What is Kickboxing? Features, history, advantages and interesting facts

What is Kickboxing? Some experts consider it the most spectacular sport. They explain this by saying that in this duel there is a symbiosis of strokes (kick) and boksirovaniya (boxing). Hence the name. Rules and equipment are taken out of the box and throws, sweeps and kicks - from martial arts. In this article we will explain in detail what is kickboxing.


This duel appeared in 1960-70 years of the last century. Kickboxing is home to the US since the first competition for the versatile fighters "All Styles Karate" and "Full Contact Karate" was held there. It is said that the name of Chuck Norris invented a single combat - multiple champion in kickboxing. At the same time, it was adopted and the rules of competition. At first they were in America, and then began to take place in other countries. In tournaments, it had plenty of fans and prize pools regularly raised.

Popularity of kickboxing largely contributed to champions and Hollywood actors in one guise - Chuck Norris, Benny Urquidez and Don Wilson. The new form of martial arts has gained popularity also because that has absorbed the best of karate, taekwondo, martial arts, English and Thai boxing. A spectator sympathy for full contact kickboxing fights was not forbidden to strike either the head or in the body. On the contrary, it is allowed to do in full force and legs, and hands. In 1974, the first professional kickboxing federation was founded (RSA). This year can be considered the official date of the emergence of martial arts. And after only a couple of years, its federation of kickboxing (WAKO) appeared in Europe, where the sport caught on quickly. Now it is the oldest organization for amateur fighters, bringing together under the aegis of 89 countries.

What is Kickboxing? Features, history, advantages and interesting facts

Basic Rules

With regard to the rules of kickboxing has evolved significantly over the years of its existence. At first it was installed at a minimum: in the ring were resolved throws footrests, grabs, undercuts, as well as any punches as the hands and feet. Later introduced a rule "8 strokes" when during the round kickboxer had to put at least eight kicks. This would give the fights entertainment. Now the rules have changed in the direction of "6 strikes." Also, fighters can not carry out throws, holds and strikes elbow and knee.

At the moment, kickboxing competitions are held in view of the weight categories, which previously did not exist. A biennial amateur fighters taking part in the world championships and continental championships, which used Olympic selection system. But it's different from the professionals. They have the main thing - is to prove that you're the best. For this rating fights are held in each weight category. Whoever wins the most fights and attains the highest score receives the right to challenge the defending champion in kickboxing. The battle took place in the ring. Lovers of the winner is determined in a 3 two-minute rounds, and the professionals - in the 6-8 two minutes. As a rule, the length of the fight for the title is 12 rounds.

What is Kickboxing? Features, history, advantages and interesting facts

Schools, trends, styles

It is difficult to enumerate all the trends and styles of modern kickboxing. We call it the main species have significant differences in the rules: it is European, American and Japanese (K-1). Just last option is the most popular today. K-1 appeared in Japan in 1993, turning the traditional kick-boxing in the country in one of the most developed in the world of martial arts. K-1 is an explosive mixture of taekwondo, Sanda, Karate and other martial arts. Organization of competitions in kickboxing Japanese company engaged in FEG (Fighting and Entertainment Group). First, the best fighters are selected from the regional competitions. But the winner is determined at the annual tournament K-1 World Grand Prix. And if in Europe this form of martial arts has long been fond of, the US fights K-1 held exclusively in Las Vegas or Honolulu. In most states, they are banned.

What is Kickboxing? Features, history, advantages and interesting facts

The specifics of the Japanese kickboxing

What seduces fans of K-1? Fans of Japanese kickboxing can not accurately define: a spectacle it or is it a sport. K-1 can not be considered cruel because a sufficient amount of the entered rules. Fight goes three three-minute rounds. If during this time is a winner, it will be assigned to the decisive round. If both athletes fell to the canvas in sync and can not get up, draw. The K-1 acts generally three knockdowns. In this case, the victory goes to TKO. It captivates viewers what is happening in the ring, because they see how much effort making kickboxer in fights under the aegis of the K-1. Draws are rare. Most often, one of the athletes is knocked out.

What is Kickboxing? Features, history, advantages and interesting facts


Looking the World Championship in kickboxing, you can instantly determine the professional he or amateur. In the first case, the athletes perform with a naked torso and a minimum of equipment: a mouth guard, groin, foot protectors, gloves and shorts. In amateur championship in kickboxing to protect listed species are added to the shin pads, helmets and jerseys. Girls breast protectors are provided. In amateur fights remedies are required. Sometimes, when you reach a mutual agreement, leg protectors are used in professional matches.

What is Kickboxing? Features, history, advantages and interesting facts


It is difficult to understand what the kickboxing until you are familiar with the technique of the arts. It includes several sections: protection, sweeps, kicks, and move the rack. In preparation for a fighter to each of them has been overlooked. They can not exist separately, as closely linked. Technique is a strict system of rules and failure to comply with one immediately implies the failure of another. For example, lack of speed does not allow Kickboxer strike effectively and freely. Seeing the gap in technology, his opponent easily seize the initiative and complete the match in his favor.

What is Kickboxing? Features, history, advantages and interesting facts


Compared with other martial arts different loads used in kickboxing. And not just those that are directed at the development of muscle mass. Let's take a closer look at what kickboxing, in terms of its advantages. So the sport is developing:

  • muscles. Training can take place in a couple, with or without. It uses and mobile and stationary equipment: moving targets, shields, makivary, pillows and so on. All this creates a beautiful muscle. No wonder kickboxers have the athletic figure.
  • Endurance. Push-ups, lunges, squats, driving range arms and legs - this is not a complete list of exercises that are performed on the athletes training. All of them are perfectly develop endurance.
  • Coordination of. Her generate employment with high-speed blower. There are two training modes: anaerobic and aerobic. Regardless of the type of kickboxing, they are used simultaneously. For example, running - is an aerobic exercise, and jumping rope are categorized as anaerobic exercises. The predominance of a particular regime will depend on the athlete's personal goals.
  • Flexibility. Exercises on a quality required in kickboxing. They make strikes more high-quality and accurate.
  • motility. Its developing active displacement around the ring. Fighter is on the move constantly.

Therefore, a kickboxing workout develop qualities that may well be useful in everyday life. In addition, it's a great stress prevention.

What is Kickboxing? Features, history, advantages and interesting facts

Interesting Facts

With the English word "Kickboxing" is translated as "fight with kicks."

Female kickboxing originates in 1985.

In 1989, screens out the picture "Kickboxer" Cassie Michel and Jean-Claude Van Damme. Mark Dacascos starred in the fifth part of the film.

At the time, acted in kickboxing Alexander Povetkin and Vitali Klitschko.

In the second half of the 20th century in the United States are actively developing cinema. Particularly popular at the time were militants, which has become a star Bruce Lee. In this regard, many have completed a career kickboxer moved to the actors, stuntmen and stunt coordinators. They regularly demonstrated on the screens of the style techniques.