Kudo: what is this sport and how is it useful

Appointment of martial arts (hereinafter, BI) - not only physical, but also spiritual training fighters. In Japan and China had created a great variety of martial arts, but among them stands out especially kudo. This is a relatively new (creation date - the end of XX century), a kind of martial arts, which can be engaged in both adults and children.

Kudo: what is this sport?

In 1981, a Japanese martial artist Takashi Azuma thought about creating a new BI, which would combine the advantages of the most effective martial arts. As a basis he used karate, Muay Thai and Judo. So there was a kudo. What kind of sport? It allowed the fight in the bar and the stalls (including suffocating and painful receptions).

Kudo: what is this sport and how is it useful

Kudo called "the art of real combat," because the model matches the situation in this battle. But this does not mean that there are used "dirty" deceptive tactics. On the contrary, special attention is paid to respect for opponents and teammates. Thanks to clearly defined rules and the availability of protective equipment avoids the usual problems of wrestlers and boxers - broken ears and noses, concussions and other injuries.

A strict set of rules

Kudo - what is this sport? The rules are pretty strict. The process is estimated only real contact technique. On the heads of soldiers wearing helmets with plastic visor. Also used shell, bandages for brushes and other tools.

Kudo: what is this sport and how is it useful

In the battle allowed blows in almost all parts of the body (with the exception of the back and neck), throws, painful and suffocating, "Ground-and-Pound" (t. E. Punches at an opponent lying on the ground). You can not use methods that may cause damage to the joints. When considering "kudo - what kind of sport," should definitely pay attention to weight categories. There are none. Instead, a "coefficient" - a combination of fighters growth in cm and weight in kg. Due to this it is possible to more accurately reduce the participants in duels.

Kudo - what kind of sport for children

Experts recommend that parents bring their children to the sports section of about 7-8 years. At this age the child already knows what to do can be and that - you can not, and knows how to use tried and tested skills. It is worth, if before the children were engaged in artistic gymnastics section, as it helps to find the right banner and coordination.

Kudo: what is this sport and how is it useful

The purpose of the training - not only teach your child to defend himself, but also to strengthen their health. Kudo - what is this sport and how it helps to improve the physical form? Consider this question in more detail.


  • Exercise strengthens muscular frame. They have a positive effect on the muscles of the hips and back, learn to run fast and jump high, protect against obesity and problems with internal organs.
  • improved coordination, efficiency works vestibular apparatus. In the future it will help to learn a lot of interesting specialties - from the dancer to the pilot.
  • BI teach discipline and kudo - especially. Almost every lesson focuses greeting trainer and other participants. Children learn to respect themselves and others. Increased observation and care, which has a positive effect on learning.

Before the battle participant necessarily bows. After - too. In fact, the child gets into an environment where all behave respectfully to each other. He gets an example of how to deal with their peers and elders, learn to thank others, he wants. All this contributes to the development of the correct behaviors.

Kudo: what is this sport and how is it useful

Some parents worry that their children studied the BI will behave aggressively towards others. This is not true. During the lessons pupils learn what self-control. It becomes interesting just to show his power.

The benefit for adults

Can an adult fighter kudo effectively use their skills in a real fight? Kudo - what is this sport? Reviews say that it is possible to successfully apply skills in real life. This BI is classified as mixed martial arts, t. E. The participant will feel confident in the rack, and at the time of the fight on the ground. However, remember that to fight better not to bring.

you can go from the sport in other types of martial arts - for example, in the Army unarmed combat and combat sambo. They paid no attention to the philosophical side of the question, and the effectiveness in combat. Obtained during employment kudo skills (including discipline) will help you quickly master the most advanced techniques.

Is there a risk of injury?

Any martial art (and almost any sport) is associated with the risk of injury, but he kudo is minimized due to protective gear. Even football is more dangerous! Classes are conducted under the full control of the coach, which monitors the implementation of techniques and stops the fight, if things had gone too far.

What do I need to start

Before writing a son or daughter in the sports section, be sure to visit a doctor and get a certificate of good health.

Kudo: what is this sport and how is it useful

For regular workouts you need the following things:

  • dogs (a kimono variety);
  • plates on the feet and hands;
  • cap;
  • helmet;
  • bandage.

It is also recommended to grab a couple of your training legs, but it depends on the particular section. Some already have all the necessary equipment. Section often collaborate with equipment manufacturers - you can buy it from partners at a low price.

So kudo. What kind of sport in Japan? Land of the rising sun - a mysterious country with a lot of interesting traditions. This BI will appeal to those who do not just want to become stronger, but wants to get acquainted with a reservoir of eastern philosophy, and find a number of useful in everyday life skills.