea, vinegar, wine, rice. Those who have already been in the showrooms, it seems that repeat wraps for weight loss at home will not work. We reassure you: nothing complicated in these procedures is not the most important thing - to observe the correct recipe and take the full course - from 10 to 25 repetitions at intervals of several days. The result will be elastic and velvety skin.

Do body wraps for weight loss helps in the home

Let's assume what effect you want to achieve. If you have a lot of weight (read reserve fat), no body wraps for weight loss at home (feedback is fully confirmed) will not help. Equals useless and salon treatments. The volume may be reduced by a few centimeters, but it will be noticeable only on the slim figure.

So, to lose weight with the help of wraps does not work, it requires a holistic approach, stick to your diet and exercise. But the skin is in the process of weight loss remained beautiful and fit very well take place from time to time such procedures. In addition, an excellent result given wraps, combined with physical exercise. Your task is to tightly wrap the body with cling film to the active substance affected locally, wear comfortable clothes and perform a series of simple exercises. Efficiency will be several times higher than that of simple exercises.

Body wraps for weight loss at home: recipes, reviews

Contra, or What to Consider

You can not blindly apply the wraps for weight loss at home. Recipes are designed for healthy people, and, therefore, can cause harm. During pregnancy, all kinds of body wraps are contraindicated. To maintain the skin tone is only necessary to use a special cream against stretch marks. Strongly recommended that such procedures for people suffering from serious diseases of various organs and systems. Any inflammation or tumor - it is also a signal to cancel the hot wraps. The contraindications listed as heart failure, hypertension, varicose veins. You can not use wraps for inflammatory and infectious processes in the body, diseases of the lymphatic vessels. Any skin diseases and allergies are the reason at least to consult a doctor.

The procedure wraps

The beauty is definitely more convenient, there is a special couch, equipped for application and flushing of the current composition without unnecessary problems. But it is possible to adapt and perform no less effective body wraps for weight loss at home. Recipes can be chosen to your taste based on what you have at home. Having defined the ingredients, we proceed to the preparation of the skin. There is a very important point. Wraps are hot and cold, and all contraindications are hot varieties. Just this group and is renowned for performance, that is, fast weight loss. Cold wrap perfectly tones skin. Depending on the type, the skin should be clean scrub or improve efficiency by decoupling.

Body wraps for weight loss at home: recipes, reviews

Let's wrapping

Many successfully practiced wraps for weight loss at home. Reviews talk about quick results and stunningly smooth skin like a baby, after the first procedure. So you have to prepare your skin, now you need to wipe it dry with a towel. Such rubbing promotes blood flow. Proceed to the application of your chosen composition. Below we will discuss a variety of recipes, from which you will definitely be able to choose your own. Apply the current composition should be on problem areas. Now take a plastic wrap and start reeling in a spiral. You need to completely wrap the whole problem area, and tight enough. At the same time squeeze the skin and disrupt blood flow should not be. It remains to put on warm clothes or wrap yourself in a blanket. So easily and naturally there is weight loss at home. Wrap will give a good effect if you want to quickly lose a few kilos. If you want to lose weight much more, then you need to move a little. For example, instead of being thrilled with a blanket, to march around the room. Good green tea promotes weight loss. Prepare a stock of this wonderful drink.

Body wraps for weight loss at home: recipes, reviews

duration of one procedure

It is important to focus on health. Start at 20 minutes, gradually bringing up to one hour. Do not let the request immediately become slim and beautiful take on a top. If you feel discomfort, severe burning or dizziness, stop the procedure and consult your doctor. Once the time is up, you need to carefully remove the tape and wash away the remnants. The skin should apply anti-cellulite composition to secure the effect.

What you get as a result of the procedure? Extra centimeters leave, reduced cellulite. Blood flow in problem areas is improved and, therefore, the skin will look every day better. In addition, these procedures give cheerfulness and good humor.

Body wraps for weight loss at home: recipes, reviews

Coffee wrap

Today many talk about the benefits of coffee for weight loss. These wonderful beans stimulate the body and give a lot of energy. But use them not only inside. Equally popular body wraps for weight loss at home with coffee. You need not drink instant coffee, but real fine grinding grain. The powder should be diluted with milk, the mass is put on a body and well wrap film. This kind of wrapping replaced immediately and scrub, which acts as the coffee. As a result, you can see a pronounced anti-cellulite effect, the skin toned, improves blood circulation. In addition, this recipe stimulates the metabolism.

Body wraps for weight loss at home: recipes, reviews

Pepper wraps

This is a real classic. In today's market you can find such an abundance of anti-cellulite creams and tinctures did not doubt the effectiveness of this tool. Body wraps for weight loss at home with pepper - this is a cheap import analogue funds in expensive jars. The most important action - is a skin heating. The blood rushes through local irritation to the desired area, and thus normalizes metabolism. Increased skin temperature that promotes rapid disposal of excess liquid. You feel lighter and more energetic. You can not use this wrap, if you are prone to allergic reactions. Strong burning sensation - it is a signal to stop the procedure. Sensitive skin after washing residuals need soothing tonic or nourishing cream. Ingredients for wraps can build their improvised. To do this, you need red pepper and cinnamon in equal proportions. They add the same amount of vegetable oil (for example, a tablespoon of pepper and cinnamon and two tablespoons of oil). The mixture was applied to 30 minutes, preferably while slightly move. If a strong burning sensation, wash immediately.

Body wraps for weight loss at home: recipes, reviews

Honey wraps

Stunning performance and power of the procedure. Honey gives a boost of energy and nutrition for the skin, evens out the relief and gives elasticity. There is hot and cold wraps for weight loss at home with honey. At the same time more effective for weight loss is a hot option. Cold wraps can be used in the final stages to secure the effect. For the procedure, you will need honey. To improve the efficiency make different variations of this wrap. Honey mixed with mustard, milk and various oils. All supplements only enhance the effectiveness of wraps. If you have problem skin, prone to rashes, especially recommended for weight loss body wraps at home with honey. Reviews suggest that almost immediately pass the inflammation, the skin becomes healthy and beautiful, taut and toned.

Recipe from nature itself: blue clay

This eco-friendly product that can harm your health. The effectiveness of blue clay has proven more than one generation. Even our grandmothers used this means to maintain the beauty. We'll tell you how to make the most effective body wraps for weight loss at home. Blue clay contains a large amount of nutrients. Such structure allows to open the pores, and its active elements excrete toxins and wastes, favorably influence the sweating. The result will be stunning appearance of the skin, her smartness, smoothness. With regular use of such procedures weight begins to decrease gradually, that is good. Prepare for mass application is very simple. Enough to dissolve the clay with water. You will have a paste that can be easily applied to the skin, but it should not run with you. After that, wrap the body tightly with cling film. Now you can just lie down or do household chores. Exposure time - 30-50 minutes. It should be the right accents, if your goal - prevention of cellulite and excess weight, then you can lie on the couch. If there is a need for more drastic weight loss, use this time to exercise or walk.


Wraps have tried to do almost all women. Judging by the reviews, the most effective (and aggressive) are hot pepper wraps. They can be used in the first stage, when it is necessary to speed up the metabolism and start the weight loss process. By the way, it will more fun, if you connect a diet. In the later stages of a woman is very praise cold wraps based on blue clay, honey, medicinal oils. This allows you to secure the anti-cellulite effect.