What is Taekwondo? Description and the rules of martial art

What is Taekwondo? This question is often asked by people. Taekwondo - a Korean martial art that has gained much popularity in our time. Athletes in this form arts basically use kicks. For them give a lot of points, and they can do more damage to the opponent. Taekwondo is an Olympic sport.

The philosophy of Taekwondo

What is Taekwondo? This question can be answered fans of martial arts. This form of martial arts teaches the following principles:

  • poise - loss of self control can lead to serious consequences;
  • indomitable spirit - in stressful situations a person must be resolute and honest with others;
  • respectful - politeness, respect for others and lack of bad habits;
  • perseverance - a successful person always works hard;
  • integrity - in life you need to learn to distinguish truth from falsehood.
What is Taekwondo? Description and the rules of martial art

The history and development of

Martial arts have appeared in Korea for more than 2000 years ago. Compared with other types of combat Taekwondo is the youngest. In ancient times on the Korean peninsula were 3 independent kingdom. They are not only at odds with each other, but also fought against external aggressors. That is why it was necessary to develop the martial arts. In the early twentieth century, Korea was invaded by Japan. Masters of Korean art - this, were forced to remain in hiding. The liberation of Korea took place in 1945.

After the war, in Korea there are many schools that teach martial arts with different names and styles of fighting. Came to power, President Park Chung-hee decided to create a single fighting style, which is controlled by the state. This style of management has decided to name taekwondo. In such a short period of the existence of this type of martial arts a huge number of fans all over the world. To date, Schools Taekwondo, are available in many countries. When asked what is the Taekwondo, even kids can answer today.

What is Taekwondo? Description and the rules of martial art

the WTF Taekwondo

What is Taekwondo WTF? This question is often asked by fans before us sport. Taekwondo WTF (World Taekwondo Federation) - is the most popular kind of fight today. The thing is that he is already over 10 years old is an Olympic sport. Athletes in a duel cause most of the kicks, as for the punch points give less. For punch athlete will receive a maximum of one point. And for hitting referee feet can give from 1 to 4 points. It depends on the location at which the drop impact, and of techniques for its implementation.

Athletes who come to fight, well protected. Outfit literally covers the entire body. Fight wins the one who has scored the highest number of points. Points are considered not only judges, but also technique. Judges are counted balls, if the shot hit the head. The number of beats in the body count technique. This is due to the fact that men are wearing electronic vests. Competitions Taekwondo riveting the attention of viewers. Battles take place at a fast pace with frequent use of effective methods of their feet, which we talked about above.

What is Taekwondo? Description and the rules of martial art

in the WTF Rules of Engagement

All fans of Taekwondo know that the official competitions are held according to the following rules:

  • official match consists of 3 rounds, each of which lasts for 3 minutes. Between each round there is a break of 1 minute. For children, whose age is less than 14 years, the rules changed. Duel also extends in round 3, but lasts 2 minutes. The interval between the rounds is reduced to 30 seconds;
  • Athletes are divided among themselves on the floor, weight class and age;
  • allowed to compete only masters who have trained in the technique sparingovoy at least 3 years;
  • the age of each fighter is determined by the year of birth;
  • athlete weighing takes place one day before the match. The athlete, whose weight exceeded the rate of a certain weight class before the event is not permitted;
  • match winning contestant who scored the most points;
  • for a blow to the body athlete receives 1 point, and for getting into the head - as much as 3;
  • All punches and kicks are executed to an area which is covered with a special protective vest. Hitting just feet are put in the head;
  • for non-compliance athlete gets a penalty point. If the battle for the athlete received 4 of these points, it will be disqualified. What is Taekwondo? Description and the rules of martial art

What is the difference Taekwondo ITF?

Taekwondo ITF - is the second most popular form of the sport before us in the world. This species is not included in the program of the Olympic Games. ITF Taekwondo is positioned as a means of self-defense for the man on the street. In this kind of fighters often operate hand, unlike an Olympic taekwondo. Fighters leaving the ring, do not wear a lot of protection.

They are only allowed to wear pads on his legs, gloves and mouthguard. Due to this, Taekwondo ITF is a traumatic sport. Soldiers also prohibited to hit in full force. Basically, here comes the use of technology. Bout lasts 3 rounds of 2 minutes. Punches and kicks are evaluated equally. For them give from 1 to 3 points.

What is Taekwondo? Description and the rules of martial art

A variety of GTF taekwondo

In Taekwondo GTF it has much in common with the ITF, but there are fundamental differences in the rules during the competition. Championships Taekwondo GTF strikes mainly applied by hand. It also allowed the men to wear a helmet. This species is absent in the Olympics, since it is quite travmoopasen. Therefore it is not popular among the people.

What is Taekwondo? Description and the rules of martial art

The appearance of the federation

ITF Taekwondo was created March 22, 1966. Its founder is the legendary Korean General Choi Hong Li. WTF World Taekwondo Federation was formed later - May 28, 1973. She organized Cho Chzhonvon. He is the current president of the federation. Taekwondo WTF task is to promote this martial art in the world.

Its headquarters is located in the homeland of this sport in Korea. This federation has a long period of time is in a variety of sports communities. The main achievement of Taekwondo Federation is the presence of the Olympic Committee. Thus, at the Summer Olympics competitions in the Korean martial art. Favorites are radonochalniki this kind of struggle - sportmeny from Korea.

The origin of Russian Federation in

Soviet citizens who worked and studied martial arts abroad, returning, brought home knowledge gained. Some while Taekwondo taught using foreign literature. For more information about this martial art, Soviet citizens learned from Korean students who studied in Russia. In the 80's martial arts were banned in the Soviet Union. The ban was lifted only in 1988. In 1989, Taekwondo masters from North Korea have been invited to Russia. In the same year, a group of Russian athletes took part in the international tournament. Where our soldiers, surprisingly many, took several medals in the heavyweight division. In the early 90-ies created two organizations in Russia Taekwondo Association and the Federation. Since 1991 in this sport are regularly held Russian championships in all age groups. Today in Russia you can visit and at international tournaments Taekwondo.

This type of combat arts like taekwondo, is becoming more popular among the people every year. Fights masters of the Korean martial arts are at full stands. Fights in official competitions only last 9 minutes, so athletes adhere to the high rhythm. In Russia, there are a large number of high-level fighters who are willing to fight in the prestigious competition for the top places.