Chuck Liddell: sportsman, businessman, actor

Mixed fighting originated on American soil. Therefore it is not surprising that many former and current champions in MMA came from the United States. One of these guys who literally soared to the top sporting achievements, a fighter named Chuck Liddell. Pohorje about his life and accomplishments.

The beginning of the life of

Legendary person was born in the US city of Santa Barbara, December 17, 1969. Chuck Liddell grew up without a father, so he was brought up her mother and grandfather. It was this elderly man and was the first teacher of the future stars of MMA. Starting from the age of twelve young man devotes himself to single combat under the title Something Kahn, which now indicates tattooed on the head of the athlete.

Chuck Liddell: sportsman, businessman, actor

During the school years, Chuck was elected captain of the two teams. He led both the players and wrestlers. When this guy was quite rowdy and often participated in various fights.


Chuck Liddell graduated in the walls of the California Polytechnic University. In this high school, he went to the agreement with the management, which is as follows: The student leads a team of champions, and instead charged him a scholarship. Of course, that Chuck did not give up such a lucrative offer for him and successfully for four years he was the captain of the wrestling team in exchange for good money.

Sports career

After receiving a bachelor's degree in economics Chuck Liddell I did not gave up martial arts and became a kickboxer. Head coach of the athlete became known John Hekleman. It was under his wing Chuck managed to become a two-time United States champion. At the same fighter he spent 22 fight, of whom 20 won. In addition Liddell began to actively explore the jiu-jitsu under John Lewis. Subsequently, both the above trainer is always present during the Chuck fights in the cage. Special attention should Appliances athlete. Chuck Liddell fights which have always been spectacular, during the strike was carrying her hand far enough during the swing. However, the angles of these attacks were unpredictable and unconventional. But that has always been the same stable in the fighter, is his impact toughness, the ability to knock out an opponent.

Chuck Liddell: sportsman, businessman, actor

Life in MMA

In spring 1998, Chuck Liddell (photo fighter is given in the article) first entered the octagon cage. His first opponent was the Noah Hernandez. "Ice" (the nickname Chuck) won by decision. However, the second bout of mixed martial arts appeared to Liddell failure because he lost Jeremy Horn.

The battle for challenger status

In summer 2002, Chuck fought with the representative of Brazil Vitor "Phenomenon" Belfort. By decision of the promotion the winner of this confrontation was to become the official challenger for the title of the organization. In the course of the bout, each of the contestants had a successful moments, but in the end the victory was awarded to "ice".

Chuck Liddell: sportsman, businessman, actor

Next, with the belt!

This victory enabled Chuck prepare for battle with the then current champion Tito Ortiz. But the owner of the belt for some reason decided not to act, and it was decided to fight for the interim title between Liddell and Randy Couture.

Their battle went down in history of MMA bouts. Athletes actively fought in stance as well as on the ground, but eventually won a TKO victory "Straight". After that Chuck had a successful fight for themselves with Alistair Overeem in the framework of the PRIDE tournament. Thanks to this American could be a contender for the organization of times, then owned by Quintus Jackson. The duel between the "Taran", and "Ice" is ended by knockout last.

the UFC belt

In spring 2005, Liddell was reunited with Couture. In this battle was the best Chuck. And after four months of "Ice" I had a rematch with Jeremy Horn and beat him because of the refusal to continue to fight a contender for the belt.

Chuck Liddell: sportsman, businessman, actor

His title Chuck lost in battle with an old acquaintance - Quinton Jackson. But the second meeting ended for Liddell's sad because he lost again by knockout.

Life after sports

Chuck Liddell (his film "Jack Stone", "Fighting swine", "Fight Life") became a functionary of the UFC after the fighter's career. In addition, Americans are often invited to various talk shows. Former fighter owns a gift shop and two children.