Cinnamon Hair: reviews, cinnamon hair bleaching, hair mask with cinnamon

Aromatic cinnamon is familiar to many cooks. With its help you can create true masterpieces in the kitchen. But this wonderful product features do not end there. Cinnamon can also be used for cosmetic purposes. Masks with this component makes the skin more healthy, and the hair - silky. Spice may also be used as a natural colorant. Cinnamon hair is used since ancient times. And those who are familiar with his grandmother's recipes, it is possible to save on great masks and special paints.

Useful properties of tropical spices

Cinnamon is widely used not only in cooking but also in folk medicine. Spice used for colds, as well as disorders in the digestive tract. Cinnamon improves blood circulation. Not by chance the product is recommended to use for people who have problems in the cardiovascular system. Tropical spice is rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. People who often use this product for longer stays young.

Cinnamon Hair: reviews, cinnamon hair bleaching, hair mask with cinnamon

Cinnamon Hair can be used at home. The product strengthens the hair follicles, promotes speedy growth of hair. In addition, clarification of cinnamon hair allows us to transform without the use of chemical compounds, which are very spoiled hair. In cosmetic purposes is most commonly used spice in the form of powder. Less can be used essential oil of cinnamon.

Strengthening curls

After staining in the dark can also be made with cinnamon hair lightening. Reviews show that to fully restore the native hue fails. Together with this cinnamon gives hair beautiful shine. In addition, the tropical spice can restore hair after dyeing chemical composition. Cinnamon acts directly on the hair roots, awakening them by stimulating blood circulation.

Cinnamon Hair: reviews, cinnamon hair bleaching, hair mask with cinnamon

There is a simple way to strengthen the hair after dyeing. On a typical shampoo is necessary to add a few drops of essential oil of cinnamon. With this cosmetic acquire new properties and will become even more fragrant. You can also perform a head massage with essential oil of cinnamon. The procedure makes hair stronger, prevents hair loss.

lighten hair after dyeing

Many girls like to experiment with your appearance. From blonde to brown-haired woman can become easy enough, but to return to a lighter shade, we have to try very hard. On sale there are special washes hair, which help to quickly restore the color. However, they can not be called useful. But is not harmful lightening cinnamon hair. Photos before and after the procedure, speak eloquently for themselves. Strands become brighter for a few tones and remain healthy.

Cinnamon Hair: reviews, cinnamon hair bleaching, hair mask with cinnamon

It should be noted that the hair lightening cinnamon does not fit all. Girls who have black hair from nature, such a process of transformation will not work. With cinnamon will only be strengthened strands after clarification ink containing ammonia.

How to prepare the mixture to lighten hair?

It requires a lot of patience with cinnamon hair lightening. Before and after the difference is noticeable immediately. Will have to make several procedures to change the locks a little shade. It is also very important to prepare the mixture to lighten. To prepare the mixture will need hair conditioner, fresh honey and ground cinnamon. Better to buy a spice whole and grind it at home. Cinnamon hair retain more useful properties, if it is prepared directly prior to application.

Cinnamon Hair: reviews, cinnamon hair bleaching, hair mask with cinnamon

To the mixture should be selected non-metallic utensils that will not react with natural ingredients. On sale there are special containers for the preparation of cosmetic paints. Before connecting all the ingredients honey is a bit heated. It should be noted that the product itself may have little to lighten the hair. If the strands are not too long, it will be enough to add 150 ml of balm 3 tablespoons cinnamon and 4 tablespoons of honey. All thoroughly mixed.

How do I apply the mixture?

Cinnamon hair will be more useful if the preliminary well wash your hair. The mask is applied on slightly damp strands. Overdry hair dryer undesirable. The mixture should be spread over the entire length, soaking each individual strand. It is very important. If you do not consider this rule clarification will be made uneven. If a little mask gets on your skin, you can feel a slight burning sensation. This action of cinnamon, which stimulates blood circulation. Should avoid contact with the eyes.

Cinnamon Hair: reviews, cinnamon hair bleaching, hair mask with cinnamon

With the greenhouse effect will be made more intense lighting cinnamon hair. Reviews show that with a towel on his head locks have become lighter with the first mask. Additionally, you can wrap your hair with plastic wrap. The mixture must be kept on the hair for at least 3 hours.

How to wash off the mask?

The mixture can be difficult to remove from the hair. Grains cinnamon mixed up in the strands. Pre-head better rinse with warm water several times. When the remains of the mixture will be completely removed, it is possible to wash hair with shampoo favorite. To strands become more compliant and soft, they can be rinsed with water, dilute citric acid.

Cinnamon Hair: reviews, cinnamon hair bleaching, hair mask with cinnamon

After the hair has dried cinnamon grains may still remain in the strands. They can easily be combed out using a conventional massage brush. It imparts a distinct flavor strands of hair lightening cinnamon. Photo, unfortunately, can not pass it. One has only to try again this wonderful mask, make sure it is unique properties.

To summarize

Cinnamon has many useful properties. This product has virtually no contraindications. It is not necessary to use a mask with the spice only to those who have problems with the scalp. The product may cause burning and itching. But for hair growth stimulation cinnamon fit perfectly. Strands is shiny and thick.

Using natural ingredients is helping to change the image without any harm to health. Even during pregnancy can perform lightening cinnamon hair. Photos before and after the procedure are impressive. The hair becomes brighter for a few tones, and shine health. The mask can be done to revive the strands, dyed chemical composition. You can experiment with ingredients. Cinnamon perfectly with components such as yogurt, egg yolks, olive oil, and so on. D.