The rules of MMA. Fights without rules or safe sport?

MMA (or Mixed martial arts, in translation - "mixed martial arts") - a sport associated with the huge number of myths. Someone thinks that there are no rules. Someone - that the fights are held only in the underground, illegal tournaments. None of these rumors, not a drop of truth. Consider (and refute) the most popular myths about mixed martial arts.

What is MMA (ultimate fighting)

Yes, once it was. At first, the UFC tournaments, in the 90s, did almost no restrictions. The soldiers could go in any uniform and use of virtually any techniques (including pull each other's hair). Prohibits only the most "dirty" tricks, like poking fingers in the eyes.

The organizers of the tournament did not even count on his very popular ideas, but a new sport to many liked. It drew the attention of a huge number of people, among whom were representatives of the regulatory bodies. As a result, MMA rules were created in order to legalize the sport. Fights without rules become quite official.

The rules of MMA. Fights without rules or safe sport?

Now UFC (the most well-known organization in mixed martial arts), the following rules:

  • The men are necessarily mouthpiece and protective shell. Before the battle the referee checks whether the participant has not forgotten about these devices.
  • Completely banned doping (including anabolic steroids) and drugs. This regulation severely observed in the US and Europe. Many well-known fighters for violation of this paragraph have been suspended for long periods. Among them - former champion Jon Jones and Anderson Silva.
  • Many methods are not permitted. For example, you can not beat the enemy's head, biting it, attack the groin, neck, spine ... It is impossible to scratch, grab cheeks, nostrils and pull to make a number of other dangerous methods.

MMA (ultimate fighting) is actually subject to many limitations. Although, of course, allowed more here than in a conventional fight or boxing.

This is a dangerous sport

To reduce the risk for participants, of MMA rules were developed. Ultimate fighting, unfortunately, often end in severe knockouts, but deaths in the sport called a lot less than in the skiing, sports acrobatics and boxing! The reason is that the fights in MMA does not necessarily have to end with a knockout. Here it is possible to win on points, painful or suffocating reception, a stop at the request of the doctor ...

The rules of MMA. Fights without rules or safe sport?

Of course, old age active participants accumulate heavy burden of injuries, but the situation with them is still lighter than in boxing. If a fighter for career take precautions and not too often climb in the "control room", most likely, he will do without serious injuries.

Mixed Martial Arts are only suitable for men

MMA (ultimate fighting) - girls. Seemingly impossible combination? But no. Duels of the fair sex attracted great attention of the audience. Names Gina Carano (after the end of his career has gone in the movie was filmed and, for example, in the film "Deadpool"), Rhonda Rose, Christina Giustino, Holly Hill, Paige Vanzant and many others are always on the ear with fans of martial arts. In women's matches are all the same rules of MMA. Fights without rules do not differ by gender.

The rules of MMA. Fights without rules or safe sport?

Here are fighting representatives of different styles of

Yes and no. The first tournament was actually held in a "style vs. style" (eg, karate against wrestling, boxing against some ninjutsu), but this has led to the confident dominance Royce Gracie - school representative of the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. It turned out, Jiu-Jitsu is ideal for mixed martial arts with restrictions on styles.

The rules of MMA. Fights without rules or safe sport?

The rest of the men, too, have begun to study a martial art, then one and another more ... As a result, was born what is called the modern MMA - a mixture of different styles, in which attention is paid to the battles in the rack, and fight.

Of course, many men rely on a specific part of the training. For example, representatives of the Russian popular MMA combat sambo and wrestling, in Brazilian - Jiu-Jitsu and Muay Thai. Some prefer to keep fighting in the rack, the other - a quick translation of the battle on the ground. There are generalists who are equally good and there and there.

As you can see, the rules of MMA (ultimate fighting) strictly regulate the process. This is an interesting, popular and official in most countries sport. Best MMA fights without rules gather multimillion audience no less than the famous boxing matches.