What is different from sambo judo: comparison of techniques and rules

Virtually every national culture throughout history has formed its own specific self-defense system. Some of them have proved themselves in practice in actual combat and soon became part of the national identity. Others, by contrast, spread around the world, have won many followers and spawned offshoots podshkoly and even become part of the Olympic sports program. The most famous Japanese grappling system is judo. In the Soviet Union, an analogue of this struggle was developed by Russian researchers Sambo martial arts discipline (self-defense without weapons). So what is different from sambo judo?

The history of judo

It is the ancestor of judo Japanese master Kano (1860-1938). Kano practiced Jiu-Jitsu - mnogostilisticheskuyu Japanese system of unarmed combat, and sought to create something unique that would correspond to the old Japanese martial traditions and at the same time is an innovative direction.

What is different from sambo judo: comparison of techniques and rules

In 1822, Kano founded his school "Kodokan", and called the art of judo. The name means the way of softness and flexibility. Kano developed a style that allows wrapping strength and the opponent's weight against him, using the right leverage and technique. Priority in his technique is to achieve maximum efficiency at minimum cost. In addition to combat component, Kano art had to educate and personality traits such as discipline, resistance and will.

Four years later Cano art has been recognized at the state level and was taught in police academies and universities. Later, after the death of Kano, it has received international acclaim. Japanese masters invited to America and Europe, opened schools, and in 1964 entered the Japanese wrestling in the Olympic program.

As Sambo appeared

Soviet history of self-defense without weapons originated in the 20-30 years of the twentieth century. At the time of construction of a new country in the leadership of the USSR was a request for its own self-defense system that can be a bonding nation institution. Teaching method started Viktor Spiridonov. In parallel with the work Vasili Oshchepkov and his student Anatoly Kharlampiyev.

What is different from sambo judo: comparison of techniques and rules

The ancestors built on the basis of school discipline "Kodokan" (Oshchepkov trained in it) and the local Soviet wrestling styles such as gyulesh Azerbaijani, Uzbek Kurash, and others. The first competitions were held in the stadium "Dynamo" in 1923.

Since 1939, were regular championships of the USSR. In 1966, Sambo recognized international guise of fighting. Since steel is held European and World Championships.

Comparison of sambo and judo

From the above it can be concluded that the subjects are related. The way it is. Judo athletes often perform at SAMBO competitions, and vice versa, both sports are often under the auspices of a federation. And visually differs from Judo Sambo, can determine not everyone. Consequently, the choice between the section and the section Judo Sambo made sufficiently difficult. The main similarities are:

  1. Athletes compete in the outfit.
  2. The stylistic basis - sweeps and throws.
  3. applied pain techniques.
  4. There are no impacts.
What is different from sambo judo: comparison of techniques and rules

Also, there are fundamental differences.

In Judo:

  • The rules prohibit painful feet.
  • The focus is on the fight in the rack.
  • Tatami round shape.
  • outfit - kimono without shoes.
  • skill level is determined by the belt and the Danes.
  • On the Olympic program.

In Sambo:

  • The rules prohibit strangulation.
  • development of the struggle on the ground.
  • Tatami square shape.
  • Outfit - a light jacket and shoes.
  • skill level is defined categories and titles (1-bit, the master of sports, and so on. D.).

All this shows the difference between judo and sambo from what their similarities.

What is better: sambo or judo?

On this question there is no single answer. Both disciplines have won popularity worldwide: study judo police in the US, Sambo - in France. Founder of Sambo AA Harlampiev the question differs from judo and sambo that better answer that part can not be better than the whole, meaning that Sambo has incorporated the best elements of judo and supplemented their techniques from other forms of struggle. Sambo sections are more common in Russia, and Russian athletes clearly dominate in this sport on the world stage (competition they can make except that fighters from the former Soviet space).

Judo is the older and more traditional kind of fight which may have a centuries-old Japanese sport philosophy. Judo has received wider recognition, and if an athlete wants to achieve the highest echelon and become an Olympic champion, he should focus on judo.

Styles successor judo and sambo

Perhaps the most common is an offshoot of sports sambo martial arts. This discipline up to 90-ies of XX century was closed and was taught only among uniformed security forces. The main difference from the sports of combat sambo is the impact the system. In fact, it is close to the MMA sport, with a difference in equipment and awarding points (points are awarded only for the shots, not the strokes).

What is different from sambo judo: comparison of techniques and rules

Judo Master, traveling around the world have created many independent schools. The most famous today is the school of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, founded a graduate of Kodokan Mitsue Maeda and members of the Gracie family. This kind of struggle today is the main focus in the preparation of most MMA fighters.

Judo and Sambo MMA

In the world of mixed martial arts Judo and Sambo entered the preparatory practice fighters along with boxing, wrestling and Muay Thai.

The best-known representatives of Sambo are natives of Russia and the former Soviet Union. First of Sambo in the world arena loudly declared Emelianenko brothers, Oleg Taktarov, Igor Vovchanchin Mikhail Ilyukhin, Volk Han. Their ability to fight in the rack, and then lightning translate opponent to the ground and there to finish or hold receptions demonstrated the versatility of the discipline that they report. Today, the UFC style fight and win Sambo Habib Nurmagomedov Rustam Habil, Alexey Oleinik et al.

What is different from sambo judo: comparison of techniques and rules

The beauty of judo fighter's cells show such fighters as Hector Lombard, Yoshihiro Akiyama, Son Jong John, Karo Parisyan Manvel Gamburyan and Rhonda Rose. Bronze medalist of the Olympic Games in Beijing won 8 Ronda Rosie's first battles were conducted exclusively cast and elbow lever from judo.